How to Trade Binary Options with Nadex

The main reason for anyone to enter the trading world is profit. Online trading methods open the doors to a convenient way of earning profits. It is, without any doubt, the best way to seek financial growth. 

While there are many methods, Binary trading is one of the best ways. We can infer that it offers a dual option. It is nothing but a financial instrument with only two possible outcomes. A trader can expect either a fixed return or simply nothing in it. Yet, we can safely assume that it is one of the simplest trading options.

It does not require you to buy or sell the assets. But instead, you have to speculate the market movement. In other trading options, the value may fluctuate according to the distance from the strike price. But Binary Options offer an advantage in that case because the outcome is biform. There is no chance of a middle value—instead, the whole Binary trading functions on a yes or no bid. 

Therefore, we can say that it is a straightforward game of win or loss so that there may not be a partial win or loss. In addition, binary trading also comes as a package of various other features. That makes it distinct from other trading options. 

It is often seen that inexperienced traders struggle to find a suitable exchange. But, with Binary Options, you can trade on Nadex with ease. Moreover, while trading on such exchange helps get a reliable place to trade, it also offers additional benefits. However, it is always wise to understand the process to avoid unwanted risks. Therefore, traders can expect a better winning rate by knowing how to trade on Nadex with Binary options.

What Does Nadex Signify?

Nadex expands as North American Derivatives Exchange. To put it in simpler terms, it is an exchange for financial derivatives, which is nothing but a contract. Such a contract derives its value from the underlying asset. Though it began as an exchange for derivatives, Nadex is now the leading binary options exchange. 

It serves as a retail trading place of Binary options. It also focuses on spread betting of the most heavily traded commodities. Nadex has been in the service since 2004 and operates from Chicago in the US.

When it comes to Binary trading, there may not be any place better than Nadex. It holds the title of the first legal exchange for the same in the US. Interestingly, Nadex is not just a marketplace; it has its trading platform as well. It provides the Binary Options platform that is browser-based. 

Therefore, no need for a trader to access a specific app beforehand. Moreover, it works similar to that of a Binary broker because it offers features such as a demo account. Traders can also get real-time charts and direct access to markets. All such features allow traders to begin their binary trading journey comfortably with Nadex. 

Markets in Nadex

Over the years, Nadex has become a diverse platform. Traders can trade in a plethora of markets in it. In addition, it offers an expansive list from where the traders can choose from a variety of contracts. Those can range from stock indices and commodities to even economic events. Getting a picture of what markets are available in Nadex will help the trader understand its functioning. It can eventually help traders trade in Binary Options better.

Stock Indices

Nadex aids the trader in speculating numerous stock index futures. Those are not limited to the US and extend beyond. A few examples include:

  • Wall street 30
  • US 500
  • US Tech 100
  • China 50
  • Germany 40


The commodities market finds its place in our daily life. It includes assets that affect us daily. Therefore, with Nadex, trading in such assets can have a huge impact. In addition, by speculating on commodity futures, you can get access to major market opportunities.


Nadex offers contracts in crude oil as well as in natural gas. Their future prices are based on NYMEX®.


It also offers contracts in gold and silver, among other major commodities. Their future prices are based on either COMEX or NYMEX® 


Forex is among the largest and the most liquid markets, so it is also offered with Nadex. With its help, you can trade limited-risk products in it. Nadex offers its currency pairing to do so. Traders can view some of them as:

  • EUR/USD – Euro-US Dollar
  • AUD/USD – Australian Dollar-US Dollar
  • EUR/GBP – Euro-British Pound
  • GBP/USD – British Pound-US Dollar
  • USD/CAD – US Dollar-Canadian Dollar

Economic Events

These are contracts that let a trader assume the outcomes of market-moving events. At the same time, when trading in Nadex, the Binary options contract is based upon certain reports. Those reports are essential in decision making and give the idea of market-moving events. Such reports include the weekly jobless claims report, nonfarm payrolls report, unemployment rate, etc.

How to Trade in Nadex with Binary Options?

Binary Options trading is a process. It is something that needs to be followed step by step. Although it’s a fact that Nadex is a platform offering a reliable way to trade, that does not mean it is a one-click thing to do. A trader must be open to learning the steps involved in Binary trading with Nadex. They can put the strategies and other trading plans to the right use only then. We can chalk out five steps to help a trader understand how to use Nadex in Binary options.

#1 Analyzing the Market Trends

It is not hidden that Binary trading is a simple trading process. It offers you to choose a strike that is based on either yes or no. As simple as it may sound, it also requires certain prerequisites. Knowing the market trend comes under such essential prerequired steps. A market like the Binary is highly volatile. It means the fluctuations can happen over a matter of seconds. Such a peculiarity makes it vital to understand the trends. 

It is impossible to predict the exact future event, but knowing the market trends allows a trader to make strong predictions. Such predictions can be trusted while making crucial trading decisions. It is applicable irrespective of the marketplace, whether Nadex or any other. However, for trading Binary options in Nadex, we can highlight a few short steps to help know the trends.

Social Media

Social media following is something irreplaceable nowadays. Following the broker or the marketplace on social media platforms can help get updated with the latest trends.

Conduct Self Technical Analysis

Technical analysis signifies the study of market conditions. Various technical indicators can help in doing it. So, a foundational understanding of the indicators is necessary for conducting own technical analysis. Traders can use Nadex charts and Fundamental analysis to understand the market trends better as well.


Nadex is a platform that offers interactive webinars. Traders can benefit immensely b attending them. So, it is always recommendable to join them.

#2 Choose The Market Wisely

Choosing the market is subject to certain factors as well. Although, Nadex offers four choices in it, namely.

  • Forex
  • Stock Indices
  • Commodities
  • Events

It is up to the traders to decide which market suits their plan. For example, while trading in Binary Options in Nadex, we can choose a market based on the following factors:

  • Duration of Contract
  • Level of Strikes
  • Personal Interests

#3 Strike Price and Expiration Selection

Selecting the strike price and the expiry step often creates hurdles. As a result, a trader can get stuck at this step by falling into a dilemma. But, the Nadex traders should keep in mind that it only depends on two factors: probability and risk. A balance in the act is what determines the ideal strike price. Therefore, a safe method is to find the mid-point between the contract’s bid and the offer price.

Now, when it comes to choosing the time durations, traders can find Binary Options in Nadex at various time durations. For example, Nadex offers the Binary contracts in five-minute, twenty-minute, two-hour, daily, and weekly durations. Therefore, a trader can choose the duration according to the plan.

#4 Placing The Order

Once the decision is firm regarding the strike you want to make, the next step is to place the order. The user interface in the online platform of Nadex gives you a ticket after clicking on the strike tab. The traders can find it either on the left side of the screen or in the chart. You get the choice of either buying or selling with respective buttons. The next step would be to place a limit or market order. 

After that, you will need to fill a size box that represents nothing but the number of contracts. Lastly, you can explore your options to see the maximum profit and loss potential, which is shown right above the place order button. Finally, select the place order button to mark the end of this step.

#5 Waiting for Expiry or Early Closing

It is an expectable possibility that the trade may not go as planned. However, traders should not ignore such a change even with a reliable exchange like Nadex. Therefore, if it strikes your wisdom that the market is going against the strategy, you can always close the trade early before expiry. 

Such a step will help in limiting the losses. Similarly, you can either close early or stay till expiry when the market moves in your favor. Closing soon may earn a confirmed but small profit whereas by staying until the expiry you could see the market going against you sometimes.


How to trade Binary Options in Nadex can effectively find its answer through these simple steps. With these steps, a trader conveniently gets to trade in the first legal Binary Options exchange in the US. Therefore, a trader is advised to follow these steps religiously to win trades in Nadex.