How to trade Cryptocurrencies with Binary Options

A binary option is a type of trading that predicts whether or not the price of cryptocurrencies will go up or down over time. Each cryptocurrency binary option has its payout, which you can gain. Because the result may be either a profit or a loss, they are known as “binary options.” Traders have numerous opportunities with binary options cryptocurrency trading, including fast earnings before making any investment. 

Cryptocurrency binary options are a type of trading. It predicts whether the price of cryptocurrencies will go up or down. If you guess correctly, you can make money. But if you guess incorrectly, then you lose your investment. The time and date when a binary option in cryptocurrencies will expire to verify whether it is an “in the money” (when your forecast is correct) or an “out of the money” (when your prediction is incorrect). A binary option on cryptocurrency pays a specific amount of money if the option is successful. They are known as “binary options” since the outcome may be either a gain or a loss. 

Only experienced traders can profitably trade with maximum advantage on crypto binary options, and novices should practice on demo accounts. After all, it’s crazy to put your cash together hoping for luck when you may test every offer at the expense of the demonstration platform system.

Defining a demo account for binary crypto trading

To put it another way, it’s a training ground where you can play with virtual cash, and it essentially parallels the real world. It uses the same platform; there are comparable basic assets, and traders may use identical tools and get quotes in real-time and on the same terms as those who trade real accounts. The only difference is that all transactions are carried out on virtual money, which is available on any demo account when it is opened.

The benefits of a demo account

You may also get an overview of the platform’s features and the broker offers. The presence of a crypto training ground with a demo account indicates the firm’s high level of professionalism, which should be considered when selecting a specific platform;

You have the chance to try out all of your crypto trading options, which you’ve already read about on the Internet or seen on videos, to construct your own earnings strategy.

Many aspects influence the success of crypto binary options trading, including:

  • Selecting the right timeframe;
  • Choosing the essential market situation which can be (trending market or, consolidation);

The volume of a specific transaction is also known as the deal’s net turnover. That’s why there is a demo account. You may use it to construct your crypto trading strategy and set the regulations for entry into the market. And when you decide to move towards a real account, you’ll have dozens of time-tested strategies to choose from.

Is there a disadvantage to trading crypto binary options on a demo account?

A novice trader, using his training in the demo account, is given a smart chance to trade crypto binary options without risking his own money. However, in the case of successful transactions, it does not result in genuine earnings; instead, it increases the virtual deposit size.

New traders who stick with demo crypto binary options for more than a month may lose their “market sense” as a result of the lack of risk. They deviate from the strategy because of a loss in mindfulness and caution, preventing them from trading in real markets.

Binary options on Cryptocurrency: The basics 

Cryptocurrencies are a worldwide phenomenon, and interest in binary Options cryptocurrency trading is on the rise. Expiry dates make digital currencies ideal for binary trading with fluctuating exchange rates. It’s highly vulnerable to hacking, which can result in the loss of millions of dollars’ worth of funds. It’s also desirable because of its vast global reach and popularity; therefore, it’s an easy target for potential scammers and much more.

To begin trading binary options for cryptocurrencies, you just need a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is a digitally created currency that may be used in place of Bitcoin wherever it is accepted. This is a free and borderless trade system that does not rely on central banks and charges minimal costs.

Cryptocurrencies are created by a complex set of mathematical algorithms that are called “cryptographic algorithms,” which generate value via “mining.” Miners, who are typically tech-savvy computer operators, produce Bitcoins by running programs that limit the size and speed of coin creation to avoid being eliminated. Bitcoins can be sold, exchanged, or swapped after they have been discovered. Bitcoin is presently used for global currency exchange and international trade, but the world’s major powers have yet to embrace it.

Just a few brokers were allowing Bitcoin as a trading asset a few years ago. In some respects, things have moved in an entirely different direction. Several traders now provide Bitcoin trading, as well as lesser-known cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin. Traders now have a plethora of alternatives when seeking a broker who provides binary Options on cryptocurrencies trading. If your present broker doesn’t provide it, think about switching firms.

Choose a broker that accepts cryptocurrencies as a deposit and withdrawal option. With them, you can also trade Binary Options on different cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin Wallet

You’ll need a cryptocurrency “wallet” to buy and sell bitcoin (rather than just speculate on the price). This is where security and transparency are essential – these wallets store your digital money, so you’re completely reliant on them. 

What are Binary Options for cryptocurrencies and how do they work?

Binary options and cryptocurrencies have generated a variety of responses. For many traders, binary options are the ideal speculative product, while bitcoin is a more efficient value proposition than national currencies. But regulators will have their eyes peeled with a falconer’s gaze as this develops.

Binary options and cryptocurrencies have a lot in common. Some have attracted the attention of regulators, while others have piqued the interest of traders and investors. Binary options are a purely speculative contract with an expiration period of 30 seconds to a month and a guaranteed payout of up to 92% of the sum invested in the trade.

A regular type of binary option is to predict whether the price of a particular underlying asset will rise or fall. Nonetheless, extra varieties of binary options have been discovered and these include no-touch, double-touch, and double-touch binary options. If you make a trade that is binary, (meaning that it has two options) then the trade will be successful if the price of the underlying asset reaches the fixed price.

How does Binary options on cryptocurrency trading work?

Some innovative brokers have found new ways to profit from cryptocurrencies with binary Options trading several websites have been created to help you trade Bitcoin and Binary options together. In a nutshell, there are two methods for trading cryptocurrency binary options. The first method is to utilize the crypto coin as money. The second option is to utilize the crypto coin (Bitcoin) as an underlying asset.

Cryptocurrency as a means of exchange

When using Bitcoin as an exchange, traders buy and sell a variety of underlying assets in the financial markets. For example, you might request an increase or decrease in the EUR/USD currency pair after the binary option expires. So, if the transaction is successful, you will be paid in Bitcoin rather than fiat currencies like dollars or pounds.

You may be asking why someone would want to receive cryptos if they only pay in dollars, as usual. The first benefit of crypto trading is that it has the lowest transaction costs of all online payments. This is why Bitcoin was created to lower the cost of online transactions. There are no service costs when you make or receive payments since there are no central authorities in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency binary options trading

Traders using Bitcoin to trade binary options often utilize it because of the higher return on investment that Bitcoin provides. Because Bitcoin is traded independently, its value against the US dollar is determined by demand. Traders can protect themselves from price fluctuations while still making more money out of their transactions by displaying all trading activity in Bitcoin.

However, it should be noted that this sort of trading is only available through binary dealers that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. This implies that only a few binary options brokers qualify for this classification.

Cryptocurrency as an underlying asset

The simplest approach to trade cryptocurrencies using binary options is to view them as a base asset. As previously said, Bitcoin is primarily traded on specialized Bitcoin exchanges. In response to demand, the price of Bitcoin changes incrementally. 

During the financial crisis in Cyprus in 2013, investors fled from the euro to bitcoin as a result of their loss of faith in the currency. The growing demand for Bitcoin has assisted push its value close to that of gold. Due to this volatility, certain binary brokers have introduced Bitcoin-specific binary option contracts. In other words, like any underlying asset listed on most binary broker platforms, Bitcoin is trading like a stock.

Crypto deposits

Money is transferred to computers using tokens, which are digital representations of money. There are several Bitcoin brokers now that take Bitcoin as a deposit option. They enable traders to deposit, trade, and receive Bitcoin payments. Quotex is the most prominent broker that provides this service. The firm accepts 15 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DASH, as well as credit cards and bank transfers. If you’re interested in trading bitcoin and don’t know where to start, Trade Rush (and its numerous imitators) might be a good place to start.

Risk Reward Ratio

The risk-reward ratio that traders confront when trading in this market is frequently referred to by critics of the legitimacy of binary options trading. Traders on platforms like Option.FM may make up to 91% of the trades they put on the market and earn a high rate of return. This is one of the most lucrative professions in the business. A profit of 8 dollars translates to a gain of 7 dollars if the prediction is correct. If you make a mistake, however, you lose 100 dollars.

Critics, on the other hand, are unaware of the simplicity of binary options trading and the ability to repay profits in a short time. Traders in binary options make money if the closing price of an asset is above or below (even partially) its strike price, as long as that happens. Put simply, a fixed-loss bet is always more unfavorable than a fixed-gain bet because the loss of money is predetermined. In certain situations, such as in forex, profit depends on how far the asset price moves from the strike price. Traders in these markets need to do more precise and thorough analysis than binary options traders. If the market volatility is small, the market’s investors will have a worse risk-reward ratio than the binary options market’s traders.

Traders may make money more quickly in binary options than they can in other markets. Traders on Option.FM may trade contracts with deadlines of up to 30 seconds on platforms like this one. This gives traders the ability to generate money rapidly. In most other markets, it’s not possible to turn a significant profit in such a short period.

Binary options have many advantages:

It is not necessary to know the precise value of the cryptocurrency after an option, only if it has gone up or down. To take part in a Bitcoin binary option, you don’t need extensive trading expertise. The ROI may be as high as 88 percent.

The Drawbacks of Binary Options in Cryptocurrency

As you can see, binary options on cryptocurrencies are a lot like simple play. If you look at binary option trading platforms in-depth, you’ll find that they always have an edge over investors (you must make more than 50% of your time to keep your budget balanced). In many countries, strict rules are regulating who can perform binary options for cryptocurrencies, so it’s a good idea to check if the exchange you want to trade binary options for cryptocurrencies is licensed. Also, like games, cryptocurrencies may be highly addicting; no matter how experienced you are, it is impossible to consistently predict cryptocurrency rates in the short term.

Is it possible to profit from Binary Options Crypto Trading? 

Binary options have grown in popularity as a means to trade financial assets online because of their ease and high profit margins. However, a lot of research demonstrates that under 30% of retail traders make money in this market. Because of this, most investors are curious if it is truly feasible to profit from binary options. The simple answer is that yes, it’s possible; however, the long and complicated answer is that you must work hard, be dedicated, and stick to your goals to consistently profit in the binary options market.

How to generate money by trading binary options in cryptocurrencies: Step by step Tutorial

1. Make sure you’re trading the correct asset

The first and most important decision a trader must make before placing a trade on the market is asset selection. Because the binary options market allows traders to predict the price of over 150 financial assets, including stocks, currency pairs, commodities, and indices. This isn’t easy. Traders must choose an asset with a lot of liquidity and volatility since money in binary options is generated by price changes. EURUSD, oil, USDJPY, and gold are examples of such assets. Traders must also execute trades in the proper assets at the proper moment.

Different assets have different optimum trading hours. When the New York stock exchange opens, for example, US equities and indices are preferable to trade between 13:00 and 23:00 GMT, whereas Japanese and Australian equities and currency pairs are best traded when Tokyo’s stock market opens at 00:00 and 09:00 UTC (Tokyo time).

2. Incorporate Medium- to long-term news strategy

Adding a news plan into a trading strategy can help traders minimize risk and boost earnings. This is since economic data is one of the key drivers of binary options price changes. Because of the large number of valuable assets in binary options, there is generally at least one major financial announcement every day, which will result in significant price fluctuations in the market. Traders who monitor financial data releases may profit by betting on them.

Financial data streams are often tracked using financial calendars, which are available for free on numerous websites such as Traders may also use financial data tracking to lower their trading risk. Traders can avoid trading assets that may be impacted by financial information disclosure by being uncertain how the data will affect the underlying asset’s price.

4. Diversification of your portfolio

It’s critical to register with a broker who can trade various sorts of binary options contracts. Trading the price change of a trader’s selected asset is done in a variety of ways. Diversifying your company can help you improve your market profitability. On sites like Option.FM, traders may execute contracts as short-term options, long-term options, and call/put options. There are three types of options accessible in the market: call and put, which may be combined to create a synthetic position; intraday options; and European-style weekly options. Other trading possibilities in the business include combinations, contactless choices, one-touch alternatives, ladder choices, and holiday options, as well as more.

5. Keep your money safe

Amateurs are more focused on generating money, whereas professionals place a premium on risk management. The practice of risk management is known to be effective in the financial market. Traders must guarantee that their capital is reduced by at least 5% for each trade. There are many trading possibilities in the market, and no one is superior to the rest. Traders should also utilize the numerous sophisticated trade management tools accessible on platforms like Quotex to minimize risk and enhance profitability. Traders who want to get out of the market quickly may use these capabilities. These features are still in their early stages, allowing traders to terminate their employment before they go. Traders can utilize this function to lower their total losses by leaving bad trades. This feature may also be used to secure earnings by eliminating any potential good and terrible transactions.

6. Make use of robots and signals.

You may use binary robots and signals to ensure that you are always in front of the competition. The advent of the Internet has revolutionized how consumers discover new things. Binary robots are available from brokers. Binary robots are software meant to operate automatically. Your broker can provide you with binary robots. This is a program that allows you to automatically trade when you can’t. The robot will exchange opportunities at any time, depending on your preferences. To get the most out of your binary robot, it’s critical to understand what you’re doing.

A binary signal is a service that automatically notifies you when it’s time to install or remove a specified asset. This signal is beneficial for individuals who are always on the go and unable to keep up with market trends to make well-informed financial decisions. You can always feel at ease when you use a signal because you won’t see substantial gains. Messaging is delivered straight to your phone or email for your convenience. Signals are used by both new and seasoned traders to squeeze more out of their binary options trading.

What is the best strategy for trading crypto binary options?

There are two ways to trade Bitcoin binary options. The first is to utilize Bitcoin as a means of exchange. The second is to use Bitcoin as an underlying asset. 

Is it feasible to profit from binary options?

For this reason, most investors are doubtful if it is feasible to earn money trading binaries. The quick answer is YES, but the extended one is that hard work, dedication, and commitment are required for traders to consistently produce profits from the binary options market. 

Is it possible to invest in cryptocurrencies using binary options?

There are two sorts of bitcoin options available to you: call options. You’d buy a call option on bitcoin if you thought the price would rise above the specified price before the expiration date, known as the strike price.

Can you do binary options on Crypto?

However, lately, there’s been a lot of interest in trading futures and options on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. You can trade futures and options on bonds, interest rates, stock indices, and even the weather these days. Futures and options on Bitcoin are now available as a result of those product offerings.

Where can you trade cryptocurrency options: A platform that offers cryptocurrency option trading:


Quotex is a digital options broker that was established in 2020. The platform offers copy trading and market signals, as well as market signals and copy trading. Deposits and withdrawals are covered in our review, as well as fees, customer service, bonuses, assets, and more. Awesomo Ltd. owns the Quotex brand name. QuotaEX is a securities trading platform incorporated in Seychelles and regulated by the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Centre (IFMRRC). Quotex provides immediate access to a demo account. This may be accessed right away from the website, and the trading platform may be tested in seconds.

Quotex currently has a 40% deposit bonus offer available. Keep in mind that there are terms and conditions to consider, as well as whether or not the incentive is suitable for your planned approach. 

The most important things to know about trading cryptocurrency options with Quotex:

  • Min Deposit: £10
  • Payout Amount: In the case of a successful transaction, you may receive up to 84% of your trade amount.
  • Demo Account: Yes
  • Regulation: IFMRRC (Seychelles)
  • Bonus offer: A deposit bonus of up to 40% may be earned.

Trading Platform The asst list and trading choices are accessible via a fast and slick interface. Traders may choose a market from a drop-down asset list, which may also be sorted by payout (above 1 minute or 5-minute options). Choosing an asset shows its current market price chart, and the data may be viewed in a variety of timeframes ranging from five seconds to a week.

The Candlestick charting style allows for advanced features such as Bollinger Bands and Moving Averages. There are also copy trading and trader leaderboards, as well as market signals. When traders aren’t actively monitoring their trades, they should exercise caution.


Quotex provides 400+ digital option trading assets: Currencies, cryptocurrency, indices, and commodities.


There is no fee when trading digital options with Quotex. There are also no margin restrictions, which means there is no leverage on these instruments. There are no costs associated with withdrawals.


Quotex has a license from the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Centre (IFMRRC) in the Seychelles, which includes access to a compensation fund. 


Trading crypto assets in the binary options market might result in profit, but traders must work diligently and use a good trading strategy that minimizes trading risk while also maximizing potential market profitability.