5 best Binary Options Indicators that work

The world of trading is the ideal place anyone can seek for multiplying their assets. With the expansion of its knowledge, people understand the possibilities of trading. With the right kind of trading methods, one can gain benefits in surreal profits.

When it is about trading, Binary Options are the modern way of doing it. Binary trading has shown overwhelming progress in the last few years. It is now taking over the trading world faster than ever before. The main reason for that is because it is one of those trading methods that offer a high return on investment. But the higher returns are subject to higher risks, but that does not keep it from becoming the most sought-after trading method available in the digital era we live in now.

Trading in Binary Options demands certain knowledge before proceeding with it. Although it is not as complex as it seems at first, it is always wise to ensure that you have a basic understanding of the technical aspects. Trading in binary options can become a gamble if not prepared for it. After all, we can understand from the name that it is a trading method that offers two outcomes. Furthermore, the outcomes end in giving the trader either a specific monetary reward or completely nothing.

Moreover, the Binary market is highly volatile, and the trading occurs basically on online platforms. Therefore, technical mastery is a primary need to excel in Binary trading. It is where the indicators come into play. Binary options trading involves the use of certain indicators. With the help of these technical indicators, binary trading becomes a simplified process to pursue. The traders can use the binary indicators and their trading strategies to win more trades efficaciously. 

What does an Indicator signify?

An Indicator is nothing but a technical tool that comes in handy while trading online. It helps in forecasting the rise or fall in the market. With the help of an indicator, a binary trader can assess the market fluctuation more precisely. 

An indicator is a prediction tool, and since the binary market is volatile and subject to regular fluctuations in the market conditions, it is essential. Therefore, it can be used by any trader to analyze the market’s movement. And since it follows a continuation pattern, the indicator can predict the forthcoming condition easily.

It uses an indicator while trading in binary options that can be needful for anyone keen on it. The primary purpose of an indicator is to provide relevant information that helps win the trades. An indicator is a tool that can show an outline of the stocks or trades. That, in turn, can help the trader predict the condition accurately. Before following the indicators that work per your needs, we should know the broad types of indicators.

Types of Indicators and where to use them

The market conditions while trading in Binary Options depend on several factors. Therefore, those factors need to be analyzed with the help of specific indicators. Based on their functionality, the binary indicators can be categorized into different types. Each type of indicator is responsible for indicating the respective factors.

  • Trend Indicators

We are aware of the unpredictable nature of a trading market. Like any other trading market, be it forex trading market, stock market, or binary market, the unpredictable nature is inevitable. It does not matter what strategy a trader may use, and there cannot be a single best strategy that always provides desirable results because of this unpredictable nature. It is where the trend indicators play a vital role. 

Usually, beginners lag in understanding the base of the asset and struggle to grasp a particular market trend. Without knowing the trend, they cannot formulate a desirable strategy too. With the help of trend indicators, traders can set the troubles aside. It helps check the strength of a trend, which helps immensely to take further steps. And more often, they are known as oscillators as well.

  • Volume Indicators

Volume is simply understandable as the number of shares or contracts traded within a fixed time limit. The time is usually a day in other forms of trading. In the case of binary trading, it is the number of options that are called in a fixed period that can vary according to the type. For instance, in a sixty-second trading, it shall be one minute. 

The volume indicators are essential in telling the worth of the assets, and it generally helps the trader choose the best trades or stocks depending on the type of trading and the market. In simpler terms, a volume indicator generalizes the records of a particular investment. Examples of certain volume indicators used in different trading markets include the Forex index, negative volume index, etc.

  • Support And Resistance Indicators

Support and resistance are important technical concepts in any form of online trading. Consequentially, one cannot ignore its importance while trading in Binary options. The term support signifies a low level of stock price. This low level may occur over a long time or sometimes not. At the same time, resistance represents the high level of the stock price that it reaches over the period. But what must be taken into concern while understanding support and resistance is that they are essentially estimates and not necessarily the actual prices of the shares.

Moreover, without going deep into the technicalities, it is also worth mentioning that they are of two types horizontal and diagonal. Therefore, estimating support and resistance with the help of its indicator is relatively simple. For example, the oscillator runs between 0-100. And when it points near 100, it shows support, and on the contrary, if it points near 0, it shows resistance. Based on this information, the trader can get insight into relevant steps.

  • Volatility Indicators

Knowing the volatility of the Binary market is fundamental before entering into it. Unlike other forms of trading, in this, the fluctuations can happen within a matter of a few seconds. That is why the volatility indicator is the best way to gauge the strength of an asset. While trading in binary, the traders can use this indicator to verify the strength on a specific basis. Market volatility index, Bollinger bands, and the Donchian channel are common volatility indicators.

  • Momentum Indicator

This type of indicator is used in any trading market to analyze the direction of the movement of the assets. Knowing the momentum is valuable to the traders if the duration is short. The impact of a particular asset can ultimately decide the result while the duration lasts for a short period. Therefore, using this type of indicator can be worthwhile depending on the scenario.

What are the 5 best Binary Indicators?

Binary traders must equip themselves with the understanding and knowledge of the indicators that practically work. A market is a place where unforeseen situations can arise, because of which many indicators have been developed to analyze various factors that influence the trades. But for a smart binary trader, selecting the result-oriented ones is important.

#1 Moving averages

When it comes to an understanding of moving averages, one needs to keep in mind that it is a type of lagging indicator. That means it helps know the past conditions of the market. It is the indicator that helps in evaluating the mean value. 

The probability of a stock or trade going up or down is dependent on the average value. So, if we can get the mean value of the last prices, it can help win the trades. Moving averages is an indicator that lets us do precisely that. To come to a relevant inference, if the moving average point is upwards, we can know that the market is rising, whereas if it points downward, it is evident that the market is falling.

#2 Relative Strength Index

While trading in any market, it is always productive to know about the overbought and oversold areas around a particular asset. It could be a share or trade in the stock market or the binary market, respectively. The trader can assess the drawbacks and formulate a new structure plan for buying and selling them based on this information.

The RSI is an indicator that falls into the category of a leading indicator, which means it can help in knowing the future of an underlying asset. It functions by following the oscillator rules, which means it shows the results between 0-100. Using this binary indicator, the trader can set aside the trouble of checking every period equally. This indicator does that by following the theory of price change and evaluating each trade.

#3 Money Flow Index

Money flow is the lifeblood of any trading market. That is why it is an inevitable need to monitor it. The Money Flow Index or MFI is another leading binary indicator that can help in it. By assessing the money flow, we can measure the strength of any trade, which can, in turn, let us decide better which trade to invest in. 

The MFI can further be categorized as a volume indicator because it also tells the trade volume. When the oscillator falls closer to 100 in value and is upward, we can understand it’s a rising period. The contrary holds for a falling condition. But when the value stays at 50, it signifies a balanced condition.

Being a technical indicator or oscillator, in other words, it makes use of price and volume data, unlike other indicators like RSI, which use just price. The main purpose is to identify over-purchased and oversold signals in an asset similar to RSI, but with this indicator, we can spot the divergences that can give a heads up towards a trend change in price.

#4 Commodity Channel Index

It is also a leading type of indicator. The Commodity Channel Index or CCI helps know when the particular asset becomes the focus of attention. From that, a trader can reckon which asset is currently in demand, with more people betting on it. If there comes a situation where nobody to push the market in a desirable direction, then it has to be turned back. And this indicator is essential in doing so.

The CCI is essentially a momentum-based indicator that allows the trader to decide when the product used by investors to gain positive returns is attaining a condition of overbought or oversold. From the technical point of view, it estimates the difference in the current price and the documented average price. The CCI value above zero indicates the price above the recorded average. And the opposite for the price to go below.

The traders can use CCI to identify new trends by monitoring the overbought and oversold levels, especially when the CCI reaches from negative to positive or up to 100. Then it can be an indication of an uptrend. Such a call can be beneficial for traders to gain a better buying opportunity.

#5 Average true range

The ATR is an indicator that helps in knowing the volatility. The relationship between the ATR and volatility is purely direct. It means, when there is an increase of either of the variables, the other is subject to an increase.

The need to measure market volatility is elemental in excelling in the trading game. That precisely was felt by the market technician J. Welles Wilder Jr., which prompted him to introduce this technical indicator. The ATR was primarily introduced for the commodities market, but it has found reliable usage in all security markets, including the binary.

 The ATR is a tool with a reasonably simple calculation that requires only the historical price data to measure the volatility. Finding the ATR involves analyzing the asset price range over a fixed period, usually 14 days. Although, the traders can employ shorter or longer periods. While the shorter period can probably generate more trading signals, on the other hand, the longer the duration, the chances of generating trading signals get significantly reduced.


It is surely a fact that these binary indicators can provide data quicker than our brains can. But that should not mean a trader should always rely solely on these indicators. Indicators are merely technical tools subject to the trader’s expertise and learning of the domain. Being an ambitious trader, one should always acquire more knowledge and expertise while trading in binary options or any other form. Although, these indicators can often be what a trader needs to up the game and win every trade.