EUR/CAD Trading Tutorial

Interest rate differentials provide chances for carrying trade techniques. It has high volatility, strong market trends; as a result, there will be greater potential to create greater revenue. There is plenty of information on the EURCAD exchange rate online. 

However, traders with limited experience or knowledge have a high risk as the pair’s volatility can create a complex environment. Furthermore, because of the Euros’ ties, the FX pair is subject to large price swings due to political and economic events in Europe.

The EURCAD is known as a cross-currency pair. The EUR and CAD are among the top-eight most traded currencies globally and are considered “major” global currencies. Since July 31, 2020, EURCAD has been heading lower in an orderly channel, finally breaking below in early March. Following a rally and retest of the channel’s bottom line, the price fell after the Bank of Canada cut back on bond purchases on April 21.

Traders will find liquidity and volatility in the EURCAD. The Forex market is the most liquid financial market in the world. The worldwide foreign exchange market’s daily turnover has surpassed $6.6 trillion, representing a 40% rise in daily FX trading volume over the last decade.


The EURCAD is a relatively new forex pairing, following the introduction of the Euro. The Euro and the Canadian dollar pair are popular with traders. This currency pair is a popular one to trade in the foreign exchange market, responsible for a large portion of the daily trading volume. The EURCAD is the seventh most-traded currency pair by volume.

EUR was introduced as a noncash monetary unit in 1999, and currency notes and coins appeared in participating countries on January 1, 2002. After a while, on February 28, 2002, the Euro became the sole currency of 12 EU member states. Ultimately other states subsequently adopted the currency. The EUR currency started getting common in almost all European states and slowly became one of the most leading currencies. As a result, it was the second most traded currency in the foreign exchange market.

 From January 1858, the province of Canada required all accounts to be settled in dollars, and in the same year, the first official Canadian dollars (CAD) were issued. Finally, in April 1871, the government implemented the Uniform Currency Act, which replaced all provinces’ currencies with a single Canadian dollar. On April 10, 1933, the golden standard was formally abolished. The CAD is the 7th most commonly traded currency in the world. The eight currencies account for more than 80% of the foreign exchange market volume, and the Canadian dollar is one of these major currencies and the sixth-most held currency as a reserve.


Before you learn the different strategies for trading currency pairs, you must first find a decent broker to partner with. This process requires a lot of research and trial and error. Luckily, we found three of the best forex brokers out there. Test out their platform using a free demo account before you decide to invest in one of these brokers. is authorized by the European CySEC and the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (FCA). It is user-friendly, making it ideal for beginners or traders wishing to test the waters. offers the most currency pairings for you to trade with a demo account, as well as cross-platform apps and quick customer service. It offers a fantastic search function and a variety of other research tools to help you make smarter decisions. It has built-in tutorials and will show you fresh trading ideas. It also features a one-of-a-kind price alert system.

Vantage FX

Vantage FX is highly customizable and offers support in a variety of languages. As a result, you can personalize it to your liking. It also allows you to create a practice account. The ASIC and the VFSC govern it.

Vantage FX charges minimal commissions and offers narrow spreads. Additional fees, like inactivity or withdrawal fees, are not charged by the broker. Vantage FX’s platform can trade on a desktop computer or a mobile phone. The platform is available as a mobile application, which is great for those who want to trade while on the go.


RoboForex is a European CySEC and IFSC-regulated service. RobeForex offers six different types of accounts for novice to advanced traders and demo account support.

You may start trading in RoboForex with just a ten-dollar deposit! It gives you free access to various trading tools and offers a leverage of 1:400, which may be increased to 1:2000 for profit maximization. RoboForex also offers cross-platform services via the web, desktop app, and mobile app, as well as 24/7 customer assistance.

Now that you’ve chosen a broker to partner with, let’s jump into the technicalities of how to trade forex pairs.

Although forex markets are open 24 hours a day, activity in the United Kingdom tends to build up about 8:00 a.m. around 5:00 p.m., and then taper off There will be times during the day when big volumes of EURCAD investing are seen, which usually occurs around the time of major market announcements. The best time to trade is around 1 p.m., when most price fluctuations occur. until 4 p.m. Between the London and New York financial market sessions, there is a GMT crossover.

Individuals can speculate on the price difference by trading EURCAD using a forex contract or a contract for difference (CFD) on a specific currency pair. Traders might profit from the EURCAD’s liquidity and volatility. Regardless of the instrument, employment rates, political events, and demand for important commodities such as oil can all have an impact on the EURCAD.

To aid traders in taking positions on the forex pair, leading forex brokers give a wide range of market data and trading tools. Any influx of external market forces, whether unexpected or planned, can transform trading the EURCAD, or any currency pair, into a high-risk proposition. The real-time evolution of market dynamics may boost participation, traded volume, and volatility.

However, before you begin investing, you should be aware of the factors that can affect the exchange rate, such as central bank policies, news events, and indirect effects from US Dollar sensitivities.

Although forex trading is legal, there are plenty of scams and dishonest actors. Before investing in what might be a Wild West version of global financial markets, investors should do their homework.

To protect yourself from forex scams, you should study the underlying broker. The following are some of the most typical forex scams to be aware of:

  • Spoofing: When a trader tries to influence the market by placing a huge order that they do not intend to execute to generate the appearance of interest in the position, the trader is creating the perception of interest in the position.
  • Front-running: When a broker placed an order for the broker’s account before the customer’s in anticipation of a substantial order from the client.
  • Signal sellers: Firms or traders who, in exchange for a fee, guarantee to detect buy or sell signals that indicate an opportune moment to make a trade.
  • Robot scams: They back up the credibility of these machines with massive gains, lulling traders into a false sense of security to leave them bankrupt.

Forex trading is fundamentally flawed because of the lack of transparency, opaque regulatory systems, and inadequate control. Nonetheless, there are forex items that can be bought on exchanges that are regulated. Similarly, some reputable brokers make a living on the market.

The forex trading market is very saturated. If you are looking to find a forex trading broker, you should follow a few steps to choose the right one. 

The steps are:

  • Spreads and commissions: Brokers typically make money by charging commissions, which will take a percentage of the total spread. Most brokers will not charge a commission; instead, they will profit from wider spreads. Try to find out how brokers make money by researching around. 
  • Account features: When you first start trading forex, you’ll find that each broker has a different set of services. When comparing the features of different brokers, there are four things to keep in mind. Margin and leverage, spread and commissions, initial deposit requirements, and deposit and withdrawal effort are all considered. Furthermore, if you’re trying to invest in cents, you’ll need to find a reputable FX cent account.
  • Currency pairs offered: While there are many currencies accessible for trading, just a few garner the most attention and, as a result, trade with the most liquidity. There may be many forex pairs to choose from, but what matters most is that they offer the pairs that interest you.
  • Customer service: The forex market is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, you’ll need a broker with 24-hour customer assistance. Failure to have a properly functioning customer care department might result in significant losses. You should test out a broker’s customer service system before signing with them by calling, emailing, or talking with them online.
  • Regulatory compliance: You should always check the reputation of a forex broker before investing with them, just like you would with any other business. Even if different countries may have different laws, try to figure out whom these brokers are connected to. Rather than relying on a flashy website, you should check the broker’s regulatory compliance and license. 
  • Trading platform: A trading platform is an investor’s perspective and entrance into the market. As a forex trader, you must verify that the software and trading platform you choose has all of the technical and central analytical tools you need. You should also check whether trades can be entered and exited with ease. Once you have confidence in the broker you choose, you will devote attention and time to developing a good forex policy.


One of the essential aspects of currency trading is determining an effective Forex trading strategy. In general, different sorts of traders have devised diverse trading strategies to assist you in making money in the market. A solid trading method allow a trader to study the market and confidently execute deals while applying sound risk management techniques. Many strategies have been made throughout the years, but some are very popular and effective. EURCAD can be applied through different strategies and other currency pairs.

The Scalp Trading Strategy

Scalping is an intraday trading method in which traders buy and sell EURCAD, intending to squeeze minor profits out of each transaction. Scalping strategy in forex is typically based on a continuous analysis of price movement and an understanding of the spread.


  • There are many trading opportunities, all of which you can add to your profit.
  • You will be able to benefit from lower risk per trade. 
  • It does not take a great deal of market movement to be able to make a profit.


  • Very difficult to predict what the market will do on a minute-to-minute basis. 
  • You have to win again and again to make a difference. 

 The Trend Trading Strategy

One of the most effective and straightforward forex trading strategies is trend trading. This strategy involves trading in the direction of the current price trend. The trader doesn’t need to know the exact direction or timing of the reversal in a trend trading strategy; all they need to know is when to quit their current position to lock in profits and limit losses. This strategy will be useful for pairs like EURCAD.


  • Further Protection From Losses, Understanding trends and applying trend data into your trading strategy can help you prevent losing money on some trades.
  • It becomes possible to see into the future by studying and understanding trends. Making trades is essentially a this for that approach.


  • Time-consuming, it is necessary to remain aware of the market environment at all times.
  • History does not always repeat; while trends will almost always lead you to the correct conclusion, risks and losses will be.

The Range Trading Strategy

Range trading is a forex trading method that determines whether the EURCAD is overbought or oversold. Range traders purchase when the market is oversold/supporting and sell when the market is overbought. You can use range trading any time, but it is most beneficial when the forex market is devoid of direction and no obvious long-term pattern to be found.


  • Well-known territory, trading ranges give us clear levels to work between.
  • Can immediately recognize when the price has strayed from their target range and knows when to cut losses.


  • It needs you to make confident, quick decisions, which can be difficult when your money is on the line.
  • Limitations, every point matters, and you must be relentless in your pursuit of every possible point.

The News Trading Strategy

Global economic events influence forex because it is a multinational market. Traders can forecast short-term market swings or breakouts by understanding economic news events and their possible impact on currency pairs such as EURCAD. 


  • It does not require much time to generate substantial profits. 
  • Easy to understand if there is a chance to enter the market. 


  • Traders that hold positions overnight profit from overnight occurrences that produce gaps up or down the following trading day.
  • It may require more time for trading than you have available.

The Swing Trading Strategy

Swing trading is a trading strategy that focuses on gaining smaller gains in short-term trends and eliminating losses as quickly as possible. The benefits may be modest, but they can add up to significant annual returns when compounded over time. Swing Trading positions are often held for a few days to a few weeks, but they can be held for a longer period. Swing trading EURCAD includes specifying a price range within which the pair can move. 


  • It does not require spending much time searching for the right trades to earn profits.
  • Financial news has a lower impact than other forms of trading.


  • Swing trading is not appropriate for all stocks.
  • Not as cheap as long-term trading. 
  • Realize greater losses.

The Day Trading Strategy

Strategies for day traders Day trading, also known as intraday trading, involves trading throughout the day, usually as a full-time job. The aim is to profit from price fluctuations that occur from opening through closing time. Day traders frequently hold numerous positions open during the day, but they do not leave positions open overnight to reduce the risk of nighttime market volatility. When trading EURCAD, one strategy is to take advantage of slight price gaps created by differences in the pair’s bid and ask prices. 


  • It is time-flexible trading.
  • Multiple trading opportunities
  • No overnight risks. 


  • Profit in small increments.
  • Multiple transaction fees must be paid.

The Carry Trading Strategy 

Carry trading requires borrowing a low-interest currency and investing it in a higher-interest currency. You can lock in a bigger interest profit on your investment by doing so. To begin, you must first determine the funding and asset currencies. The financing currency is the one that is exchanged in the transaction. Going short on the EURCAD is a key component of successful carry trading.


  • When the currency of the high-interest-rate country appreciates, it works better.
  • It does not require much time. 


  • Traders can also get into difficulty if currency prices fluctuate dramatically during the year.
  • Trading possibilities are limited.

The End-of-the-day Trading Strategy 

Trading near market close is part of the end-of-day trading technique. When it becomes evident that the price of EURCAD will settle or close, end-of-day traders get active. This method necessitates a comparison of price activity to the previous day’s price fluctuations. End-of-day traders can then speculate on how the price might move based on the price movement and choose which indicators to use in their system. To reduce potential overnight risk, traders should design a set of risk management orders that includes a limit order, a stop-loss order, and a take-profit order.


  • There is a shorter time commitment.
  • Suited for the majority of traders.


  • Overnight positions can be riskier.

The Price Action Trading Strategy

In price action trading, the analysis of previous prices is utilized to improve technical trading systems. You can use price action alone or in conjunction with other indicators. Economic developments are not uncommon as a supporting element, even though fundamentals are rarely utilized. Trading cycles that require information on EURCAD price movements are key elements traders use when trading price action. This permits them to analyze current market events better.


  • Traders have a pure chart in front of them.
  • Traders are spared the task of resolving instances in which many indicators produce inconsistent results simultaneously.


  • Price actions may have varied effects for each trader.
  • Reading information from price action may be difficult for traders, and it needs sufficient knowledge and a focused mind.

The Position Trading Strategy

Position trading is a longer-term trading method in which a trader waits in a position for several weeks or even months, anticipating a significant price movement. The position trader waits patiently for their longer-term price objective to be met or not, despite the market’s short-term ups and downs. A position trader will initiate a trade to capture a long-term price trend of EURCAD.

The simplest approach to explain position trading suggests that the trader will set a large profit target in terms of the market’s percentage change.


  • Suitable for full-time working traders.
  • It can be beneficial even with a low leverage level
  • It does not require much time.


  • Many trading rules are set.
  • It requires strong analysis backing.


It is the only truly continuous and nonstop trading market in the world. The foreign exchange market is considered more opaque than other financial markets. Forex trading involves a vast quantity of knowledge, so in order to profit, you must have a vast quantity of knowledge. It also requires patience and time.

The EURCAD is a minor currency pair. A minor currency pair, often known as a cross or cross-currency pair, compares major currency pairs that do not include the US dollar. The EUR/CAD currency pair trading allows you to escape the risk of global macroeconomic forces.

All the trading strategies mentioned above can be used to trade the currency pair EURCAD and other pairs. If you are new to the forex market, these strategies are beginner-friendly.