How to Predict the Next Candle with Binary Options

Binary options traders may be well acquainted with the concept of candlesticks if they have been trading for a considerable period. Even before they became well-known in the Western world, candlestick charts were well-known in Japan. 

Candlestick charts are among the most important signals in use by investors to observe price movements and evaluate information in order to make potential forecasts. When evaluating the numerous trading statistical tools, you will see that candlesticks charting is preferred by the majority of the traders owing to its user-friendly style.

To understand whether the market is bullish or bearish, this article will discuss how to predict the next candle with binary options. In this article, you will learn about how to invest in binary options, as they are the most secure market to trade.

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Candlestick Charts: What Do They Mean in Trading?

Candlesticks are among the most powerful analytical tools in use by traders to analyze and forecast market fluctuations. It can provide you statistics from several timelines in a particular candlestick.

The trends formed by the candlestick’s placement, volume, and length assist the trader in determining crucial resistances and supports levels. It enables clients to make an educated assessment in order to reduce the associated risks while investing in binary options.

A candlestick displays the value of the specified instrument in a certain span of time. The candlestick’s wicks and shadows draw attention to the instrument’s maximum and minimum prices. As a result, a green candlestick indicates a price increase, whereas a red candlestick indicates a fall in prices in the market.

The pattern of a candlestick assists traders in determining their buying and selling chances, while the forecasts of the next candlesticks assist in determining whether the economy is bullish or bearish.

How to Predict the Next Candle with Binary Options?

If you wish to earn money through binary options trading, you should invest within the path of the market. Prior to actually digging into the fundamentals, the easiest way to understand a candlestick is to look at its location, intensity, and apparent size.

#1 Rising Three Methods

The Rising Three Methods are among the most simple candlestick forecasting techniques. When you have mastered the fundamentals of this technique, you will be able to see the patterns as soon as it appears on the charts.

The 3 rising methods produce 5 candles followed by another candle that needs to be near to the last candle in order to be legitimate. This formation has the potential to be both bullish and bearish. The opening candle is often a white candle that is placed close to the shaved or unshaved top. The following 3 candles are little and have white or black swirling heads.

It descends for 3 days, however, not beyond the very first candle. Proceeding over to the 5th candle, it will begin over the first candle’s lowest position. It would have the highest closing among the five values. With the expiration of 2-5 candles from the purchase, this indication has a 70% accuracy rate.

#2 Side by Side Lines

Side by side lines is a popular indicator with a good accuracy record. It is made up of 2 bars of the same color that are placed beside each other on the charts.

Whenever the movement is rising, the very first white candle of the day should typically be higher at the closing of the day. This is due to the candles’ high quantity, which indicates a significant price increase. As a result, the next candle of similar color will begin near the exact level as the first candle and close near the peak at the completion of the day, or it could possibly span the length of the first.

The 2 white candlesticks with a high quantity are an indication of the market’s gaining momentum. This force is expected to manifest itself shortly. As a result, investors are constantly on the watch for this pattern.

Suggestions: The reliability of signal generation is always sensitive to time constraints. Signals created in 5 minutes will get more noise compared to signals created in a day.

#3 Tatsuki Gap

A Tatsuki gap, much like the rising three methods, can have up to 5 candles. The Tatsuki gap can appear for both bearish and bullish conditions; the sole determining criterion is a notable gap showing the market’s resistance or supports.

This pattern is often generated whenever there is a pricing gap within the market’s path. In fact, if the market goes down, the gap will fall as well, and vise – versa. In the event of a falling market, the candlestick will have a large volume and black, close around at the day’s lowest.

The following multiple candles are expected to start at a value greater than the initial candle in order to check the market’s resistance. You can choose to purchase in this signal, but a proven barrier shows the market’s subsequent decline. In terms of market forecasting, this indication has an accuracy record of 65%.

Forecasting a Bullish Trend

To forecast a bullish trend, pay attention to 3 main trends on the candlestick charts. Here are the following:

Bullish Engulfing Pattern

A bullish engulfing pattern forms on a candlestick chart whenever the proportion of purchasers exceeds the proportion of sellers. A large green band, as well as a tiny red band, are used to depict it.

Hammer Case

The candle in the hammer case has a short body and a longer bottom wick. It signifies that purchasers have raised the sale price, putting pressure on the seller’s market. The following candle, in this instance, is invariably a green candle.

Inverse Hammer

In the instance of the Inverse Hammer, the top candle is observed to be bigger, suggesting that the market is under purchasing demand. Under this circumstance, the sellers push prices down, and the purchasers control the market.

An optimistic market pattern is recognized for signaling a shift from a recession to an upswing. This trend is intended for investors who want to purchase and retain investments for an extended period of time.

Forecasting a Bearish Trend

To forecast a bearish trend, stay updated on the 3 main trends on the candlestick graph. Here are the following:

Bearish Engulfing Pattern

A bearish engulfing pattern is found right at the ending of a rising market phase. In this scenario, the green candle is replaced by a big red candle, emphasizing the economy’s decline. It is a sign of the economy’s declining tendency.

Shooting Star

A shooting star resembles a hammer; however, the candle here is red. Whenever the close price is somewhat more than the opening price, this pattern is formed.

The Hanging Man

The pattern of the hanging man is comparable to the inverted hammer, indicating the beginning of a market decline. It demonstrates that purchasers are able to raise prices even though there is a lot of selling stress in the economy.

Forecasting Trends Continuance

Here are other candlestick formations that imply that the market trend is uncertain about altering. It could perhaps be a moment where there is no major movement in prices or a timeframe when the economy remains indecisive.

Spinning Top

This candle is like a top, has a little body in the middle of a top and bottom wick of a similar height. It shows that there is no major movement in the market, with both purchasers and sellers exerting nearly the same pressure on prices. Traders frequently regard this trend as a signal of a market stabilization or resting period, generally following a significant decline or rise.


Whenever the starting and ending prices of an instrument are nearly equal, the candle depicts a + symbol or a cross. The body is essentially non-existent, whereas the wicks can be of various diameters. Investors see this trend as a sign of a continuing battle among both bulls & bears in the markets, without a clear winner. A Doji, on its own, is a neutral indication. It can, nevertheless, arise during reversing patterns as well.


If you are a beginner, you should start searching for signals on the graph on a routine basis. Register with Quotex and practice trading without risking your funds to begin exploring the trend identification skills.

Trading is a difficult topic that requires a lot of time and effort to master. The trading market is very sensitive and prone to a variety of risks, which may be minimized by adopting reasonable risks and creating an equilibrium.

Although candlestick trends can provide important information about prospective price movements, they are more effective over longer durations. It is advisable to test them on a demo account initially. This can assist you in becoming acquainted along with all the capabilities of your sophisticated trading system, even while polishing your capabilities in charting and patterns interpretation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Make Predictions Using Candlestick Charts?

These Charts are a type of analytical graph that condenses data from many timespans within a specific price bar. Thus making these very helpful than typical open-high, low bars or simply lines connecting closing price points. Candlesticks create formations that, when completed, forecast price trends.

What Exactly Is a Bullish Affirmation?

Bullish affirmation indicates that there will be more upward movement, which might appear as a gap up, lengthy white candle, or massive volume rise. Since candlestick formations are just useful for One to Two weeks, the bullish affirmation must come between 1 to 3 days of the formation.