What is Binary Options Early Closure? – Definition

Early closure is an innovative feature added to binary options trading. In fact, you can use this to exit the market before expiry. Traders prefer the binary options early closure feature when they note that the price graph is not moving according to their predictions.

Therefore, to avoid losses by paying a minimal early closure amount, they request for early closure. There are certain cases within which you can seek early closure while trading binary options. The cases are as follows:

  • If the available or trade option is quite profitable, there is a massive chance of high price fluctuation. And this might result in big losses to traders. Hence, early closure is possible in this instance.
  • This feature can also be used if there is any sudden, unexpected, or unpredictable peak or drop in the market’s price. So, you need to keep a tab on the market signals for the same. 

Things to remember while using Early Closure

When you are using early closure on a frequent basis, you are limiting the business potential of your broker.

Even though you are limiting your losses, you should not hamper the business potential of your broker. It is because as a result of those losses, the broker platforms will end the features and bonus services for all the clients.

Moreover, the early closure feature is mostly available for trades with high expiry times beyond 30 minutes, 1 hour, and others. So, use this feature wisely and effectively!