What is Binary Options High Option? – Definition

High Option trading in this format is when you predict the price of an asset to go higher than the current price or strike price. For most of the high/low trading options, the strike price of assets is always the current market price. 

When the trader chooses the high option trading for an asset, he/she is wagering on the price hike. In fact, the profit will be generated only if the graph moves up the existing chart to go beyond the strike price. 

Some of the brokers set up different rules on selecting the expiry window. Such as a minimum of 7 days or more. In these situations, binary options high option trading becomes riskier, as the prediction potential suppresses such a long-term visualization. 

Therefore, beginners should always go with lenient broker platforms to reduce the risk of losing the traded money. 

Example to understand better

Suppose you are trading $10 on a stock for a high option, whose strike price is $100. You will have to select ‘Call’ from the prediction tabs as you predict the price hike. Then you need to choose the expiry time and wait for it to get over. By the end of the expiry duration, if the price of your specific asset is above $100, then you will get a payout of $10. But if it is lower than that, then you will lose your complete $10. 

Hence, you can call this process high option binary trading!