Is Olymp Trade legal in India? – Review for Indian traders

Is Olymp Trade Legal in India? - Review for Indian Traders

First things first. What actually is Olymp Trade? So, Olymp Trade can be classified as the most lucrative and one of the most chosen methods to strengthen your online earnings. 

Fixed Time Trade is a trade with a financier to fix the exchange rate of a currency pair or other asset. With Olymp Trade, you can spend less and gain greater.

Fixed time trades are an acquired apparatus that lets you envision the possible and credible actions of monetary asset estimates. In reality, fixed-time contracts enable you to “bet” or “stake” (on the basis of thorough studies) on the way of the transition of assets as for example, stock, cryptocurrency, commodity, and obviously, forex. 

In that event, no one is actually inquisitive in the rudimentary asset funds. Rather, you are just curious about the ways their rates will, in all probability, shift. If the rate goes higher, you go for a “Buy,” and if you assume the rate will drop, you will enter a “Sell” position. All of it furthermore can be carried out across the web.

Olymp Trade’s support is attainable terrestrially, excluding few governments like the USA, Japan, Israel, Canada, Russia, and a bunch of others, where target date trades as investment means demand exceptional law or have stipulations. 

As the government of India has not placed a prohibition on binary options, Olymp Trade is quite accessible in India. In fact, the agent has devoted consumer service possibilities for Indian dealers.

Yet, trading with fixed-time traders requires getting registered with an online broker who can easily provide you admittance to its platform. As a consequence, you can swiftly trade. 

There are a number of brokers, and along with that, many frauds are also carried out each day. For this reason, I recommended to the traders to reach out to the broker who is maintaining a laudable track record and is known and identified in the trade industry. Apart from that, the brokers have to have striking regulatory authorities. 

One of such brokers that hold the aforementioned characteristics is the Olymp Trade.

Is Olymp Trade Legal in India? - Review for Indian Traders

Olymp Trade for Indians

Olymp Trade is a worldwide online stockbroker that possesses as far as 25,000 current daily tradesmen scattered beyond Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Its headquarters is in St Vincent and Grenadines. 

Olymp Trade is filed with and governed by the International Financial Commission (FinCom). OlympTrade is a prize-winning financier, holding a grip as the “Best Broker” by Forex Expo in 2017, among various others.

Is Olymp Trade Legal in India?

First and foremost, a lot of folks are questioning if OlympTrade brokers are allowed and authorized in India. I can immediately say, “Surely yes! there are no obstacles to doing business on Olymp trade platform from India”.

But still, if you are unsure about its legality, you can reach the Olymp Trade’s support hub. The great point is that the financier has assistance for Indian residents. On top of that, by asking this question directly, “Is Olymp Trade legal in India?” you will get a thorough answer. As anticipated, the OlympTrade trading platform is allowed and licensed in India. 

Furthermore, an agent has plenty of clients from this homeland, and the stage itself is protected from deceitful exercises. 

Olymp Trade regulation in India

Though there are lingering interrogations encircling the inquiry: “Is Olymp Trade Legal in India,” it’s necessary to perceive that it is fully trustworthy.

Olymp Trade is a part of the Financial Commission, and merchants can authenticate its association by visiting the official website. Its association implies that it sustains a flawless kind of assistance. It functions across 20 nations globally and has had several international recognitions as an emerging top stockbroker platform.

According to multiple references, Olymp Trade is not practically prohibited in India, but it is by no means advised or guided by SEBI or RBI. This implies if a businessperson encounters any problems with concerns to the app’s events or findings, then Indian officials will not be ready to support. As Olymp Trade is not standardized by Indian courts, numerous Indian banks are not in direct contact with the platform; only some universal Debit and Credit cards are allowed on this platform.

Olymp Trade has bestowed FinCom that it retains its client data private, preserves openness in its accounting, and has the potential to pay off on businesses.

In the event that you may have conflicts when buying and selling on Olymp Trade, you can make a petition with the Financial Commission. You have admittance to a settlement supply of as far as €20,000. Not all Financial Commission affiliates accommodate consumers with such an effective and high level of security as Olymp Trade.

Some FX brokers also profess to be a part, but you cannot even monitor and confirm their certification.

Is Olymp Trade Legal in India? - Review for Indian Traders

Tradable Assets

When it comes to the sorts of assets you may trade, most online exchanges and brokers don’t provide many alternatives. As a result, investors have limited alternatives. Therefore, they establish accounts with various brokers to check out different assets. This, however, may be an expensive affair for tiny investors.

However, while utilizing Olymp Trade, Brazilian traders do not have to worry about this because it provides a variety of assets from other marketplaces.

Currency pairings, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), and other assets are just a few of the many possibilities available. This platform allows Brazilian traders to start trading regardless of their skills or interests.

Account Types 

If you go to Olymp Trade’s official website, you’ll notice that it provides three distinct types of trading accounts. If you’re new to binary options trading, the beginner account is a good place to start.

By investing USD 500 or USD 2000, you may simply upgrade your account to an “advanced” or “expert” account once you’ve accumulated knowledge and abilities. The rewards you will receive will differ depending on the sort of trading account you have.

Webinar support, a higher return rate, a personal account manager, and other benefits come included with such an account. When you compare Olymp Trade to other online brokers, you’ll see that the criteria for an expert account are far lower.

For example, you may open an Expert account with a deposit of USD 2000, which is not a large sum for a skilled trader.

Is Olymp Trade Legal in India? - Review for Indian Traders

Tools Available for Both New and Experienced Traders

One of the finest aspects of this platform is that it provides traders with a variety of professional trading tools. You may start utilizing the most powerful analytical and tracking application for free as you establish an account with Olymp Trade to make your trading successful.

In addition, the firm provides valuable blog entries, master courses, and training videos to help you learn how to utilize the products correctly. You may use these tools produced by trade pros to develop effective trading techniques for yourself.

Regulation in India

In India, there are two important provisions qualified for regulating Forex trade:

Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

It arises and controls the stock of the Indian Rupee. In 2020, they took several steps for an added hands-off path from the Forex trading business, like permitting banks to buy and sell in the foreign money exchange. Additionally, the bank permitted Category-I banks to buy and sell outside business terms.

Security exchange board of India (SEBI)

It’s a ministry bureau that examines the securities and stocks businesses.

So, what’s their job on Forex trading? Buying and selling can be one hundred percent legitimate provided that it’s carried out with an agent listed in India. It needs to be in accordance with the Indian rupee if you’re buying and selling the US dollar, EURO, GBP, or JPY. Buying and selling CFDs requires clear and distinct laws, and there are no structures governing the movements of dealing platforms such as Olymp Trade. 

Hence, the online trading platforms are not recorded in India or with SEBI or the RBI.

Immediately after in 2013, there was also a popular announcement from RBI to banks notifying them that they should be conscious of consumers using a credit card to make securities abroad so they could buy and sell in the Forex exchange. 

It declared that the before-mentioned consumers would be in violation of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999, and recommended that they should terminate such reckonings.

The matter of the RBI has been to preserve its dollar assets. As a result, when you initiate an INR deposit to an online payment operator, the Reserve must provide you with absolute dollars. But as we have said, they are practicing a more noninterventionist hold as they have sufficient resources from up close to $558 billion.

Another point to recognize is that millions of Indian citizens may make US dollars or other Forex money and hold them contained in e-wallets or external reports. They may need to utilize these reserves to buy and sell CFDs on the Forex exchange without embarking on the road of transforming funds they carry in INR into the USD for buying and selling.

Can the Indian administration access data from Olymp Trade to discover who’s buying and selling stocks on their platform? Forex platforms, for example, Olymp Trade, are reviewed foreign, which implies that they are positioned to exceed the state limits. 

So, the administration may not have control over the movements of the Olymp trade platform. Now, this builds a point of concern that Olymp Trade may easily decide to terminate its services and go away with the tradesman’s funds.

Is There Hindi Language On the Olymp Trade Trading Platform?

Yes, by all means! OlympTrade trading platform is open in all contemporary linguistics, and Hindi is not an omission. What is more interesting is that there is 24/7 Hindi-speaking support that can assist you with all the problems.

To modify the language of the platform, navigate to the Homepage of Olymp trade merchant and click the menu button. The button itself is placed on the upper-left side of the page. Afterward, the menu will open from the left-hand side. Navigate to the bottom and select the icon with the language you currently have. Lastly, choose Hindi, and you are finished!

Deposit Money in India

There are no difficulties with depositing stocks on OlympTrade from India. It is fairly easy and accurate. Make use of e-wallets to make the transaction process as quick as possible. Guarantee your trading account is completely proven while trading with Olymp trade. The merchant receives fees from the various current pay methods like VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, NETELLER, AstroPay, Bitcoin, WebMoney, and Fasapay

There is no maximum limit in depositing money through Olymp trade. However, the processing time may take at most 24 hours. For some payment methods, it can take not more than 1-2 business days.

Is Olymp Trade Legal in India? - Review for Indian Traders

Withdrawal Money in India

Moreover, removals are made through identical payment methods. No commission or limitation will be provided. But you will be required to confirm the trading account adjoined with Olymp trade before making a withdrawal with Olymp trade. 

The maximum limit to withdraw money through Olymp trade is $10,000. However, the processing time may take at most 24 hours. For some payment methods, it can take not more than 1-2 business days.

Is Olymp Trade Legal in India? - Review for Indian Traders


This is one of the most remarkable features in Olymp Trade. Their support to the Indian traders is truly excellent as you get to experience relief from emails, support forums, telephone numbers, and much more. 

They work 24/7 hours a day through email, phone numbers, or live chat. With Olymp trade, you can be assured they will hit you back shortly or after several moments.

Here are the multiple ways to come in contact with a support representative:

#1 Hotline 

Easily make a phone call on Olymp Trade India. The toll-free number provided is 000-8000-402-044. This hotline is open 24/7.

#2 Email

Send an email to However, the processing time may take at most 24 hours.

#3 Live Support

Through this support, you will easily be able to chat with a support agent. Just navigate to the support page and open the chat button.

#4 Online Contact Form 

Through this support, you can contact the support agent. Just fill in the asked details, click the blue contact us button, and the support agent shall reach out to you in no time.

#5 Social Media

YouTube and Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 What are the advantages and disadvantages of Olymp Trade?

Accepted in India with a platform localized into Hindi.
Demo Account
Minimum investment.
You can access it from any device
Excellent customer care support.
Trade faster
Deposit and withdrawal methods are open for traders.
24/7 support service
VIP Program, including trade incentives with no risk & personal consultant.
Trading academy.
Restricted amount of assets.

#2 Is Olymp Trade Legal in India?

Yes, it is 100% legit. You need not worry about being cheated on – Olymp Trade is verified and examined by a multiskilled team of people.

#3 Can I Withdraw Money from Olymp Trade in India?

Withdrawals can be made on Olymp Trade. Yes, you will never be accredited a charge or fee from Olymp Trade for taking your money. There is no maximum limit on how much money can be withdrawn from the Olym trade account. The minimum amount is $10. The time interval is within 24 hours.

#4 Can I Trade On Olymp Trade in India?

Olymp Trade is one of such immeasurable brokers. Concluding our review for the Indian traders, we can assure you that Olymp Trade is legal in India. And it includes no bans and limitations. Olymp Trade possesses consumers in millions and confers you an opportunity to earn money through the financial market.


The comprehensive outcome is Olymp Trade can conceivably be a helpful approach to obtain revelation to the businesses, without the need to open conventional brokerage accounts. Challenges in conventional trading accounts include the margin necessities and possessing the best software in-house. 

With Olymp Trade, they give informative messages, webinars, and a dummy ID for the ones who are brand-new to the platform. Assuredly, this kind of trading is not for all and does include risks. 

But still, it depends on you if it is the appropriate fit for you, you can surely go ahead with it. Some other possible drawdowns to look after constituting the restricted range of equity shares in addition to the restricted range of trading stocks.

Have a sneak peek at the official website of the Olymptrade and watch for yourself. If you have any particular problems, you can send a letter to the company directly. 

On the basis of the platform’s forecast, undoubtedly, Olymp Trade India is a tremendous player in the FX and Fixed Time Trading market. Moreover, their strategy towards the brand-new and fresh traders is marvelous. 

If you are striving to get your boots in the world of trading, this is unquestionably the spot to do. So, are you looking to begin as a trader? Visit their official website and make an attempt.