What is the Binary Options No Touch Option? – Definition

Source: https://www.theoptionsguide.com/no-touch-binary-options.aspx

With the no-touch binary options trade, the trader can select a strike price either above/below the current market price. Along with that, he/she can also select the desired expiration time as well. The broker will then offer an exceptional percentage of payout, depending upon the selection of an individual. 

The binary options no touch option states that the farther the strike price will be from the current market price, the lower will be the payout. And the longer the expiration time, the higher will be the payout percentage. Therefore, with a wide expiration time, you will have more time to touch the select target. 

For the investment to end successfully, the price of an asset should not reach or exceed the selected strike price. And that should not be at any time before the expiry duration ends. 

How is this different from general High/Low Binary Options trading?

With the common high/low trading variant, the payout doesn’t exceed 90%. But with no-touch binary options, they can easily exceed 100% and might go up to even 500% returns. So, it is better if you go with the no-touch binary options trading, with a slightly higher risk. But with a chance of earning high returns. 

An understandable trader will implement analytic risks to earn maximum profits. And with smart tactics and inclusions, this trading option can be utilized for maximum earnings. So, give a shot to no-touch binary options trading over the common high/low trading option, which limits your profit potential.