How to trade 60 seconds Binary Options?

With binary options, you can earn more profit within just one minute than most rookie traders. The definition is simple, as you will be opening and closing the trades in just one minute. And that is what is termed as 60 seconds binary options! Such trades are fast, fun, rewarding, and risky. 

But remember, 60 seconds binary options trading is only for the people who are very much active in the trading market. It is for the people who want faster results, with more profit potential. With 60 seconds binary options, you can make over 100s of trades in a single day. And that will collectively increase your winning ratio as well. 

The 60-second trade commences right from the moment you hit the trading trigger. For instance, if you are placing a trade at 6:45:00 AM, then it would expire at 6:46:00 AM. Indeed, this fast system of trading is highly profitable, but without a proper strategy, income might be unstable. Therefore, it is advisable to practice modern strategies over a demo account before heading to invest real money. 

In this article, you will get a clear idea of 60 seconds binary options how to trade with various strategies and implementations. Hold onto it till the end!

Beginner or expert- Anyone can trade 60 seconds Binary Options

Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an expert, you have the potential to implement 60 seconds trading for your profit. In fact, beginners can get faster results and more money, even with minimal knowledge. It is by practicing strategies of implementation before trading with real money. And demo accounts are for the same!

The professionals are already aware of how their target market performs. And they can make their decisions on the spot. Their experience is what drives profit for them! The advantage of taking up this trading format is that it is an easy process of work. It is possible to earn profits in any of the sessions. 

You just need to take an insight into an hour’s graphic movement, and that would be enough to analyze the trend. Then you will have to follow the market signals to place your trade for the next 1 minute. 

Today, every binary options broker is offering 60 seconds trading options for the traders to avail themselves of maximum profitability. Some of the brokers are also offering bonuses to traders on selecting this format of binary options trading. 

Strategy to trade 60 seconds Binary Options

The process of approach for trading binary options will remain the same, even with 60 seconds. The only thing that would change is the expiry duration, which should be 60 seconds for each trade you make within this format. The basic steps of approach for binary options trading are:

  1. Choose your broker wisely. You can go with, IQ option, Pocket Option, and other such top brokers across the globe. They are licensed, regulated and are offering great bonuses to their clients. They have impeccable features in order to assist the traders in minimizing loss potential and maximizing the profit output. So, choose your broker accordingly! 
  2. Sign-up to your broker account and make your first deposit. 
  3. Now, choose the asset on which you want to trade. 
  4. Make sure you choose the asset that you are aware of. 
  5. Select the expiry duration as 60 seconds.
  6. Enter the trading amount. 
  7. Choose whether you want to trade during the price hike or the market price drop for the asset. 

It is the general procedure of trading binary options, and that would remain the same for 60 seconds binary options trading. But what’s different is the strategy of approach that you implement to ensure your winning potential in this trading format. 

The 60 second Binary Options trading strategy

The only tool that you will need in order to help yourself master the art of this trading format is the RSI indicator. If your broker is offering the same, then you must go ahead and use it for the purpose. You need to lower the RSI period, as it will be more responsive in order of immediate price actions. 

Along with the RSI tool settings, you can also prefer to play around with the oversold and overbought readings. It is because, with the use of readings for overbought and oversold conditions, you can get accurate day-trading signals. Here are the steps that you must follow in order to trade 60 seconds binary options:

Step 1: Look for financial instrument/asset that shows last 50 candlesticks

You need to use the 60-second chart, and for that, you need to select the same time frame. Also, you must highlight the starting point and the ending point over the chart. You can just draw two straight vertical lines over the chart that you chose as starting and ending points for the 50 candle-low instruments. 

At the moment when you are counting on the chart, you should always commence from the current candle. Now, you must head from the right side towards the left side of the chart. You need to count for 50 low candles. 

Step 2: A RSI reading of 20 or less is essential when 50 candle-low develops

It is a reversal binary options trading strategy that demands the RSI indicator to show a reversal signal. An RSI reading that is recorded below 20 indicates that the market is residing within the oversold territory. And there is a high chance that it can reverse! 

Along with 50 candle-low, you will also need the RSI reading to be 20 or less at the same time. Once you are satisfied with these two conditions, you will be almost ready to make your accurate predictions for 60 seconds binary options trading. 

Step 3: Look for any bullish divergence that is developing/developed between price and RSI indicator

While you are trading the reversals, you need to be precise. To ensure accurate reversal signals, you need to accumulate maximum confluence factors and draw them in your favor. Also, you need to see that the price should continuously move lower after the identification of 50 candle-low. 

At the same time, you need to observe the RSI indicator, as it should rise higher but in the opposite direction. If the price moves in one direction and the momentum indicator moves along the opposite direction, you can conclude that they are diverging from one another. Hence, this signal is potentially accountable to be a reversal signal. 

Now you are ready to find the entry point for traders to implement this binary options trading strategy

Step 4: Buy ‘Call’ after first candle closing above high-end of 50 candle-low

You need to now mark the high of your 50 candles low with the use of a horizontal line. Wait for the formation of the first candlestick that crosses this high mark. And that will be your entry signal for buying a 60-second ‘Call’ trade. It is a simple step to follow on! 

When you are aware of what amount you want to trade, just select the expiry duration as 60-seconds. Now, just sit back for a minute, and hopefully, you will have your profits in your account. 

Step 5: Collect the maximum profits when next candle closes higher than signaling candle

The signaling or trigger candle is the one that becomes an entry point for your 60-seconds binary options trade. By the expiry time, if the touch-point of the next candle is close to the price that is higher than that of the price at which you placed your ‘Call’ trade, then you are about to get a big payout. 

For instance, if you traded $1000 on an asset that comes with a payout of 90% by the broker, then you will get a profit of $900, which will add to your existing $1000 in the broker account. But it is only if the graph follows the path you strategized! 

You just need to reverse your approach towards this strategy if you want to trade with the asset’s ‘Put’ value. 

Rookie level approach for 60 seconds Binary Options trading

The above strategy might need some experience with the RSI indicator and the price graph of the asset. But rookies might not have that much patience in order to make minute observations. Therefore, it becomes important for them to take a different yet easy route. 

The rookies can just count on predicting the price of an asset to change by one point up or down within the time span of 60 seconds. Suppose you are placing a trade when an asset’s market price or strike price is at $50. If you trade on ‘Call,’ and the price rises to even $51, you will get the specified payout. Similarly, if you trade on ‘Put,’ and the price falls to even $49, you will get the profit.

But all of this should happen right within the window of 60 seconds. Any change before or after that will not be considered. The beginner traders can make use of the levels of support that are offered by the broker platforms. Along with that, resistance strategy can also be used for the purpose. 

The levels of support & resistance will help get the most precise trading signals for your 60 seconds binary options trading. Both of them are time frames within the limits of moving price. There are different levels for each of the timeframes. The smaller the time frame is, the higher is the possibility that the price will most likely surpass it. And that will give you the window for placing your trade. 

Hence, this is the most widespread and easy strategy for rookies or beginners to adapt 60 seconds binary options trading. 

Considerations about 60 seconds Binary Options trading

The considerations are just for the sake of keeping you aware of what you are entering into with this trading form. You need to be aware of the risks you accept by changing your binary options trading strategy to 60-seconds. 

Undoubtedly, with 60-seconds of trading, you can make a large amount of money in a very short span of time. But at the same time, you might just also lose a large amount of capital, just as fast as you earned them. 

Therefore, you need to be aware of your approaches and strategies to ensure that you minimize the losses. You need to study the market and analyze it from the roots to ensure that your predictions are not random. 

Another consideration is that the loss percentage is mostly higher than that of the profit percentage, with 60-seconds binary options trading. Hence, it means that you need to win more and lose less. As per statistics, you need to win 70% of all your trades to compensate for the losses that you incur. 

Therefore, if you take up this trading style, make sure you are ready with some analytical skills. It will help you make the right predictions for most scenarios. Remember, even the thinnest fluctuations can make you win or lose the trade. As the time window is short, your predictions must be accurate and based upon precise market signals. 


Hence, this is all about how the 60 seconds binary options trading can be approached. If you are keen to learn its process and strategy, then this guide has it all for you. Just remember to pick the right broker, and you will be able to enjoy the bonus funds that you can use for your initial experimental trades. 

If you are a fan of fast-paced trading outputs, then this trading format can give fast results to your actions. You just need to have a good sense of the market, moderate capital, and a little bit of luck at all times. If you have it all, then you can consider 60-second binary options trading. 

But if you are not fond of high risks, high rewards and are always willing to play safe; then the usual trading alternatives might be a good bet for you. Go with your instinct at all times!