Successful Binary Options money management strategy explained

There is no doubt that trading is a perfect way to make money from your investment. And when it comes to trading, you can go for different options. But if you talk about the current market, binary options trading has emerged as a popular option for traders. 

But remember that trading in binary options is not an easy task. This is something that requires a great plan, no matter what the derivatives are. 

If you begin to trade without an effective working plan, then you may lose all your money. Every expert suggests having a perfect plan with the market entry as well as exit. What’s more? You also need to set the monetary goal that you need to achieve. 

It is your task to find the right tools and strategies to manage your money. Besides, using these can also make great trading decisions to increase your profits. So, before diving into the binary options trading market, you should know everything about money management. 

Well, for some traders, it can be a challenging task to understand that. So, to help them out, here are some important and proven Binary Options money management strategies that they can use. Keep reading to explore more. 

A perfect money management can increase your profit

If you want to become a successful binary options trader, then money management is something that you should know about. In fact, this is a crucial element of binary options trading. 

When used for a high return and high-risk type of investment, for example, binary options trading, this thing becomes more crucial for the traders.

So, it is advisable to learn the money management’s basic concept before diving deep into different money management strategies. 

Understanding money management’s basics

As mentioned above, risk control, as well as money management, are two major elements of successful binary options trading. Speaking about money management, it is all about how the traders eliminate greed and fear, how they protect themselves from their inner desire, and how to do controlled binary options trading. 

Talking more about it, money management is a process of effectively managing the investing capital. Some people understand that using the entire capital in just one trade is not a good idea at all.

Likewise, some people understand why there are options of diversification and allocation elements under the portfolio management section. Well, the same thing goes for managing capital for binary options trading. 

Even though there are some obvious benefits of binary options money management, the major benefit to consider is that it offers subtle help to all the binary options traders. As a result, they can make the decisions without any confusion. Besides, they will find that their money is safe. 

Well, you will find different ways for money management, but you only need the best Binary Options money management strategy to make it successful. Keep reading to explore the best strategy (or strategies).

Successful trading depends on money management

In binary options trading, if you are investing for the first time, then the experts will suggest you not to invest more than that you can comfortably afford to lose. 

Well, this is something that may appear like overstating, but this will make you understand a crucial point. 

There are losers as well as winners in this form of trading, and their number is nearly the same. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to be a loser or a winner. 

If you want to be a winner, then you can’t ignore the best Binary Options money management strategy before you can begin your trading. 

When you have a good money management strategy, you can remove the extra pressure from your mind. How? Well, you will be trading using your surplus income, and that will not affect your capital even if when you face a loss. 

A general Binary Options money management strategy is you should make your first trade by using not more than 10 percent of the total disposable income. After a few months of trading, you can prefer to increase it to around 25 to 30 percent. 

But prefer to increase it if you think you have developed some trading skills. This way, you can be a successful trader. 

How does this money management strategy work?

Suppose your total disposable income is USD 1000 for this month, and you can use that amount for trading. Now, as per the rule, you can only use 10 percent of USD 1000 for your initial investment. 

So, you should only invest USD 100 for binary options trading. Well, if you want, you can trade USD 50.

If you lose money, then the total disposable income for the investment for that particular month will be lowered to USD 900. And if you make a profit, then your investment income will rise to USD 1100. 

By investing only a few dollars of your total monthly disposable income for the investment, you can enjoy more trades in a month. 

Besides, you can trade for a longer period, and your chances of making a profit will also go up. 

Furthermore, you can also chart your results for every month and try to adjust the investment amount percentage accordingly. 

As per the experts, this is a proven money management strategy in binary options trading and deploying that you can increase the monthly investment limit. 

Exploring other Binary Options money management strategy

  • Applying The Capital Management Approach

For managing your capital, you can use two different approaches, i.e., the aggressive approach for the experienced traders and the conservative approach for the new traders. However, no matter what type of trader you are, you should stick to this approach. 

Talking about the conservative capital management approach, it suggests the traders not to invest more than 1 percent of their trading balance. And the maximum balance they can use is 3 percent. 

That means, at once, a trader should go for three open deals, and the total investment amount should be under 3 percent of the total balance. This method is effective for beginners as here they will need less trading funds. 

For instance, if the total trading account balance is USD 1000, the traders can only use 3 percent of it, i.e., USD 30 for investment. So, for each trade deal, you can use USD 10. 

Now coming to the aggressive strategy, it suggests using around 5 percent of the fund for trading. On the other hand, the maximum balance you can use should not exceed more than 15 percent. 

Here you can also go for three different trades at the same time. Well, it should only be used by experienced traders. 

  • Trend Analysis Strategy

It doesn’t matter what the market in which you are trading is. You can save money or lower the chances of facing loss is by analyzing trends. If you are investing for the first time, this can be a perfect strategy for you. 

You should always follow the trends as the prices of your assets will move based on the trends. As the trade market is constantly speculating, the asset price will fall or rise.  

No matter what, remember that what the trend is; you should recognize the trend pattern before making an investment. Well, you can always take the help of a professional online broker who can guide you in this. 

  • Follow The News Events

Another important thing that you should keep in your mind is the news events. Now you might be wondering how it can help you in your money management? 

Well, when you go through different binary options news events, you will learn different things to make profits. 

This is much easier than carrying out technical analysis. But to use this strategy effectively, you need to read the news regularly to keep yourself updated. 

You shouldn’t follow the online news. You should also check the news stations, newspapers, and other different sources to obtain sufficient information. 

The primary idea behind this is to properly understand the trade assets before you can forecast whether the price of the assets will change or not. 

  • Systems

Well, even though every expert suggests setting some personal rules and easily attainable goals that can vary from one trader to another, some experts think a major mistake is to fix a financial goal that you should attain every single day or a certain date. 

Some traders prefer to use profit goals while trading. But when you use the strategy, you will find that this is not very useful, and you can face a huge loss in your trading. 

  • Using calculators

Every trader should calculate the binary options risk, and this is quite easy. If you go for the 5 percent rule for every USD 1000 of trading capital, you can only handle spending USD 50. 

That means your trades are USD 50 until you start to lose or win. Based on the outcome, you will have to adjust the strategy.

So, here the first step will be finding a reliable broker that allows you to do binary options trading within your risk limit. Your calculation should be based on the risk appetite. 

For example, a 5 percent strategy is good, but in terms of risk, you may find it very risky. By opting for a 1 percent trade strategy, you can lower the risk. Every new binary options trader should follow this.

  • Asset Diversification

Another useful Binary Options money management strategy is asset diversification. As the name suggests, you need to trade on different types of assets. Remember that trading on just one asset can be very risky.

Most professional traders prefer to go for at least four to five types of assets on different instruments, for example, ETFs, Crypto, Stocks, Forex, and more. This way, they can enjoy different trading conditions.

Besides, with the asset diversification method, you can manage your losses and can avoid possible investment risks. 

  • Locating The Right Entry Points

There are different ways through which you can decide better opportunities to enter the market. For example, you can use technical indicators and data. You should enter the market by keeping risk management in your mind. 

It is easy to protect your initial capital, and earning new capital after losing it can be very challenging.

  • Momentum Strategy

Here you need to need to utilize an effective momentum indicator. As per the experts, this is an effective way for the traders to understand how fast the price of the assets can go up or come down. 

By learning how to use the indicator, you will be able to estimate the price to enjoy a profitable trade in the coming days. Besides, this method can also help you in choosing the right binary option for you. 

If you want to utilize this particular binary options trading strategy, you will have to consider different things, for example, absolute analysis, process-oriented analysis, and relative analysis. 

  • Pinocchio Strategy

It generally functions like the binary options straddle strategy. It primarily talks about a deliberate bet and the relevant trend. 

For example, the asset is currently witnessing an upward trend; then, you can set a price where you think the price will fall. Besides, you can have an option to set a point where you think the asset price will rise. 

For the beginner, this strategy may work. But to successfully implement this, you need to understand different assets and how they work. Once done, you can come up with accurate decisions. 

  • Fundamental Analysis

This is a low-level strategy, but it requires the traders to have a better understanding of the binary options assets. This analysis is all about understanding the assets that can offer your better profits. 

For this, you will have to carry out an in-depth analysis of assets as well as the brokers. After that, you need to place a trade that includes a low risk to see what will happen next. Once the trade is expired, you will know whether you can earn profits or not. 


You have seen different strategies that can help you to manage your money and successfully trade in binary options. Choose the best Binary Options money management strategy based on your trading skills and enjoy profitable trading.