How to open a Binary Options account?

Binary Options are one of the quickest ways to get started with Binary Trading. There are several types of binary options, but the most popular and straightforward ones are known as “up” or “call” binaries, which are generally purchased to take a bullish stance on the market. “Down” or “put” binaries, on the other hand, are purchased to take a bearish position.

Binary options trading is similar to Forex or stock market trading, but with a few key distinctions. It involves selecting what you think will happen in the market within a certain timeframe and profiting off your prediction if you guess correctly.

The entire sign-up process should take about 10 minutes, so it is faster than most financial instruments. Binary Options can be traded with Binary Brokers, Binary Options Signals, Binary Robots, or Binary Auto-Trading Software. Before you decide on how to open a Binary Options account, you should decide which of these options you will use for your Binary Trading.

What is binary options trading?

Binary options are an exotic derivative product that, by definition, enables traders to make predictions on the prices of various instruments ranging from Binary events to commodities. Binary Options trading is becoming very popular nowadays due to its simplicity and the potential profits that can be made. It also offers traders a straightforward way to make Binary Options trades.

Binary options are types of options trading where investors place Binary bets on the rise or fall of an asset within a very short time frame. They are also known as digital options because unlike other types of options that allow you to hold onto your contracts until expiration, binary contracts are structured to expire at a fixed time, either in the money or out of the money.

The Binary option will expire at either 0 or 100 on American-style binaries or at 0 or 1 on European Binary options. If you sell Binary Options and the contract expires in the money, your broker will automatically buy them from you at a price agreed upon when selling the Binary Option.

Binary options are also often called all-or-nothing options because there is only one possible outcome once a Binary Options contract expires. Traders can trade Binary Options on financial markets, including indices, stocks, and commodities with Binary Brokers that are regulated by CySec (The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) or other regulatory bodies.

Binary Options are traded on various underlying assets, Binary events, and commodities. Binary options are also offered without any margin or with high margins. Binary trades payout is based on whether your bet is correct or wrong. The Binary payout structure offers payouts that are predetermined and fixed for each Binary trade before placing a wager. As such, Binary trading offers increased liquidity and seems to be more suitable for trading by the Binary options beginners.

How to open a binary options account Binary?

Are you looking for a new way to invest your money? Binary options are an exciting and relatively easy way to make money. You can open an account in just minutes, and start trading right away! Binary Options are a simple way to trade price fluctuations in multiple global markets. You can start trading with as little as $100, and there’s no commission or hidden fees. It’s easy to get started – all you need is an internet connection and a computer or mobile device! In this article, we’ll show you how it works so that you can get started quickly.

Step by step tips to opening a binary options trading account

Continue reading to learn more about how to get started trading binaries.

Step 1: Get Educated About Binary Options

Although trading binary options appears to be straightforward, many traders find themselves stymied when they believe they can simply jump into the market. Buying an up or down binary option may appear to be straightforward, but because there are several different types of binaries available, you should understand how and when to utilize them.

You can learn how to do this through a binary options trading course or by researching the topic on your own. You’ll also need to be fully aware of all the particularities and operation details of any binary option contracts you wish to trade. If you’re not careful, you can miss an expiration, trigger, or trade the incorrect type of binary option.

It can also result in not being able to sell a binary back at the proper time frame.

Step 2: Connect a Device to the Internet. 

Binaries are often traded on internet trading platforms, so you’ll need a fairly current smartphone or PC with an active connection to the web to begin trading them. Make sure your internet service is solid since an outage might result in big losses if you have to close a trade.

Step 3: Choose a Good Online Binary Options Broker

Because binary options are frequently traded through specialist brokers, you may not be able to use your regular online broker to trade them.

Also, some binary options brokers may not be accepting clients from your country. You’ll want to pick a reputable binary options broker that provides binaries in the asset classes you wish to trade. You should also look for a broker who has an excellent binary options trading platform and competitive fees.

To open a Binary Options account, the first step, once you’ve got the required education and internet connection, is to choose which Binary Options broker you would like to use. Opening a binary options account is not as easy as it looks. There are so many different brokers to choose from, and most of them have very similar products. Finding the right one for you can be overwhelming. Binary options brokers can vary from being reputable and trustworthy to being dishonest and unsafe.

This makes choosing a broker feel like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s hard to know which site will give you the best experience and which one will rip you off or leave you hanging with limited resources when things go wrong.

We’ve got some good news for you. At the end of this article, you will find it easy to navigate the market and choose the best brokers for your needs.

Many Binary Options brokers exist, with regulations varying from country to country. This regulation can encompass financial background checks for Binary Options traders and how Binary options companies do business (e.g., the markets they offer Binary Options contracts on). The latter is important because each Binary Option contract has a different Binary Option broker.

The Binary trading platform you choose will depend on your trading preferences, the level of risk you are willing to take, how much money you want to invest in Binary options, how often you need to trade Binary options, etc. Binary Options are just one type of Binary Trading Instruments.

Binary Option prices are provided by the major exchanges or financial institutions that provide these Binary Options contracts. Binary Brokers offer two types of Binary Options features:

  • Cash-or-nothing Binary Trades, where you get paid a fixed amount if you are correct, or;
  • Asset-or-nothing Binary Trades, where you get paid the value of the underlying asset only when you win.

A Binary Options broker should have a license from a regulatory agency such as the CySEC or ASIC. You must verify whether a Binary Options broker is reputable and trustworthy before you open an account.

Binary options brokers can be found online, among other places. If one Binary Options broker does not suit your needs because their account opening requirements are too strict for example, doing a quick search on the internet should provide you with many more Binary Options brokers that offer accounts to new clients.

Binary Options brokers will typically charge you a commission or fee for opening an account. Binary Options commissions can vary quite significantly, so you must shop around before deciding upon which Binary Options broker to open your Binary Options account with.

Tips for Choosing the Best Binary Options Brokers 

There’s a lot to consider when picking an online broker to trade binary options. Make sure the firm is reputable and has a solid platform, low transaction fees, and competitive pricing.

Take into account your planned trading style, the amount of study you’ll require, and any essential trading tools, such as a binary option pricing model. Some far-sighted binary options brokers may want to know whether you have any prior experience. They may also impose restrictions on your binary options trading activities. The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and the North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex) provide a transparent and market-determined list of binary options in the United States, thanks to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

However, foreign binary options brokers and banks allow unrestricted over-the-counter or online trading in binary options. The risk of fraud and off-market pricing exists, although certain foreign binary options providers accept it. Make sure any binary options broker you pick is appropriate for you and that you avoid unlicensed brokers who may be running a scam or employing unfair pricing options.

Step 4: Sign Up for an account

The next step in the process of opening a Binary Options account is opening a Binary Options trading account with the Binary Options broker of your choice. Binary Options brokers will usually have a registration process that includes entering all required information such as personal details, your address, and sometimes also a contact phone number. The Binary Options brokerage will then conduct ‘Know Your Client’ checks before they open a Binary Options trading account for you.

Step 5: Fund your trading account

After opening a Binary Options account with a Binary Options broker, the next step in the process of opening a Binary Options account is depositing money into your new Binary Options trading account. Make sure you have enough money set aside with the broker to cover any premiums for binary options you want to purchase.

Choose the account type that is right for you based on your initial investment and trading demands. Binary Options brokers will usually provide you with information on how to make a deposit using various payment methods such as bank wire transfer, credit cards, and e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. Before making a Binary Options deposit, however, research should be done on Binary Options brokers to see if making a Binary Options deposit with the given payment method is safe and secure.

Binary Options are traded in units that are often referred to as ‘pips’. The value of a Binary Option pip can differ from Binary Options broker to Binary Options broker. Most Binary Options brokers allow Binary Options traders to set the value of Binary Options pips. Binary Options traders can usually do this by logging into their Binary Options trading account, choosing which Binary Option they would like to trade, and then entering the number of Binary Option pips that they want to risk on it.

Step 6: Choose the binary option to trade

The next step in the process of opening a Binary Options account is choosing which Binary Option you would like to trade. Binary Options brokers offer a wide variety of Binary Options, including commodities Binary Options such as gold Binary Options and silver Binary Options, currency-based Binary Options such as USD/JPY Binary options and EUR/USD binary options, and market indices Binary options such as the NASDAQ Binary Options and the Dow Jones Binary Options. Binary Options traders should do their research on Binary Options brokers to determine which Binary Options are available through a particular Binary Options broker.

Step 7: Begin Trading Live 

Once you spot a suitable market opportunity, you may begin trading binaries; however, remember to only bet with funds that you are willing to risk losing. You should work towards developing a winning binary options trading strategy as part of an overall trading strategy to enhance your chances of success.

Best binary options brokers: Our top 3 picks binary options broker has been tradable on the Bitshares network since February 1st, 2016. Quotex Ltd is a UK-based financial services company specializing in providing trading and investment opportunities for retail traders over the counter (OTC) and on major exchanges such as BitShares decentralised exchange. Quotex provides access to multiple markets from one account, which can be used on three different platforms. The company is registered with FCA, the UK’s financial regulator and authorized by Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission for the provision of investment services.

Quotex has recently launched the Bitcoin version of its platform, providing Bitcoin traders with an opportunity to trade Bitcoin against multiple global currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR and CNY using Libor rates (swap-free) through BitShares decentralised exchange.

Benefit of quotex binary broker for traders

  • No swap free accounts. – Some deposit methods are not available at beta launch (e.g., credit cards). 
  • Low minimum deposits (~10 USD/EUR/GBP). 
  • High maximum returns (up to 75% per trade) on selected assets; however, the maximum return is significantly lower on the Bitcoin assets. 
  • Bonuses for deposit and trading volume. – Regulated broker.
  • Only EUR, USD and GBP assets are available on the BitShares platform with a fixed 0.5% fee per trade; all other assets – on Quotex platform with a variable fee depending on the market price of asset over/under the strike price.

IQ Option

IQ Option binary broker is one such option broker that lets option traders trade Binary Options on currencies, stocks and indices as well as commodities like gold and silver. The broker is regulated by CySEC.

IQ Option makes use of the SpotOption trading platform which gives traders access to more than 16 assets, including currency pairs, indices and commodities, for binary options trading.

With so many assets to choose from, traders can be assured of plenty of choices for their preferred binary options trade.

The minimum deposit and investment amount at IQ Option is $10 and the broker provides a 100% match on first deposits as bonuses. The maximum payout is set at 90%.  

 Why sign up with IQ option binary broker?

IQ Option has been in the business for quite some time and is experiencing steady growth along with great customer feedback. They provide a lot of trading options and their mobile application for binary trading comes in handy when you need to make trades on the go. IQ option broker offers a free demo account that you can use to test all their features before opening a live account. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to make IQ Option your preferred binary broker:

1. Regulated markets

Binary options trading with X Binary is 100% legal as it has been regulated by FMRRC (FSA). All data and figures are easy to understand and transparent, which means that the assets are clearly visible, along with their price and expiration times.

2. Great Trading Platform

This binary brokers platform is incredibly intuitive; you can easily browse through the assets list using various filters (such as “most traded”, “highest/lowest” or “least volatile”) making this broker stand out amongst its competitors due to the convenience it offers to traders.

3. Free Training

The company offers three types of learning materials, for free: video tutorials, webinars, and a variety of e-books that will help you learn the tricks of the trade before placing your first trades on binary options. They have recently launched their own IQ Option Academy which contains educational material about all aspects of binary options trading, along with sample practice accounts.

4. Binary Options Demo Account Option

One of the many reasons why traders choose to make this IQ broker their preferred choice is the fact that they offer a free demo account (without any deposit required). This will allow you to try out all features in real-time and understand how the platform works.

Pocket Option

Pocket Option binary option broker is one of the many online brokers today that were created for those who wish to trade online, but do not have enough funds or knowledge about certain basic information and strategies.

Pocket Option is a new binary options broker with some unique features: an account can be opened through Facebook and depositing is very easy as users only need their credit card.

The broker is regulated by the CySEC and provides a user friendly interface, as well as a demo account with which users can hone their skills before they start trading for real money.  Pocket Option was created by two entrepreneurs from Israel, Aviv Talmor and Eyal Negev who wanted to create an option that would be suitable for everyone.

The reason for this is that the brokers are not always understandable, so they wanted to create a broker that would be easy enough to understand even by those who have no experience in financial trading. Pocket Option binary option broker is an Israeli company located at the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC). Pocket Option was created by two entrepreneurs who wanted to create an online binary option that will be suitable for everyone.

The main reason for this is that the brokers are not always understandable, so they wanted to create a broker that would be easy enough even by those who have no experience in financial trading.

Pocket Option has a good reputation among traders because it provides 24-hour client support and it offers great payment methods such as Master Card, Visa, Sofort Banking (German Bank),

Pocket Option has a well-designed demo account where users can practice for free and this is one of the most important features that any trader needs before starting to trade for real money. 

Another important point is that the minimum deposit required to open a real account is only $200 and this is very low compared with other brokers.

Pocket Option provides players with free education so they can improve their skills before actually starting to trade for real money. Furthermore, Pocket Option has an intuitive user interface and it offers a demo account where users can practice risk-free.

One of the main strengths is that Pocket Option supports major payment methods including Master Card, Visa, Sofort Banking (German Bank), Qiwi.

Another advantage is Pocket Option’s support team, which works around the clock to meet your requests and questions.

Binary options trading account FAQs

I need help, how do I activate my account?

After you have registered for an account with BinaryEasy, the next step is to verify your identity by providing us with a scanned copy of one form of government-issued identification. This can either be a Passport, National Identity Card or Driving Licence. You can upload these documents straight to your BinaryEasy account by logging in and clicking on the ‘Upload ID’ tab.

Are BinaryEasy a scam?

Absolutely not, we are regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC), which is a European Union regulatory authority and have been trading binary options legally since 2011.

Where is Pocket Option Headquartered?

Pocket Option is headquartered in London, New York with branches in Vienna and Belgrade. Founded in 2014 the company’s head office is located at 111 Wall Street Suite 1005 New York, NY 10005.

How Does Pocket Option Operate?

Pocketoption operates under the legal license of Belize International Financial Services Commission. They offer a variety of instruments including stocks, forex, commodities and indices for trading.

Pocket Option Exclusive Features
PocketOption is a new binary options broker that targets clients around the world through its many deposit methods. PocketOption has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that allows traders to take their trading anywhere anytime.

What is is a new Binary Options trading platform in Business since 2016, we specialize in providing you with all types of financial derivatives such as binary options, forex and CFDs for both experienced traders and beginners alike to earn or increase their capital.

What is Binary Option?

Binary is an option where the payoff can take only two possible outcomes, either some fixed monetary value or nothing at all.  It is called a “binary” because there are only two possible outcomes, in contrast to “digital options,” which allow for trading on discrete values in between the two extremes.  The payoff is either some fixed monetary value or nothing at all, which makes binary option similar to gambling at a casino, you will either get the payout or nothing at all.

Who can trade at IQ Option?

Trader from all over the world. To open an account on IQ Option you have to be not less than 18 years old. 

What makes a successful trader?

Forex and Binary Options are 100% psychological. Successful traders control the risks and understand that risk management is critical to success. They use several different strategies, each adapted for their own personality and needs to minimize the likelihood of self-sabotage by not following their rules or getting emotionally involved in trades.


Are you interested in trading binary options? Binary options trading is a relatively new trading instrument and with many brokers still not offering Binary trading, Binary Options trading is still to pick up the pace.

If you are currently not registered with any Binary Broker or if your Binary Broker does not accept clients from your country; then there are a couple of Binary options brokers that offer Binary options trading for countries like India and other restricted countries.

Sign up today and you shouldn’t have any problem getting started using our tips. We look forward to hearing how you get on with opening an account!

Remember that binary options are simply a trading vehicle and that you should be fully aware of the markets you wish to trade-in. The more knowledgeable you are about the underlying market, the better your chances of making money using binary options. Check first with your chosen binary options broker for useful training materials to help you learn about the underlying markets.