What is the Binary Options Expiration Time? – Definition

The expiry time is stated as the time when the binary options trade expires. It is the determination time to indicate how long the trade lasts after you have placed it. After this point in time, you will get the outcome or result of your trade, i.e., win or loss. 

Depending upon the type of trade, you can opt for the different binary options expiration time. When you choose the asset and place the trade with a stipulated expiration time, all you need to do is wait for it to get over. 

With some brokers, you can wish to close the trade early if you find the price movement is going opposite to your prediction. But that comes at an additional cost! You won’t lose the whole traded amount, but some part of it for sure. 

When the expiration time ends, the platform will then assess the price chart of the asset and will decide whether your prediction was right or wrong. Depending upon that, you will get the earnings or lose the money. 

Different platform different rules

While some platforms allow you to close the bet early, in case of any opposite deviations in the graph, some of the platforms allow you to double up your bet if you think the graph is moving according to your will. 

Hence, both of these options are beneficial for the traders. Therefore, choosing the right binary options expiration time is quite crucial for this trading format. Analyze the pattern of your asset’s price movement, and you will master this art of trading. 



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