Best Forex VPS Hosting

Forex trading has been a sector that has grown over the past 20 years and is still growing. We can thank technology, urbanization, and more developed markets for that.

As more and more people venture into Forex trading, it is more active with an increase in exchange volume. Forex has an estimate of around 6 trillion dollars worth of forex exchange in a single day. 

The forex market is susceptible to drastic movements because of its volatility. A forex trader thus requires a stable internet and a good power connection. Even when equipped with this, problems with computer viruses and the laxity of the computer when making trades arise.

People have come up with more ways to make computers work for them. The invention of trading bots is one of them, but it doesn’t bring the trading security needed.

A forex VPS was created and designed to take the burden of these problems off the trader. So let us dive into what is and which is the best VPS hosting available in the market.

What is VPS in forex?

VPS stands for a virtual private server. It is a virtual server controlled by any device used for trading. A trader needs to buy or pay for a subscription from the company offering a VPS service. A VPS functions like a web hosting server and instead hosts a computer.

It provides stability for a trader because they achieve speed for trading execution and secure the forex trade. They come with their RAM, a high-speed CPU, and a continuous internet connection. 

A VPS ensures you have a fast internet connection. It provides good storage space in case of any power outage or lagging internet connection. In short, a VPS gives a trader a conducive environment for trading. It eliminates having to worry about hardware complications and power outages.

You can install different varieties of VPS on a computer, they all work independently. They work like a computer-based in the server cloud.

The best VPS has ;

  • 99.9%-100% uptime. Uptime is the time that your VPS is up and running without any interruptions.
  • 24/7 customer support in case you get stuck in any process.
  • A refund policy if you do not get the value of your money from their services.
  • A data center location around London or New York. Most forex brokers have their location in these towns. Having a data center closer to your broker will ensure efficiency when trading.
  • Data protection like DDoS protection. Distributed Denial of Service is a cyber-attack where your system has overloaded and the bandwidth consumed. A good VPS protects from such attacks.

What are the advantages of having a VPS?

 Uninterrupted connection.

The best thing that VPS offers is security. Trading forex needs all hands on deck. Any poor internet speeds or hardware problems would doom a trader to losses. The confidence that in any case of power cuts you are still going to make your trades, is very assuring.

Reduced laxity

Every second or mini-second is very precious during trading. The complexity of market movement could spell disaster if your computer is slow. When making moves in trading, a VPS ensures fast execution. In case of any drastic price movement, the delays will be minimal.

ยท Trade in forex without location restrictions

When trading using a computer, it restricts to stay where your computer is. Having a VPS allows you to access your account wherever you are. It is possible because you can access your account on any device at any time until at night. You do this by logging in to your VPS account.

Automatic forex trade

Another merit of a VPS is you manually place your trades the system trades for you. Since the VPS is online 24/7 and has a guaranteed power connection, making it possible to trades forex even when sleeping. So you can sleep while trading.

Data security 

A good VPS has a guarantee that your data is safe. A VPS provider with DDoS protection so that your account data is safe from malicious cyber attacks. The VPS is also safer for your trading data when you compare it to a pc or Mac.

Now that you understand the definition of a Virtual private server, let’s see the titans providing VPS in the market.

Which is the best Forex VPS?

1. is one of the most common VPS providers that most traders trust. It has 100% uptime and is a user-friendly interface for those with no experience with such systems.

It is among the best because of the customer support offered if you have any problem setting up your trading platform. It takes almost 5 minutes to set up.

They have a fast execution rate of about a millisecond with a lightning-fast SSD. Their users get unrestricted access to their servers online. Different packages for their services are available depending on your preference.

The basic package goes at $29.74 per month and has 2GB RAM, 1 CPU core, and a 60GB SSD disk. There is the Basic +plan, a forex VPS high frequency, and a forex VPS standard.

They also have a 7-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

2. AccuWeb Hosting.

Accuweb hosting is a hosting solution with the best reviews from many professional traders. This company provides the best trading experience with low latency because of its fast internet speeds.

Their data centers are in many locations worldwide, their clients can choose a VPS connection closest to their forex broker. They have 100k business owners under their wing. It emphasizes their reputable and trusted ability to provide quality service for their clients.

When it comes to speed, they offer an impressive 1Gbps port connectivity with a 99.9 % uptime. At this kind of speed, you can make the most profit from your trades. You can also forget about the slippage that occurs during trading at this internet speed.

Accuweb hosting services are also affordable. At $5 a month, you can buy a Linux VPS host. Scale up the plans without any disruption, and full root access of your VPS, whichever plan you choose.

Their maintenance team is always on board to give a smooth upscale. The best part is, server maintenance comes with the subscription package that you have chosen.

Some features that come with Accuweb include; their ultra-fast performance SSD managed by Cpanel. The Linux Cpanel has the latest technology on demand. They use MySQL, NGINX, PHP, APACHE, python, and much more.

They also boast of a direct IP address to your VPS to connect to your RDP and SSH. Some OS options provided include cent OS, Ubuntu, Cloud Linux.

Accuweb is a VPS that offers different packages; Linux, windows, and a VPS series from VPS 1 to 6. What you see is what you get and their resources are at your disposal.

3. FXVM hosting.

FXVM are VPS providers with a record of quality products in the market. They host any brokers that you use. Their data centers are distributed in different towns worldwide; London, New York, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

They offer 100% uptime so that clients do not worry about slippage or laxity when trading. They have an IP address dedicated to serving you. Their 100% private servers provide data security to the client. That will ensure you are working closely with your broker at the fastest speed.

They provide SSD storage space of about 40-160 GB, 1.5- 32GB RAM determined with the plan you buy. They can host a variety of trading platforms like Meta trader 4 and 5, Trade Station, and many more.

They have a user-friendly server that takes only 5 minutes to set up and which you can access using any device at any location.

They partner with Global switch, Level 3, Internap to provide optimal financial software connectivity that is accessed globally. They have low latency to ensure the traders get the best prices in the market.

They have round-the-clock customer care to take care of any problems that arise when using their servers.

4. VPS Server.

VPS server is a VPS that provides its service to an estimated 50k businesses and clients globally. They have 24/7 online servers that warrant 99.9% uptime. 

It is easy to install their firewall because they offer templates to help set up your VPS within 15 minutes. What stands out about this VPS is that it has a powerful and efficient CPU. They have great CPU plans from 2 CORES processors to 8 CORES.

Their servers are available in 15+ centers in Asia, the USA, Netherlands, India, and Germany. This quality allows clients to choose a location closest to their brokers and assures low latency when trading.

They have flexible billing extensions that allow you to choose your preferences whenever you want to buy any of their plans. Their SSD performance is instant and will help you have optimized performance when trading.

It hosts all trading platforms like MT4, MT5, and others. Their plans range from $ 24.99 to 124.99 with a 7 day trial for their first three plans to give you a peek at what you want.

A friendly customer care team is always available to help their clients navigate through the system. They have an excellent expert team to assist in any technical issues if you have no idea how to use the server.

They have a payment plan that is flexible to accommodate everyone. The payment is billed on every first day of the month. Payment can be done with platforms like bitcoin, Credit cards, and online payment platforms like PayPal.

A money-back guarantee is there if their server is not impressive enough for you.


Router hosting is another VPS provider with a high rating from its users. It supports the Meta Trader 4 and 5 (MT4/MT5), TradeStation, Multicharts, Interactive Broker, and other used trading platforms.

They have more than 15 data centers located in different towns worldwide you can trade free of latency. This VPS provider allows you to run as many advice experts as you can on their servers.

You have the freedom to scale up their plans. Their services are client-oriented. If they please you enough to want to scale up, their customer care team is ready 24/7 to assist at any time.

Router hosting has an uptime of 99.9% gives you the ability to access your server at any time you wish. It has a speed of 1GBps connection for its servers to give the best execution time when making trades that will need fast execution.

There are two types of plans, the economy forex VPS and the Premium forex VPS. The economy plan has 4 plans starting from $7.95. If you are looking for a reliable bandwidth, router hosting has among the best offers of up to 10TB for the economic and 15TB for the premium users.

They are fast and waste no time when you buy their plan. Once you make a buy they immediately get your server connected and running. Payments are via PayPal, perfect money, credit cards, and bitcoin. It has a seven-day money-back guarantee.


Javapipe provides secure and uninterrupted trading time for clients due to their DDoS protection. With the increase of cybercrime, JavaPipe has created solutions to mitigate such threats. It utilizes Rio Rey hardware and firewall protection.

You can trust JavaPipe to give you the most reliable bandwidth. They provide the lowest latency and the fastest trades made possible by their 3 tier-1 providers.

Their clients have full root access to their servers so they can make any changes or arrangements they wish. The servers give you a management option if you want. It has a fast DDR4 memory to help you back up data from your activities.

When it comes to technology, JavaPipe spares no effort. It has the latest SSD drives, DDR3 RAM, Intel Xeon CPUs to give your server optimal performance. It gives you a choice to make on which resources you want to use.

Offered plans start at $6.12 a month with a discount of 40% if you prepay for 3 years. The connectivity is at speeds of 10GBps and up to 8 CPU Cores for their SSD VPS4 plan which goes at $24.66.

7. V2 Cloud hosting.

V2 cloud is known for having the simplest form of cloud desktop. 25,000 people and businesses use this VPS to show that they are quite reliable in their service. To set up their server is easy and you only take a minute to complete the process. No, IT skill is required to set up.

The client can access everything they need from their virtual desktop and make any installations they want. They offer a web and mobile application using a secure SSL connection.

They also have protection against any malware. This is done using a managed Malware bytes pro antivirus scan to the server for any malicious activities. Back-ups are done daily so that your data is safe.

Live 24/7 support is ready to cater to any needs have. They have two types of plans, a business plan, and a basic plan.

More features include a 50GB disk space, a windows OS that enables hosting 250 users at a given time. They have multiple data centers around the globe that helps to serve the clients at maximum connecting speed.


To compete with the best traders, you require investment in the best technology in the market. A Virtual Private Server is one of the best investments for a forex trader because of the high volatility of the market.

The server will give you an easier time when it comes to making any trading decisions. It will minimize the loss that you could have encountered when using desktop hardware.