Что такое срок действия бинарных опционов? - Определение

Expiry times for binary options are the most crucial aspects of any binary options trading. The expiry time specifies the whole period for the contract, determining when the transaction will open and close. 

Obviously, the capacity to predict the future movement of an asset’s value is required. Still, the precise time period for these movements should be identified if profit is to be gained.

Too many transactions fail because the expiry time was chosen incorrectly. Thankfully, there are a number of excellent techniques available to assist with the selection procedure.

Expiry time variations for Binary Options

There are three types of expiry periods.

Ultra short expiration time 

Traders can trade from thirty seconds to 5 min by choosing this expiration time. This expiration time is only accessible for a few instrument types to trade.

Medium expiration time

Here it begins at 5 mins and can go for several hours. In contrast to the ultra-short expiry period, the medium expiry time is accessible for all instruments.

Long-term expiration time

Such type of expiration period typically lasts a year. In high/low trading options, a long-term expiration time might be utilized.


To be successful with binary options, you must carefully manage your expiry times. You must select the appropriate strategy for your expires, as well as the appropriate expires for your strategy, and you must select the appropriate expiration for the movement in which you invest.

Knowledge is the most significant factor in determining the best expiry time for your trade. 



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