5 best Binary Options strategies for beginners

The curiosity about trading in the stock market and making money off of it remains present in most people’s minds. Many people want to make money while they sleep but do not invest in an active trading market out of fear. If you are thinking of getting into the trade market, the best way to go about it is binary options trade. 

Even though you are not a financial expert or just a novice in the trade market, you must have heard the word ‘binary options trade’ going about in your circles. The discussion around binary options trade is dynamic because it is a profitable sector.

If you are a beginner and want to know more about binary options trade and its strategies, read this article to the last. This article has important definitions, tips, and Binary Options trading strategies aimed at providing a strong foothold in the market. 

What is Binary Options trading? 

Binary Options trading has the name because it deals with two options during trading. It offers two options to the trader that he can manipulate to earn profits. There are two scenarios in Binary options trading. 

For example, the price of an asset you invest in may go up or down. During this time, the trader can estimate the direction in which the asset’s price moves in a given time frame. 

Binary options trading is a fairly new trade sector, touching widespread popularity in 2008. The trade developed as an over-the-counter trading system at first in stock exchanges. Only with the widespread use of the internet and online platforms, Binary options trading rose as a popular trading circuit. 

Why is the Binary Options trading sector famous as an ‘All or Nothing’ trade? 

Binary options trading is also termed an all-or-nothing trade because it is a high-risk trade. The principle of this type of trade works on estimations and predictions. Binary options trade works when you place a certain amount of money into an asset with a prediction of expected value in the future.

If the value of the asset goes to the predicted point in the next period of time, you get the profits from the trend. To many people, Binary options trading looks like a gamble and sounds like one too. 

Although the process of trading through binary options assets looks like a simple one, the stakes are very high. Even when you approach a binary options trade broker, he will warn you that you might lose all your invested money. 

Therefore, the popular opinion remains that binary options trading is not for everyone. One needs to be extremely careful before and after investing in the Binary Options trading system. 

However, this should not be a discouraging factor in investing. Instead, this should encourage you to take up sharp, fruitful strategies when investing in Binary options trading. A foolproof strategy and well-researched predictions can reap great benefits from Binary options trading. 

However, the bottom line is that a person should not invest the money he does not have. Doing this can end up in his bankruptcy, burdened in debts. 

More to know about Binary Options trading 

There are multiple aspects of the Binary options trade that a person should know from the beginner’s level. Here are some aspects of Binary options trading that you should pay attention to. 

  • Simplicity

Strategizing for binary options trading is very simple because you are just predicting two of the circumstances. As a trader, you either predict the up movement or the downward movement of the asset value. This helps in more targeted analysis and sharp Binary Options trading strategy resulting from it.

In regular trading, you begin with buying assets and then selling them later for a profitable rate. In the binary options trading circuit, you simply make an analyzed prediction that brings in profits or losses. 

Therefore, traditional trading is more complicated in comparison with binary options trading. The process and principle of binary options trading are easier to master and use. 

  • Flexibility 

Binary Options trading is a highly flexible trading circuit with the option of different assets for investment. When a broker refers to an asset in the binary trading circle, he refers to world currencies, stock, commodities, and indices.

With the rise of cryptocurrency, many traders also deal with crypto coins as an asset class. You can choose whichever asset class you want to invest in. Options in asset class vary in a diverse range of things and currencies. 

Thus, even as a beginner, it is easy to start trading on a binary options circuit. 

  • Fast-Paced

There are people who trade to simply earn money, and then there are people who trade because of the environment it creates. Trading is a dynamic circuit, and its fast-paced nature excites most traders. Among different trade circuits, the binary options trade continues as a dynamic one.

Sometimes the calculation of payout happens within small time frames of 30 seconds or 60 seconds. Once you profit from the trend, you can withdraw the money. 

Thus, although binary options trading is a high risk to an extent, it also gives high returns with a shorter waiting time. This allows you to trade multiple times a day and multiply your invested money. 

Moreover, you can choose not to trade on certain days too. You can vary between waiting periods with shorter and longer intervals depending on whether you want smaller payouts or bigger payouts. 

Flexibility in the time frame and the scale of payout is also a reason people prefer binary options trading. 

  • Hire Brokerage Services

To actively trade in the binary options trading circuit, you need to take the help of a broker and his tools. You have to go to a specialist binary options broker and open an account with them. You use their trading platform and tools. This makes it easier to trade and get payouts. 

  • There Are No Fixed Pay0ut 

Like other parameters of the trading circuit, the payout from binary options trading also fluctuates. The payout remains on a scale of 70 to 90 percent depending on the scale of predictions and invested money. 

However, if you make a wrong prediction and the price moves in the opposite direction to the projected price, you lose all your invested money. 

Therefore, it is very important to keep a Binary Options winning strategy at the base of your predictions. 

  • Lower Relative Risk 

When traders tell you that binary options trading has risks, one thing to remember is that every type of investment in the broader trading market comes with risks. 

When you invest in the stock market, traditionally, the wins and losses depend on the fluctuations in the asset’s value. However, in binary options trading, you at least know the percentage of return you will get if your predictions are right. You know the clear outcome of a wrong prediction. 

Thus, you can control the amount invested in and employ better Binary Options trading strategy for bigger wins. The number of unpleasant surprises arising from binary options trading is very less. 

Thus, practically, the level of risk is low. It is only when you invest without proper calculations and strategy that you lose money. Also, because you know that you will lose all money if you are wrong, you can invest more judiciously. Most people invest a minimal amount but get high returns. 

  • Highly Profitable

A major reason why people prefer binary options trading is that it is highly profitable with payouts. With payouts in binary options trading, you get a return rate of 70 to 90 percent.

Sometimes, some brokers also provide a return rate of 100 percent. This way, even though you have invested small amounts, you get almost double the return and make more money than you put in. Although the dark side of binary options trading is losing all money, the gamble of it is in its high payout. 

On the contrary, regular trading options have a return rate of 20 percent. Regular trading needs a high amount of investment and a longer waiting time period for considerable returns. 

If you are a novice trader and wish to start with making low investments as you learn practical trading skills, it is better to start with binary options trading. If you ever think that trading makes quick money, binary options trading remains your best bet.

  • High Sustainability

Many people often turn away from trading as a side income because of the time they require to invest in the process. Since binary options trading is viable even for shorter time frames, its sustainability is higher.

Most people, especially beginners, look at trading as a viable side income. However, regular stock market trading needs a long time period and monitoring to give returns. In binary options trading, you often do not have to invest a considerable amount of time. 

Most of the time, traders analyze the market so that predictions are correct. But the actual time invested in getting the returns is small. Sometimes you get 90 percent returns in a matter of minutes. 

Thus, you get a high-level income in a matter of minutes. In a way, binary options trading is hassle-free which is why it is extremely popular in the financial sector. 

  • Beginner-Friendly

The trade of binary options is very easy to learn. Since the process is very easy to understand, even a beginner in trade circuits can invest in binary options. You can start from smaller assets and move towards larger ones with experience. 

Most beginners invest a small amount of money, and as they gain, they invest from the profits themselves. This way, they do not actually do not lose or lose very little.

The trade is beginner-friendly once the person gets the Binary Options trading strategy right. If you plan to learn by hits and misses, it’s better to invest in the Binary options market. 

Where does strategy come into the big picture? 

From the above section, you understand that winning the trade game of binary options depends on the strategy you adopt. The stakes are clear from the beginning, and you know the two outcomes. The only thing that you can control is your analysis, predictions, and Binary Options winning strategy to secure the most returns.

Therefore, it is vital to keep a strategic mind and practice the most suitable strategy according to the situation. When you enter the binary options trading circle, you need to prepare for losses. 

However, the best way to cushion yourself against losses is to adopt a good strategy that secures more wins for you than losses. A Binary Options winning strategy can convert all your investments into winning payouts on a good day. On a bad day, your payouts will outweigh your losses, and the final payout will be profitable. 

If you ever wonder what is the best strategy for Binary Options, always remember that the development of strategy depends on possibilities, probabilities, and situations. The study of trends and patterns is necessary to create a Binary Options winning strategy that cinches all the profits.

The success of a binary options trading strategy depends on the positive expectancy of its projects and the results related to it. 

A misconception that people external to trading circuits have been that strategies are complex and only understood by experts. 

However, the answer to the question of what is the best strategy for Binary Options may sometimes be highly simple. Sometimes the simplest trading strategies work the best and give the best results. There are many strategies that beginners can understand and implement.

Sometimes, the strategy does not need to be from a theory or a well-established one. A practical and feasible technique to make the right predictions also classifies as a feasible strategy. A good strategy for winning payouts simplifies the process of prediction and deciding to trade. 

A good strategy decreases the room for guesswork and experimentation so that you are surer of how-to and when to trade. A foolproof trading strategy helps you get the timing of decisions right so that your payouts maximize at the end of the day, and room for losses ceases to exist. 

When you are brainstorming for a good binary options trading strategy, the question to ask is what is the best strategy for Binary Options according to my trade goals. Some strategies work for some traders and d0not work for others. Thus, it is very important to form the right strategy and practice it with precision. 

Without a strategy, the chances of securing high payouts exist, but the chances are slim. Without strategy implementation, you always pay a gamble that can turn either way. 

A good strategy gives a framew0rk of discipline to your trade so that predictions are accurate. As a beginner, it becomes more necessary to practice and perfect your trading strategy so that the trade is sustainable for you. What differentiates a novice and an expert is the ability to strategize according to circumstances and predict the possibilities. 

So, what is the best strategy for Binary Options?  Below are some strategies that you can infer when trading. These are strategies that usually work and have been created by experienced traders in the circuit. You can choose the best binary options winning strategy from the lot according to stakes and circumstances. 

5 top tried and tested Binary Options trading strategies for beginners 

  • Analysis and Improvement Strategy

This strategy is a very simple and classic strategy that applies to binary options trading circuits. This is because the strategy allows you to analyze the market trends and improve your predictions. 

The process of analysis exposes weak points and lacunae in your trading predictions so that you can minimize them. Thus, the strategy simply increases the chances of your predictions being right. Analysis and improvement work for consistent traders who go in for long-term investments and periodical binary options trading. 

For any beginner who wants to go into binary options trading regularly, analysis and improvement are very necessary. The Analysis and Improvement strategy helps you study your previous losses and wins so that you learn about your mistakes and improve on them. 

The Analysis and Improvement strategy may sound like a basic strategy of improvement and learning, but it is complex to implement. You need to analyze and vary the different parameters related to the trade so that the outcomes come out better than in previous times. 

The Analysis and Improvement strategy helps a beginner find his own ground and best strategy with trial and error. Without Analysis and Improvement strategy, a beginner might lose steam and cannot go forward because his learning pace is stagnant. 

  • Momentum Strategy 

Momentum is a significant parameter in the binary options trading market as it shows the movement of the price of an asset. Since your predictions pivot around the price of an asset, the study of momentum and a strategy around it always pays good returns.

Momentum strategy helps you take advantage of the different asset classes available in the market according to price action. You profit from the flexibility and versatility of asset classes with the momentum strategy. With the study of momentum, you are able to trade in an existing asset class or shift to a new asset class according to the price movement stud. 

Momentum basically shows which asset class is showing the most profitable price movement so that you can trade in different assets. The momentum strategy helps you in broadening the prospect of trading in binary options. 

To understand momentum, you can either just compare the present price and past price to make an absolute prediction or predict the average momentum of an asset in a process-oriented way. 

In a process-oriented way, you calculate the momentum of an asset in certain time periods and then calculate the average momentum by analyzing trends of price action over the overall period. Another way is to find out the momentum in a relative manner. 

  • 5-Minute Strategy

A 5-minute trade strategy can be your answer to what is the best strategy for Binary Options in short time frames of 5 minutes’ expiries. Shorter time frames decrease the risk of trading and also minimize many influences on trade trends.

The 5-minute strategy works if you are only doing 5-minute trade cycles. There are many 5 minute strategies that are viable according to the situation at hand. However, there are certain things to remember when implementing a 5-minute strategy. 

The most beneficial aspect of 5-minute trades and strategy is that your risks are relatively low. The major influences in the market do not act on the trade within such a small time frame. 

Thus, random and sudden movements of the market reduce in occurrence. Your predictions turn out solid and give a better payout. With 5 minute strategies, you can still make a lot of trade cycles by the end of the day and increase your payouts. If the implementation of a 5-minute strategy is proper, it can turn an ordinary day at the market deck into a winning day. 

  • Rainbow Strategy

A rainbow strategy gets its name from the different colors that traders use to stack moving averages of the asset price. Since each color indicates one moving average, the array is a rainbow, and strategy has the name rainbow. Moving averages that have a lot of periods take a lot of time to move with price action. 

On the other hand, moving averages with a lesser number of periods are more prone to move. In the strategy, the fastest moving average is closest to the current market price. The strategy, therefore, helps you predict price movement as a whole with accuracy. 

  • End of The Day Strategy

End of Day strategy is a good option to try if you trade with time constraints. The End of Day strategy works by not predicting price movement signals but signaling the time at which the price movement is the most favorable to trade with high payouts. 

Usually, a lot of traders do not trade during the end-of-day period. However, the absence of traders during the closing time creates a very different competitive environment that many end of day traders wait for. 

End-of-day strategies work because price movement signals are clearer at the end of the day market. This helps you predict the price action easily, so your payouts are consistent. End-of-day strategies may be very unconventional but do work. 


These are some good binary options trading strategies that help you trade with high payouts and minimal losses. Binary options trading strategies work if proper analysis and execution stand behind them. Depending on your trading style and goals, you can vary the strategies from time to time.