Binary Options Hedging Strategy: How to secure your profits?

The trading world is a vast area. It expands so much that it is often difficult to estimate it. Being such a vast field, it throws multiple challenges at any trader. So, if a naive trader enters this field to explore the possibilities, it can result in an unexpected outcome. 

However, it has the resources to fulfill all the financial needs a person may desire. Therefore, by entering into the trading business, one can get rewards that they can imagine. Therefore, from a trading point of view, we can say that one who wants to increase wealth can always explore this area. 

Increasing wealth is a basic need for everyone. It does not always mean getting rich. But, improving the status of your financial stability is significant. It is obvious to know that leading a basic lifestyle does not require too many expenses. And people often do not want to leave their comfort zone. But, someone can only achieve the luxuries of life if they go beyond the comfort zone. Trading is not a shortcut to making quick money. But if one develops what is needed to play the game, it can be a favorable process. 

In a society, financial status determines many things, if not all. The trading market offers an opportunity to create an impact on society. It can help a person grow in aspects beyond mere financial instruments. Although, financial profits are sure to come along the way. But a trading journey is more than just profits.

If the trader understands its functions and applicability, it can help even in a loss period. After all, trading is a risky game that can lead to losses at some point, irrespective of your expertise. But to continue to stay in business, one needs a deeper insight and skill refinement.

When it is about trading, we cannot ignore that the new age way is online trading. There are several markets and platforms for the same. But, the one that has shown tremendous growth is none other than Binary Options. The popularity of Binary Options has grown overwhelmingly since 2008. It has achieved the feat of being the go-to way to trade in the present time.

Like any online trading method, trading in Binary Options is not as simple as it seems. It also involves risks and chances to occur loss. But, despite being so popular, we can say that like risks are an inevitable part of trading, it is inseparable from Binary. Yet traders should not misunderstand that it is complex. Because, on the contrary, it is simpler than many other trading methods. Involvement of risks should not necessarily mean that we cannot sideline them. With the help of proper trading techniques and strategies, the risk element can be minimized at the least, if not eliminated.  

It will be surreal to expect only profits and no losses if you enter into trading. It matters less whether the trading happens in Binary Options or other forms. Using strategies can always be a wise move to make. We use strategies in our day-to-day life when we feel the threat of loss. The same concept applies to Binary trading. The use of strategies such as hedging strategy plays an essential role in your trading journey.

Why is there a need for Strategies?

Using strategies is how traders can minimize risk. Indeed, a single master strategy does not exist that eliminates it. But, there are effective strategies out there. That can help in loads to reduce the risk to reward ratio. Strategies can act as a defense mechanism against the threat of loss. Therefore, incorporating them into your trading methods is essential. Trading inherits risks of various kinds. Based on that, the strategies should be formulated or chosen. If done precisely, it can reap positive results.

What does hedging signify?

The terms like hedging and hedge strategies might appear confusing. But before jumping into the Binary Options hedging context, we must understand the significance of hedging in general. We can understand the term hedge as nothing but an investment. It is fundamentally an investment that a trader makes with a specific intention. 

A hedge is an investment that is not made to get returns alone. That type of investment is made to reduce the risks specifically. In a trading market like the Binary, the market is subject to volatility and price movements. These movements can arise due to various technical factors. For example, it could occur due to economic factors, market momentum, demand, supply, etc. Therefore, reducing the adverse effects of such price movements is necessary. And that is where the role of a hedge comes into play. A hedge is of key importance for every trader, especially when trading in a volatile market like the Binary

We can understand the term further with a simple example. In our day-to-day life, we often use hedging when someone is trying to cover up or defend an action. It is what happens in the trading world also. Hedging or the use of a hedge provides a secure base. Its function is to ensure a secure portfolio for the traders. Therefore, we can say that hedging is the process of creating a protection portfolio. 

Using the hedge in the trading process is a strategy in itself. Because with the help of hedging, a trader attempts to reduce the total risks. It is used to limit them in all financial assets. The assets can be options or stocks. Therefore, the traders can effectively incorporate the hedging strategy into trading Binary options.

How can you secure profits with a Hedging Strategy?

If a trader uses a perfect hedge, it can eliminate all the risks at once. A perfect hedge can help a trader achieve a complete profit portfolio. But, using a perfect hedge in actuality is nothing less than impossible. A perfect hedge is too ideal for real trading scenarios. Therefore, instead of shifting the focus in achieving a perfect hedge, a trader must try to understand the working of a hedge. One should not be dependent on the false notion that the more the hedge is perfect lesser the risk. 

Before blindly following hedging, one must understand that it is not as free as it seems. It is agreeable that hedging can significantly reduce potential risks. But we must also not ignore that it takes away a portion of the gains in the process.

We can associate the working structure of hedging with an insurance policy. An insurance policy does not guarantee the prevention of mishaps. Instead, it provides protection that helps the insured person plan ahead of time. 

The working of a hedging strategy is associated with a risk-return trade-off. It is a concept in the trading world that says when there is an increase in the risks. There is an increase in the potential rewards. Or in other words, the returns are higher with an increased risk factor. It also signifies that the trader or the investor is susceptible to gaining higher returns if they accept the higher chances of losses. Because of the risk-reward trade-off, the traders choose the predictable risks instead of losing the investments all of a sudden. 

In knowing how to work out a hedging strategy in binary trading, the most common way is with the help of derivates. They are nothing but securities that move parallelly to one or more assets. Although, such assets must underly the hedging process. They can be stocks, bonds, currencies, etc. The derivatives can act as effective hedges. There is a possibility of using them in an effective strategy. It can be the one in which the gain of the other offsets one investment’s loss.

For putting the hedging process into the right work, the effectiveness should be measurable. So, when it comes to quantifying the effectiveness, a trader can measure it with a delta unit. The hedge is expressed in this unit, also known as the hedge ratio.

Pros and cons


Hedging strategy can render significant advantages to a trader keen on Binary Options. First, it can help in securing the future of the options. By way of doing so, it reduces the risks.

Traders can use the hedging tools in Binary markets to lock the profits. Consequently, it can act as a helping aid during tough market periods. If a trader succeeds in using the hedging strategy, it can protect from price fluctuations and inflation. Moreover, it can defend the profits during a currency exchange rate flux.


Hedging is not a free process. The cost of it can consume a portion of your profit. Another disadvantage it presents is that it’s not suitable for short-duration traders. And since many traders enter the Binary market by getting attracted with short trades, it’s not practical for them. Lastly, it is a skill-based method and requires experience and expertise to reap fruitful results most of the time. If not every time.

Hedging Strategies in Binary Options

For a quick insight as to what Binary Options mean, it is a financial instrument. We can infer from the literal meaning itself that it provides only two choices or options. The outcomes in Binary Options can be either a monetary reward or nothing at hand. In addition, it offers a fixed payout, unlike other instruments. It is a risky business, and when a factor of risk, hedging is the way to secure your profits. That is why the hedging strategies and techniques come in handy in winning trades and reducing the risks. 

After all, the risk is inseparable, yet we can keep them at bay and secure more profits. The process itself is not less than a strategy when it comes to hedging. Moreover, the use of derivatives can be termed as a strategic move. However, the following strategies are bound to provide positive results as well.

Hedging by diversification

Diversification of the portfolio is one of the best ways to reduce certain risks. The traders must do diversification strategically to ensure more favourability. We can understand the process with an example. 

For instance, if a trader is anxious that the investments in a luxury goods company that currently shows rising margins might get lost due to recession. Then they can diversify the hedging by investing in another security that can offset such a scenario. It can be a tobacco company’s stock or some other. The choice of such stocks may depend on the historical data, and it can be any stock that renders dividends even during a recession.

Using volatility index indicator

The Binary market is known for its volatility. Therefore, using a volatility index indicator can help in the better assessment. With proper assessment, the hedging process can become more accurate.

Bear put spread hedging

It is one of the common hedging strategies. It is helpful for those investors who are concerned with moderate declines. Such investors not troubled with more severe ones can use this strategy. In this method, the investor can expect a moderate-to-large decline in a security or asset price. So, the traders who want to reduce the cost of holding the option trade can benefit from it. 

To achieve the bear put condition, they need to purchase put options, but they also have to be careful to sell the same number of puts. Moreover, the puts need to be on the same asset with the same expiry, in addition to selling them at a lower strike price.

Calendar spread strategy

It is a simple strategy, and a trader can apply it by buying a long-term put and selling a short-term one instead. But traders should remember to sell them at the same strike price. So, we can understand a simultaneous entry essentially establishes it. The trader only needs to enter a long and short position on the same underlying asset to incorporate it. But the catch is with different delivery dates.


Any strategy in any market should be accompanied by knowledge, skill, expertise, and timing. After ensuring all these aspects are in sync, a trader must incorporate a strategy. The right strategy can become the only difference between winning and losing when used correctly. Therefore, we can conclude that hedging strategies can help secure profits in Binary Options for sure. But it also largely depends on the trader’s position in the game. Nevertheless, they can use these strategies for result-oriented Binary trading.