Binary Options withdrawal: How to withdraw money from your broker

When choosing a binary options broker, one of the variables you should examine is withdrawal. You want to find a broker who has a simple procedure so that you don’t have to deal with any problems when it comes time to withdraw your cash. Each broker has unique withdrawal conditions, so make sure you know them before deciding to register with them. Once you have made enough profits, you will wish to withdraw the monies from your account.

Withdrawing funds is entirely secure since the complete transaction is secured by the SSL encryption mechanism. Here are a few pointers to help you remove funds from your brokerage account.

Withdrawal of Binary Options

Several brokers ask that users handle their withdrawals in the same way that they received them into their binary brokerage account. If you funded your account with a credit card at the time of withdrawal, it would be credited to the same credit card you used for the deposit. If you make a wire transfer, the funds will be sent back to the same account you made your deposit from. This is a rather simple task.

Withdrawals are normally rather simple, but it may take several days to get credited to your bank account.

Most brokers have a $10 minimum credit card withdrawal limit. It does not include any unfilled bonus funds if you have not fulfilled the binary options trading criteria to activate this money into your account completely. The minimum amount required for a wire transfer is $100. Ensure to check the terms on their website before placing a deposit. With the rise of digital currencies, several brokers began to provide cryptocurrency withdrawals as well. 

Requirements for a minimum withdrawal

Before you withdraw, you must first ensure that your account balance fulfills the minimum criteria. This is due to the possibility of a minimum withdrawal or the amount of money required in your account. For example, if the lowest withdrawal is $100, you should have at least $100 in your account in order to transfer the funds. Some brokerage will charge a price if your account balance drops below the necessary withdrawal amount.

Methods of withdrawal

You need to figure out what ways the brokers allow you to choose to withdraw your cash. All brokers accept credit card and bank wire withdrawals. You may also be able to withdraw funds using e-wallets like Skrill, Perfect Money, and WebMoney, depending on the broker. Look for the symbols at the bottom of the webpage to see which withdrawal methods are allowed. The icons for the credit card types it accepts will be shown at the bottom of the website. You may also learn about the withdrawal methods that it accepts by visiting the FAQ page.

How to request a withdrawal from your account?

When you are ready to withdraw, log into your account, click the withdrawal button, and input the amount, you wish to withdraw. Don’t forget to provide a few documentations with your withdrawal requests. The documents you must present are evidence of identification documents such as passports, a driver’s license, and proof of address.

In the event of a credit card withdrawal, it is essential to provide an image or scanned copy of both sides of the credit card. Likewise, the last four numbers of the credit card must be clearly visible in the image. Following the submission of the required documentation, the application is usually accepted within the time frame specified.

You must use the same method for depositing funds into your account as you do for withdrawing funds. However, you must use the bank wire method to withdraw an amount greater than the amount originally deposited.

How much time does a withdrawal request take to process?

The time taken to complete your withdrawal requests varies depending on the broker. Certain brokers may execute your withdrawal on the same day, while others may take up to ten days. It is up to the bank to handle the withdrawal so that the withdrawn money is reflected on your account as soon as it is completed. Typically, the funds get deposited into your bank account within 3 – 10 days.

Fees for withdrawals

Some brokers charge a fee to withdraw funds, but others do not charge a cost at all.

Again, many brokers charge a fee solely for bank wire withdrawals, whereas credit cards withdrawals are free of any charges.

In the instance of a bank wire transfer, they generally charge roughly $25. Often they will allow you to withdraw for free the first time, but you will have to pay a charge the next time. It is best to confirm these points before withdrawing money from your account.

Steps to withdraw money 

Binary options broker applies an identical algorithm for fund withdrawal regardless of the mode of payment you choose. The usual procedure for money withdrawal from a trading account is as follows:

  1. Navigate to your broker’s website.
  2. Log in
  3. In the top right corner of the page, choose the user pick.
  4. Choose “Withdraw Funds” from the listed options.
  5. Select your desired payment method by clicking on it.
  6. Observe the exact instructions provided.

Time required for withdrawal

As said earlier, you should not expect to get the funds in your account right away. It is due to two primary factors:

Factor #1 

To begin, this occurs because withdrawals are not carried out automatically by the software. Rather, it is carried out manually, much like with money deposits. Often, the binary options brokerage staff is unable to execute the trader’s withdrawal request.

Each day, numerous traders seek withdrawals, putting pressure on the staff employees who conduct the process manually. As a consequence, the procedure is slowed, and the waiting period might be up to 10 days. After this time of delay, the money is sent to your savings account.

Factor #2

The second reason for the wait is that the withdrawals are being screened by the brokers. As a result, each transaction is rigorously reviewed by the broker’s employees. The members check to see if the amount was acquired lawfully by the trader or if there was a glitch, such as phishing, involved in gaining the amount. This requirement is critical for privacy and is not an arbitrary regulation imposed by the brokers. Hence, causing a delay in the process of withdrawal.

Despite the common belief, this specific regulation eliminates any unethical behavior and assures that buyers may continue trading fairly. To avoid undue financial losses, brokers must follow these regulations. They risk losing their licenses if they fail to follow these standards, thus they strictly adhere to them.

Can I cash out my gains at any time?

Earnings can generally be withdrawn at any moment. It is permitted by legal, financial trading firms. But, if you have made a deposit or have earned a reward, you will not be able to withdraw it right away.

Many gambling service providers, for instance, offer bonuses. It is provided on the traders’ initial investments. These incentives are rewards that entice traders to join the platform and invest funds.

As a result, if the freebies entice you, you will lose the opportunity to withdraw the deposit. Furthermore, you must satisfy specific requirements in order to make such a withdrawal.

These requirements include terms that require traders to purchase contracts or participate in trading. If the trader meets those requirements, he will be able to withdraw both the deposit and the bonus money.

From a logical viewpoint, these regulations and restrictions may be stated to be required for the security and advantage of trading brokerage firms. Traders could take unfair advantages if such regulations did not exist. For example, a user may sign up on the website, get the bonus, and then remove the investment and bonus right away. As a result, the brokerage would have to suffer losses.

Assume, on the other hand, that a trader earned a bonus but did not meet the requirements to withdraw the initial deposit and bonus. In such a situation, he will be able to withdraw the earnings made by the investment and reward as well.

So, if you’re looking for a broker to trade options with, you should choose a reputable and authorized service provider who can give hassle-free withdrawal methods. In general, the most well-known brokers would not have any minimum withdrawal criteria.

Even if you wish to withdraw a very small amount, such as $10, the brokerage must permit it without raising any obstacles or implementing any strict conditions.

For newbies in this industry, you need to go through some pieces of information on binary trading options by using online lessons and trading manuals. If you want your investments to be successful, you must study everything there is to know about them.


Some individuals believe that withdrawing funds out of a binary options provider is a challenging task, but it is actually rather simple. Remember that your account must be completely validated and all KYCs completed before your withdrawal can be performed. Be careful to complete authentication as early as you can so that you don’t have to wait a long time for it to be completed after you request a withdrawal.

There is some delay during the withdrawal period, although this is mainly due to slow operating banks and accounting processes. Stay calm and don’t deal with funds that you’ll need back quickly to prevent the disappointment that might come with the withdrawing procedure.