Is Olymp Trade legal in Nigeria? – Review for Nigerian traders

Is Olymp Trade Legal in Nigeria? - Review for Nigerian Traders

Olymp Trade is a worldwide online trading outlet that was inaugurated in 2014. It immerses users in both Binary and Forex Trading. It is a prominent trading binary and Forex vendor and has hundreds of registered users, and it carries a user great trading outlet and apparent trading periods. 

Newly, maximum Nigerians have shown enthusiasm in trading with Olymp trade. As a result, Olymp trade is an extremely prominent online investment theme that various dealers communicate in Nigeria on several social media websites and the leading Nigerian conference website, Naira land.

Online trading can have several meanings for people ready to try learning knowledge, a strategy to attain some side cash, or, maybe, a full-on career investment. But to begin anything, primarily you would require selecting an outlet. 

Olymp Trade Nigeria is one such platform, and in this context, in this article, you would get to know whether Olymp Trade is legal in Nigeria or not. 

Is Olymp Trade Legal in Nigeria? - Review for Nigerian Traders

Is Olymp Trade legal in Nigeria?

Since it was founded from that day, Olymp Trade has been functioning under the legislation and regulations of numerous nations comprising Nigeria. As such, Olymp Trade in Nigeria regulates legally in the nation, enabling Forex and FTT trading and does not function in the nations that prohibit this.

Olymp Trade also has the required authorizations and also obeys regulatory legislation. So, the answer to the question “Is Olymp Trade legal in Nigeria” is yes as the nation enables online trading, therefore it is lawful for all the users to use the Olymp Trade Nigeria outlet.

On top of that, from the recent survey, it was found that Olymp Trade is 100% legal in Nigeria. There is not any regulation from the administration or other authoritative regulators. The Securities and Exchange Commission does not restrict all such actions or online vendors like Olymp Trade in Nigeria.

Olymp Trade provides trading options or forex for Nigerian dealers. These commodities are worldwide allowed and not illegal. Additionally, Olymp Trade is a legislated and legitimate business that governs various departments worldwide. 

The vendor is not legislated by a Nigerian council but might see in the fortune such affiliations.

Is Olymp Trade Legal in Nigeria? - Review for Nigerian Traders

Regulations in Nigeria

What are the legitimate deliberations and regulatory circumstances about the brokerage and binary options trading procedure in Nigeria? First, binary options in Nigeria are not legislated. Therefore, binary options trading is not prohibited, and Nigerians are unrestricted to market with offshore vendors.

In terms of money market investments, the Nigerian controller is extremely stagnant in approving some of the investment platforms that are widely accessible in other nations. In addition, the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission only governs the local commodity and contract markets. It does not play any role in the regulation of binary options.

However, the Central Bank of Nigeria has financial regulations to maintain the provincial currency, which regulates in a limited exchange rate atmosphere. 

Dealers are not enabled to transfer more than $11,000 insole marketing. At the same time, withdrawals that exceed $10,000 can, by legislation, be waned and given up by the local banks until reasonable information of the authority of reserves is given.

Regulation of Olymp Trade

When you try to select the best vendor, one of your major suspicions should be their safety. You should always avoid websites where you feel unsafe. But, conversely, you should always finance your money with a website that makes you feel safe. 

In February of 2016, Olymp Trade came to be an A-acknowledged part of the International Financial Commission, an institution that ensures investors. If you are using an outlet safeguarded by FinaCom, any illegal laws are coated by up to $15,000.

One of the greatest significant things is to glance at well-established outlets. Olymp Trade has almost 30,000 people trading per day and a $180 million monthly turnover. Olymp Trade has also achieved various awards comprising:

  • Fastest Growing Vendor – ShowFx World 2016
  • Best Options Vendor – Forex Expo 2017
  • Best Financial Vendor – CPA Life Awards 2017
  • Best Options Trading Outlet – Le Fonti 2018
Is Olymp Trade Legal in Nigeria? - Review for Nigerian Traders

Can I withdraw money from Olymp Trade in Nigeria?

The answer is obviously “yes.” You can easily withdraw money from Olymp Trade in Nigeria. 

The Withdrawal procedure from your Olymp Trade is as similar as with the deposit method. After withdrawing your reserves from your Olymp trade account to the Bitcoin wallet, you would be able to transfer that amount directly to your bank by selling your bitcoins at MyTopExchange: 

  • First, you have to go to your dashboard, then just click on the sell bitcoin option 
  • Next, you would see the MyTopExchange Bitcoin address by which you would be able to send your bitcoins.
  • Once the transfer producer is done, you could fill the form on the page with the necessary information and click on the submit option.

Mytopexchange supervisors would process your request and credit your Bitcoin wallet just within a few minutes once your payment is obtained. In this way, you would be eligible to transfer the amount to your Olymp Trade account.  

How can I use Olymp Trade in Nigeria?

You can begin trading on Olymp Trade and earn money online; for this, you are required to register for an Olymp Trade account. Olymp Trade consists of two kinds of accounts. The first one is the standard account & and the second one is the “Very Important Person” (VIP) account.

You would be easily able to earn a lot of money from the standard account itself. Still, if you go with a VIP account, you would be able to earn more because you would get unrestricted financial guidance and finance in hazard-free businesses.

You can get a “Very Important Person” (VIP) significance when you deposit a lump sum amount of $2,100. 

Can I trade on Olymp Trade in Nigeria?

You can trade on Olymp Trade in Nigeria as it is lawful for all the users to use the Olymp Trade Nigeria outlet.

As quoted before, Olymp Trade accepts international dealers and offers them entry to more than 250 markets and assets. You can either use a free demo account or begin with just $10 actual cash if you want to start trading. 

Every reserve for Nigerian dealers is in United States Dollars (USD). Therefore, you are not required to invest a lot of money to begin trading on the Olymp Trade outlet. Exchanges can be brought with just $1.

As you would be aware, Olymp Trade is governed by the International Financial Commission and an extremely comfortable and safe outlet. Let us take an example for better understanding, and you can generate the two-component authentication to safeguard your account. 

The return of the undertaking for trading options could be reached up to 93% and relies on the market circumstances. In extension to these extremely nice trading circumstances, 24/7 assistance for Nigerian dealers is always accessible in English.

Below are some of the extensively significant facts about Olymp Trade: 

  • Nigerian dealers are approved
  • Regulated and legitimate corporation
  • Free demo account for practice
  • Minimum deposit of 10$
  • More than 250 markets
  • Return on investment up to 93%
  • Support 24/7 for Nigerian dealers
Is Olymp Trade Legal in Nigeria? - Review for Nigerian Traders

Deposit and withdrawal procedure on Olymp Trade in Nigeria?

Olymp Trade provides distinct payment techniques for Nigerian dealers. You can invest in your account within moments and perform extremely fast withdrawals. The accessible payment techniques are Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller, Online Banking, and much more.

As you all know, the account balance for Nigerian dealers is in United States Dollars (USD). By chance, if you obtained a Naira (NGN) account or credit card, there would be a voluntary transformation of the currency. 

The minimum deposit and withdrawal are $10. Any kind of exchange can begin with Olymp Trade as these amounts are extremely small. Once you have earned sufficient money with the help of trading, you would be able to withdraw the amount from your Olymp Trade trading account to your wallet. 

You can withdraw the amount of your money anytime and anywhere you expect. For the same, you would be required to deliver a request processed in at least 4-5 days. You must be aware that the OlympTrade outlet does not charge any kind of withdrawal fees or commissions.

Deposits and withdrawals are functioning without any kind of fees or commissions. There are no unseen expenses for you, and you could fulfill a deposit and withdrawal as always expected. Likewise, the deposits are brought instantly, whereas the withdrawals are brought within 1 – 4 business days but always in less than five days.

The following are some interesting facts about the deposit and withdrawal:

  • No fees or commissions
  • More than ten unique withdrawal and payment techniques
  • Minimum deposit 10$
  • Minute deposits
  • Withdrawals are brought just in 1 – 4 business days

Receive an unrestricted deposit bonus

Olymp Trade provides an unrestricted deposit bonus to each customer. So, you would be able to make twice as much your deposited cash. The maximum bonus is 100%. That implies you would be able to market with extra money as you deposited it in your trading account. But there exists some legislation for the traders that need to be followed. 

You are not required to withdraw the bonus. The bonus just enables you to earn additional revenue. You can withdraw the earnings but not the bonus. It is a fair strategy that is why Nigerian traders mostly prefer Olymp Trade.

Deposits and withdrawal methods

The following are some deposit and withdrawal techniques. This encompasses:

  • Visa and MasterCard
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Payments
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoins
  • Yandex
  • Neteller
  • AstroPay Card
  • FasaPay
  • WebMoney
  • Qiwi Wallet etc.

If you talk of deposits, the deposits are instant, and there are no fees or commissions charged on the transaction. But, at the same time, withdrawals take 1 to 4 working days.

Is Olymp Trade Legal in Nigeria? - Review for Nigerian Traders

Olymp Trade minimum deposit in Nigeria

Olymp Trade Minimum deposit for distinct nations may differ, so if you want to know for other countries than Nigeria, you would be required to check it out. Nonetheless, for maximum nations, it stays at $10 or €10. And for Nigeria as well, the Olymp Trade minimum deposit is $10 or €10.

If you would like to see if this keeps up real for your nation, you would be required to click on the Deposit option in the exchange room, and then you would have to click on the Deposit amount option. There, you would be provided various distinct alternatives to select from. Also, you would get the option to fill in your amount.

Generally, the smallest amount is the minimum amount that you could deposit. However, you can invariably test by putting out a small amount to deposit. If it is under the minimum provision, you would be getting a message telling you the essential amount.

Review of the trading platform for Nigerian traders

From the experience of traders living in Nigeria, it is preferred to deposit and withdraw with the help of utilizing e-payment wallets such as Neteller, MyTopExchange, and WebMoney. Therefore, maximum traders of Nigeria do not use the Card deposit technique on Olymp Trade. 

This is due to maximum dealer’s pay with the help of a similar technique your deposit is given rise to. Nonetheless, in Nigeria, dealers are inclined to have some problems paying with the cards. This is suggested to use Neteller, MyTopExchange, or WebMoney to be on the stable side. 

Currently, if you are in Nigeria, you could easily exchange WebMoney for Naira on In addition, you could also be eligible to exchange Neteller for bitcoin on Paybis from any time and anywhere in the nation.

The minimum deposit percentage is $10, whereas the maximum amount is $5,000. You would be required to reach the consumer assistance to deposit above that. The minimum trade percentage is $1.

Is Olymp Trade legal in Nigeria?

Olymp Trade is 100% legal in Nigeria as the nation enables online trading. Therefore, it is lawful for all users to use the Olymp Trade Nigeria outlet.

Is it prudent to begin Trading in Olymp Trade in Nigeria?

Olymp Trade is governed by the International Financial Commission. It is an extremely comfortable and safe outlet. However, various dealers are not even well nurtured on how to analyze binary options dealers. 
This is where the trades confront the challenges. Hence, it can be concluded that it is stable to begin trading in Olymp Trade in Nigeria as it is the top binary options vendor that is legislated and has a nice track record.

Are Nigerian Binary Options dealers required to pay tariffs on the earnings of Olymp Trade?

The Federal Inland Revenue Service wants all Nigerians to pay tariffs on a soul declaratory purpose. Income attained from Olymp Trade is liable to capital gains tax. 
The expense of capital gains tariff by particular dealers could be discontinued if the earnings are reinvested in the monetary markets from where the earnings were received. Corporate trading of Olymp Trade is free from capital gains tariff.

Are Nigerian Binary Options dealers authorized to utilize digital wallets?

Nigerian binary options dealers are always authorized to deposit and withdraw reserves with the help of utilizing Neteller, Payza, Skrill, and a commentator of different digital wallets.

Would it be feasible for Binary Options dealers in Nigeria to transact on Olymp Trade using Paypal?

PayPal is not accessible on the leading binary options outlets except those in the US (where Nigerians are banned from trading). So, if speaking technically, Nigerian binary options dealers would not utilize PayPal to deposit or withdraw reserves on their outlets.

Conclusion: Olymp Trade is legitimate in Nigeria

Olymp Trade is an extensively understood vendor when you talk of earning money online in Nigeria. There is no kind of regulation or embargoes for trading with Olymp Trade in Nigeria. It is a completely lawful and legit corporation.

If you are looking for a credible vendor, you can go with the Olymp Trade. The circumstances are generous than different maximum opponents. Commonly, Olymp Trade is completely regulated and an enrolled corporation, as you would be able to see this on their webpage. 

The vendor accepts worldwide customers and provides them extremely reasonable circumstances to market options and forex. Dealers can begin trading on Olymp Trade with a free demo account or just a $10 deposit. There are no deposit barriers, and you would be able to earn a lot of money if you market a profitable technique. 

All the purposes on the trading outlet would relate you with an experienced portfolio that is valid for examining the markets. Therefore, it can be concluded that Olymp Trade is a recommended online vendor for marketing the monetary markets, and it is legal in Nigeria.