Is Binary Options Trading Safe? – The Risk Explained

“No risk means no reward.” It is one of the fundamental principles of investment and its management. We all have to take risks at certain times to make a choice. That results in our favor. Taking risks is a part of life, whether we like it or not. But, what must be focussed on is to take careful steps to avoid any fallbacks.

When we think about leading a dignified life, the first thing in mind is making more money. And with the growth of technology, we understand that online trading is one of the ways in trend now. Although trading has been around us in various conventional forms, Binary options are now showing immense possibilities in trading. More people are getting attracted because of the same reason. Binary Options is a trading method with high returns. But, like risks are inseparable from any form of trading, it is also an inherent part of Binary trading.

What Does a Risk Signify in Binary Trading?

Trading is one of the go-to ways for increasing wealth. It involves investment by the trader, which can result in profits. But, that also depends on the method of trading. Whichever may be the method, a trader should always understand that all kinds of investment involve a certain degree of risk.

The risk from the financial point of view is no different from the real ones. It is nothing but the chance of an outcome or investment return to differ from the estimated one. Risk in the trading world includes the possibility of losing some of the investment. Sometimes, it may end up in a total loss as well. 

The risk may not have a perfect definition. So, we should consider it an asset’s chance to experience a permanent loss. For instance, an investor buys an asset expecting a 15% return. The chance of a return to go below 15% is ideally the risk. The investments fall either in the high-risk or low-risk category based on the quantum of risks. With a better understanding of the risks, a trader should work on portfolio building. It reduces the chance of losses.

What Are the Common Types of Risks?

Certain types of risks are always present in most trading methods, and Binary trading is also not excluded. The common risks pose difficulties in getting the desired outcomes, but that does not mean we cannot sideline them. On the contrary, understanding such risks helps the trader modify the trading pattern. The common risks are discussed below, they are:

Systematic and Unsystematic Risks

Systematic risks are the market risks that can affect the entire market. Or at the least a huge portion of it. One cannot mitigate these easily with the diversification of the portfolio. They are the risks arising because of macroeconomic changes, political changes, etc. On the other hand, unsystematic risk is a specific risk that affects only an individual company or industry. It arises due to internal factors like management, new competition, regulation changes, etc.

Political Risk

It is a type of market risk common to all trading markets. Political changes are a part of every economy. And as a result, this risk mainly occurs due to political instability. Political changes can give a lot of trouble to everyone, and a trading market is no exception to it.

Counterparty Risk

In this type of risk, there is a chance of one of the parties who enter into a transaction to default an obligation. Also, the obligation should be contractual. Traders can usually find this type of risk in investment, credit, etc. But a trading transaction is also deemed to have this type of risk.

Country Risk

As the name hints, a financial risk in which a country fails to fulfill its financial promises is known as country risk. Instead of a person, the defaulter is the whole of a country, and it can harm the performance of all the financial instruments of that country and its foreign relations.

Binary Options Risks

The specific risks in binary options are an obvious part of the game. Since it is a high-risk, high-return way of trading, a trader must expect such risks. However, the presence of these risks does not mean that it is practically impossible to tackle them. On the contrary, if traders understand their reasons, it becomes easier to avoid losing trades.

Trading Loss

Binary Options give the trader two outcomes that result in either a fixed monetary reward or nothing. Therefore, it is a game where trade losses are always a possibility. A data by the FCA suggests that the majority of the traders dealing in binary options lose their money in total or up to some extent. This fact may be disappointing for the new traders, but it is only one data, and the root cause of suffering a loss is associated more with the lack of sophisticated knowledge of the process. The same data suggests it too. Therefore, trading loss becomes a threat only when there is some form of ignorance on the trader’s part.  


Despite entering into the binary trading game without the basic command, there is also a chance you may win trades consecutively. It can lead to a big problem in the long run. The FCA and many other monitoring authorities have shown concerns over the gambling problem in Binary Options. 

Just like gambling, when a player wins constantly, it leads to addiction towards the game. The similarity of binary with odd bets makes it susceptible to cause addiction. An addiction can eventually lead the trader to predict the outcomes with emotional involvement. It is a serious risk in binary trading and can cause them to accumulate huge losses.

Frauds and Scams

With their rising popularity, Binary Options is vulnerable to fraud by brokers and other parties. Two of the common ways the US CTFC reports are manipulating trades by the brokers and trading robots. They pose significant risks to those relatively new in the trading business.

How Safe Is Binary Options? Should We Trade in It?

The rise of Binary Options can be seen from 2008 to the present. Over the years, one of the major concerns that the traders always have is regarding its safety.

Presently The Binary Options trading is regulated by the FCA, CySEC, and the MFSA. All these come under the jurisdiction of the EU, therefore relying on them is quite safe.

Such a regulation makes this way of trading legal. But, the traders must be careful to choose reliable brokers to avoid fraud and illegal trading.

A trader is sure to benefit from trading in it if they do proper research before entering. And enter with a reliable provider’s help. Therefore, safety is subject to certain factors, other than which it is considered a safe way to invest.

How to Minimize Risk for Safe Trading?

It is needless to say that minimizing the risks is extremely important. It is natural to think of a way to eliminate them, but as we know, risks are inseparable. Therefore, incorporating effective ways to reduce their impact should be the area of focus.

Risk Management

It essentially means identifying, analyzing, and then resolving the uncertainties. Risk management is an important step that a trader needs to take to ensure minimum chances of losing a trade. There are various ways to address the risks in your trading. Some of the useful ways include performing credit checks and portfolio diversification. Additionally, the allocation of assets can also manage risks effectively.

Use of Strategies

The usage of trading strategies can significantly reduce the risks. But, the trader must be careful to use the right strategy at the right time. Since binary trading is a short-duration game, timing can differentiate between losing and winning a trade. For a strategy to be fruitful, traders should try to create strategies that suit them. But a beginner trader can always use some of the effective ones, including Pinnochio Strategy, Rainbow Strategy, etc.

Technical Analysis

Binary Options is a trading method that involves a lot of technical aspects. Therefore, there is a need to use technical indicators to predict the outcomes accurately. It includes studying recorded market data to estimate future movement. The trader can do that with the help of certain statistical tools that focus on Price, volume, momentum, etc. Therefore, when a trader develops a strong foundation in technical analysis, it can help tremendously minimize the risks.


Risk is a factor that will always come with any investment. The best way to resolve risks is to understand them. By knowing the causes behind them, a smart trader can form an insight. That will help in taking the steps carefully. Of course, there is always an option of taking low risks and trade comfortably. But, that will not let a trader grow in this field. When the risks are more, the chances of reward also go higher. It is a fact that trading in Binary Options consists of various risks, but that does not make it unsafe. Moreover, with the help of these tips and methods, the trader can effectively minimize the risks and maximize profits.