How to do Social Trading with Binary Options?

Social trading is the newest way of investing in binary options. It is a pretty simple concept that allows you to make trading decisions based on the crowd’s wisdom. The investors will be sharing details of the trade, and then all of the others will be using the financial analysis for making their predictions. Social media’s growth has boomed, and so are the aspects of sharing public trading insights openly. 

After the origination of the online trading concept, the social consideration for the respective activity has acted as a powerful and natural strategy for the investors. Investors who intend to look for shortcuts to make easy and convenient profits can use this strategy as their primary inclusion. Social trading has been tested and evolved over past years, which proves its safe usability for binary options trading. 

In this article, you will get a clear idea of how you can seek binary options of social trading by maximizing the profit outcomes. Following that, you will also get an idea of how to approach it. 

Working psychology to move ahead with Binary Options Social Trading

For most beginners, social trading is kind of a clear path for obtaining success to maximum potential. It is an actual understanding of how you can make the trade profitable and work according to your expectations. Also, it is the process where all online traders make their respective trades based on the collective data generated by all the other users from different platforms. 

It can be implemented either by judging the pattern or sentiment of the trader. Apart from that, one can just duplicate the trades of individuals who are earning consistent profits for their trades. There are many different operations that are developed and executed on such financial data generated by the users. Hence, it opens the pathway for different types of business models. 

As per the research and studies, around 80% of all online brokers offer social trading in some form. Hence, social trading is thriving in the core trading industry and is being leveraged on priority. The major social trading channels lie within the social media-based market signal groups. Following that, chat-based groups were developed that have their focus on binary options trading. 

The members of such groups co-operate with one another in order to make the binary options trades successful. There are many top platforms such as, Pocket Option, and IQ Option that offer social trading features over their platform for beginners and professional traders. 

Perks of carrying out Binary Options Social Trading

The selling point is on top for social trading and creates a symbiotic relationship between the data providers and consumers. There is an entry-level option for beginners to help learn from the professional and existing traders. In fact, beginners can use this technique to judge how professionals make decisions based on their trades. And gradually, they can improve their trade decisions.

Hence, it will be used for making profits from the strategies implemented by others. With this strategy, you can conclude that it is just another version of copy trading. The traders will be able to master the art of bagging more profits for their traders. And not just that, but the traders can also earn good money by getting followed by maximum people. The brokers reward the traders financially, who are followed for their successful trading histories. 

How to do Social Trading with Binary Options?

Binary options social trading needs no expert understanding or approach. But you need to keep in mind some of the steps and tips to ensure that you pick the right channel and trading pattern in order to attain success with your trades. The things that you need to consider while conducting binary options social trading are:

#1 Choose the right broker 

You need to go with the broker that holds the license and regulation in order to offer you legit social trading aspects. Moreover, you need to check the reward system of the broker to get maximum followers over the platform. These aspects will eventually help you pick the right and genuine broker to carry out your social trading journey for binary options trading. 

#2 Pick the traders wisely

Just like you intend to copy the successful trading pattern of the professionals or existing traders over the platform, you will also be copying their losses. You need to make sure that the social channel you follow or the trader you copy conveys you the profitable pattern. Also, you need to analyze whether the strategies that they use are optimal for resulting in high performance. 

#3 Keep a constant check on the stats

You need to keep a constant check on the stats of your trades, as well as the trades of the individual whom you are copying. It is important because some moderately experienced traders do maintain a winning streak. But, they are not proficient in maintaining growth because they cannot derive the critical market mechanisms. 

Therefore, it is important that you check the fruitful statistics of their trading strategies to validate if they are fully proficient to be followed. If not, then you can shift your social trading or copy trading preference to another advanced trader. 

#4 Don’t fall for the greed

You need to look after ideal money management aspects! You cannot be greedy to invest a heavy amount by following the strategy of a professional trader. It is because, even with all sorts of predictions for accuracy, people still make occasional losses. Therefore, do not take the chance and follow the investment advice of just 0.5 to 3% of your overall capital over a single trade. Hence, this is an important aspect for you to make your trades wisely. 

#5 Diversify the risk factors

You need to diversify the risk potential that originates with binary options social trading. And you can do that by not restricting yourself to follow just one trader. You can prefer to follow the social trading concept and rely on 2 to 5 traders. So, depending on the capital you possess for social trading, invest in different strategies to see which one works. There is a possibility that all of the strategies would work, and you would earn immense profit. 

#6 Take the bonus

The broker bonuses are good options to promote social trading. Most brokers offer bonuses when you intend to complete a certain amount of trades over the platform with social trading. And that is not that big a requirement because, with a successful social trading approach, you will reach the milestone in no time. 

Copy Trading- A prominent form of Social Trading

Copy trading is not equivalent to social trading but is one of the most popular forms of it. Copy-trading helps the traders use a vast network of traders. And with this strategy, the followers can link their accounts directly to the accounts of expert traders. Hence, the trades get automatically copied for the follower, with the use of embedded broker software for copy trading. 

This sort of binary options social trading demands no input from the followers’ end. Thus, it indicates its utmost popularity! The investment size is tailored by the follower. Hence, this ideology allows beginner investors to learn trading with just a little time. They will be profiting from the knowledge of experienced traders. 

Moreover, there are controls that allow you to manage the account in order to ensure that you are not blindly following the strategies of your selected trader(s). You can switch your copy trading options but cannot tweak the pattern of the other trader that is being followed by the software’s implementation. It is a magnificent form of social trading that demands no hassle or complication for copy traders. 

Intended audience for Copy Trading 

Social trading is an appealing form of binary options trading for a large range of investors. There are three different kinds of specifications and descriptions of traders who are eligible to make the best use of social trading aspects. Most of the people will fall in one of these three categories of the intended audience for binary options social trading:

#1 Traders who are willing to follow others

The most common & obvious group of binary options traders is the willingness to follow others. The people who do not have confidence in their own trading strategies for binary options prefer to take the assistance of the strategies that are imposed by the professionals. 

Apart from that, the people who do not have adequate experience, time, or knowledge in order to analyze the assets or market seek the help of copy trading or social trading on priority. They find it easy to follow other successful traders rather than preparing the strategies and analysis of their own. In this way, they intend to place the best of trades at optimal prices. 

#2 Aspiring or booming traders with an intention to learn

The second group of audience for copy trading and social trading is the aspiring traders who have an intention to learn and utilize the tactics for the future. Most of the traders that fall within this group are quick in acknowledging the fact that they cannot generate good profits. 

But they have the determination that they can be the best one day! And in that pursuit, they want to know if their decisions are right and profitable. Therefore, they intend to mix their traders with that of the professionals by using the copy trading feature. 

This group of traders intends to make their own decisions based on their trades. Therefore, they turn up to social trading or copy trading, just for the sake of learning and improving their decision-making skills. They follow with the scope of leading one day! 

#3 Profitable traders with an intention to boost the returns

The third category or group of traders established in this profession wants to just multiply their profits. They have an appealing mindset to increase their income. And they intend to do that by being followed and not by them following anyone. 

The traders within this category have enriched binary options trading strategies that they put up intending to get followed. The brokers have financial bonuses for the profiles that get maximum follows within a time span. Therefore, this traders category is not the followers but the leaders. 

The established traders who are getting copied can also seek the privilege to copy others in order to advance the trading tactics. There is no such rule with the broker platforms that can deny this aspect! 

Hence, it is now evident that most of the traders fall into one of these groups or categories. And social trading is suitable for them all! The middle groups of aspiring traders do not actually want to follow anyone but to make their own decisions. But some understandable individuals believe that it is better to enjoy the fruitful outcomes of both worlds. 

Diverse types of Binary Options Social Trading

Copy Trading is a prominent way of approaching the social trading aspects over broker platforms. But there are other ways as well, using which you can leverage the potential of social trading. The options are:

#1 Tips or signal type Social Trading

The traders who are just beginning with binary options social trading must better search for market signals or tips in order to identify them right away. You can find the same by using basic tools such as trader sentiment indicators, which are mostly available over the broker’s site. These tools are also developed with some sophisticated computer systems. 

With signal-type social trading, individuals won’t get a complete understanding of what they are seeing or witnessing. It is because they cannot consult a real leader of binary options trades. But the use of signals or tips allows the traders to get an idea of the direct market position, which they can follow or reject, depending upon their suitability.

#2 Profiles and forums type Social Trading

Forums & Profiles are quite an essential form of social trading if the traders aim towards being serious about their trading career. It adds up the fun part of social trading. The forums allow traders to talk to one another, and the profiles allow traders to know the successful traders on a better note. 

The best binary options social trading platforms will give out complete profiles of top traders with different biological information. Along with that, those profiles will also have details on their trading style and a record of previous trades. 

Along with that, most of the broker platforms also offer different forums for clients or customers. And with the use of it, the aspiring social traders can prefer to enter the discussion rooms for talking about the specific ideas and topics with other top traders in the forum. You can also prefer to join different public forums as well! 

A good forum is home to not thousands but at least hundreds of good traders and active users. Therefore, you can prefer joining the conversation thread of your choice over those forums. There are different types of forums that hold discussions for tools, tips, forecasts, tools, and strategy. You can master your knowledge and understand the tactics of binary options social trading at ease. 

#3 Auto-Bots type Trading

Auto bots type binary options trading is not directly in relation to social trading but has a resemblance to it. Social trading demands human trades to execute the trading aspects. But with auto bots type trading, the bots execute the same, without the necessity of human monitoring. The auto-bot system generates an asset signal and then implements the trades to the account of traders. 

The ideal thing about this type of trading is that humans do not need to monitor their trade process and pattern. Most of the trades occur, even when the lead trader intends to override that suggestion. 

What is the probable risk that you come across while Social Trading Binary Options?

When you seek binary options social trading, your risk factor depends on how good the trader is and whom you follow. If the trader you follow loses money in any particular trade, you will lose money as well. It is the nature of the market, as you enjoy both profits and losses of the professional trader whom you have followed. Therefore, even with the best traders you have followed, you should keep your investment low. 

How to start copy trading?

The best way to start copy trading is by using that feature over the demo account of your broker platform. When you feel like you have understood this tactic of investing in binary options through social trading or copy trading, you can access your live account and continue with the process. 


With all of these insights, you can now easily move ahead with binary options social trading journey. This trading method will be helpful in order to achieve successful outcomes and generate more profit in a very short span of time. But keep in mind all the considerations to ensure that you choose the best approach to trading.