What is Binary Options Inbound Option? – Definition

The Binary options inbound option is a trading option over boundary instrument. This offers a fixed return of 75% if the underlying asset expires within a range that is formed by upper and lower values. 

The boundary options trading is when you predict whether the price of an asset will expire below or above the range. In inbound options trading, you need to bet on whether the price will expire within the given range. 

If it does, then you will get a fixed 75% return of your traded amount. But if it fails, then you will still get a 15% refund for your invested amount. The returns and refunds might vary depending upon the preferences of the broker platforms. 

Under this form of trading, the traders need to decide whether the asset’s price will be inbound or outbound. If your prediction comes true, then you will get a fixed payout percentage. 

The steps to follow for Inbound Option trading

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to seek inbound option trading:

  1. Check for the broker platforms that are offering you boundary options trading services. 
  2. Now, check for their upper and lower values that are pre-set for an asset by the broker platform. 
  3. Then you need to predict whether the price will be inbound or outbound and place your trade. 
  4. Wait for the expiration time, as per your selection, to know your results. 

So, if you are a proficient trader, then give it a shot for sure!