5 Best Forex Prop Firms Compared

Forex markets offer significant opportunities for traders, but high capital requirements can be a barrier. Forex prop trading firms provide the necessary capital and tools to allow those with high trading skills but little capital to make huge profits. This article compares five top Forex prop firms, focusing on their services and benefits to help traders make informed decisions.

Forex Prop Firms Compared
Short List und Key Facts Forex Prop Trading Firms
  • Forex prop firms provide capital and tools for skilled traders with limited capital, helping them make significant profits.
  • The Trading Pit offers scaling up to $500,000, profit splits of 50%-80%, and educational resources. Challenges cost $99 to $999 with 1:30 leverage on platforms like MetaTrader 4.
  • FTMO is known for its rigorous evaluation process and education programs, offering funding from $10,000 to $200,000 with profit splits up to 90%, and leverage up to 1:100. Challenge fees are refunded upon successful completion.
  • Uprofit allows up to 80% profit split, provides funding up to $200,000, and requires a one-time setup fee. It uses platforms like Ninja Trader and R Trader Pro.
  • Earn2Trade targets beginners with educational resources and practical tests, offering funding from $25,000 to $400,000 with an 80% profit split, but no forex leverage.
  • The Funded Trader offers flexible funding up to $600,000 and profit splits up to 90%. It has various challenge types with leverage up to 1:50 on platforms like MetaTrader 4/5.

Comparison of the Best Forex Prop Firms

In this section, we’ll provide a quick review of each Forex proprietary trading firm on our list, showcasing their main features. This comparison focuses specifically on aspects that are most relevant to Forex traders, such as funding levels, profit splits, and trading conditions.

The Trading Pit

The Trading Pit Homepage
The Trading Pit Homepage

The Trading Pit is one of our top choices because of the premium forex service it provides. One of its standout features is the progressive scaling plan it offers. This plan allows traders to increase their managed capital as they demonstrate consistent profitability. Starting with an initial balance, traders can work their way up to managing as much as $500,000. 

The prop firm offers the best forex trading platforms like MetaTrader 4, which come with helpful tools to predict market movement. Also, the leverage for all challenges is 1:30.

The profit split is highly competitive, with traders taking home 50% to 80% of the profits they generate. This high percentage is a testament to the firm’s trader-centric approach, prioritizing the financial success of its participants. 

The Trading Pit CFD Challenge
The Trading Pit CFD Challenge

Another significant benefit of trading with The Trading Pit is the access to educational content provided by the platform. Beginners and expert traders will find this section useful as it contains important and up-to-date information about forex trading. Users can read the blog, watch webinars, and look at press releases.

The Trading Pit has 4 challenges for forex traders, with an initial upfront fee ranging from $99 to $999. The lower tiers offer a profit share of 50% to 70%, while the higher tiers offer 60% to 80%. After successfully completing the challenge and hitting the profitability goals, traders are given a funded forex account.

ChallengeFutures – VIP: $600 to control $250,000Executive – $349 to control $150,000
CFD – VIP: $999 to control $100,000Executive: $399 to control $50,000
CostsChallenge fee, monthly fee, market data monthly fee
Assets Available Forex, futures, CFDs, indices, commodities, stock, and crypto.
Customer SupportEmail, phone number, live chat support.
Trading PlatformsATAS, Rithmic, Quantower, MT4, MT5


FTMO Homepage
FTMO Homepage

FTMO has established itself as a leading Forex proprietary trading firm known for its rigorous evaluation process and trader education program – FTMO Academy. The firm attracts a wide range of traders through its unique challenge and verification system, designed to identify those traders who demonstrate not only skills in forex trading but also a strong understanding of risk management. 

Upon successfully passing these stages, traders are awarded a funded account ranging from $10,000 to $200,000. The profit-sharing arrangement is favorable, beginning at 70% for the trader and potentially increasing to 90% as they meet higher profit targets. Also, there is a refundable fee after finishing the challenge. The amount refunded depends on the tier completed.

FTMO Evaluation process
FTMO Evaluation process

Moreover, FTMO provides the best software for trading, such as cTrader, MetaTrader 4, and MetaTrader 5. The leverage offered goes up to 1:100, allowing traders to control much larger sums of capital. However, the swing account type has leverage set at 1:30.

FTMO also emphasizes continuous professional development through its extensive resource library for forex trading. This includes access to trading courses, webinars, and blogs, all aimed at refining trading strategies and improving market analysis skills.

ChallengeChallenge balance varies from $10,000 to $200,000, with profit requirements changing based on the starting capital.
CostsOnly the challenge fee which is reimbursed after successfully passing the challenge and verification.
Assets Available Forex, CFD, indices, commodities, stock, and crypto.
Customer SupportEmail, phone number, live chat support.
Trading PlatformsMT4, MT5, cTrader, FXtrade


Upofit Website
Uprofit Website

Uprofit is one of the top prop forex firms with its exceptionally high trader profit split and a focus on intensive trader development. Uprofit offers one of the most attractive profit-sharing models in the industry, where traders can retain up to 80% of the profits they generate. Also, traders will receive 100% of the profits made on their first payout up to $15,000.

The firm requires a one-time setup fee with recurring monthly charges. Uprofit provides funding levels up to $200,000, which allows traders considerable flexibility to leverage larger positions in the forex market. 

Uprofit NinjaTrader
Uprofit NinjaTrader Platform

Uprofit offers the top forex trading platforms, such as Ninja Trader, R Trader, and R Trader Pro. Therefore, traders who already have experience with these platforms won’t have a big learning curve. Nevertheless, if it’s your first time using these trading platforms, their interfaces are straightforward to use, and Uprofit support is more than willing to help.

ChallengeChallenge balance varies from $9,000 to $200,000, with profit requirements changing based on the starting capital.
CostsChallenge fee
Assets Available Forex, CFD, indices, commodities, and stock.
Customer SupportEmail, phone number, live chat support.
Trading PlatformsNinja Trader, R Trader, R Trader Pro


Earn2Trade Homepage
Earn2Trade Homepage

Earn2Trade primarily focuses on those new to forex trading, differentiating itself with a strong educational foundation coupled with practical trading tests. The firm offers its traders a pathway called the Gauntlet Mini challenge, which is designed to evaluate and develop their trading skills in real market conditions. Alternatively, traders can take the Trader Career Path challenge.

Upon successful completion of this challenge, traders are eligible to manage funds ranging from $25,000 to $400,000. As stated on their platform, it’s one of the fastest ways to receive a funded account, and the challenge period spans over 10 days. Unfortunately, there is no leverage for forex with these accounts.

Earn2Trade Trader Career Path
Earn2Trade Trader Career Path

Earn2Trade’s forex profit split starts at 80% in favor of the trader, showing its commitment to making forex trading accessible and profitable for its participants. This arrangement encourages new traders to take the leap into professional trading with the support of a firm that invests directly in their growth and success. Moreover, the challenges are affordable and begin at $85.

The firm’s educational services are comprehensive, and there is a beginner crash course for those new to the industry. These resources are aimed at building a solid foundation of trading knowledge, from understanding basic forex concepts to more advanced trading strategies. This educational commitment ensures that traders have a higher chance to pass the challenge and continue to grow and succeed in their trading careers.

ChallengeChallenge balance varies from $25,000 to $400,000, with profit requirements changing based on the starting capital.
CostsChallenge fee
Assets Available Forex, CFD, indices, commodities, and stock.
LeverageNot available 
Customer SupportEmail and live chat support.
Trading PlatformsNinja Trader, R Trader Pro, Finamark, MT4, MT5, C Trader

The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader Homepage
The Funded Trader Homepage

We highly regard The Funded Trader in forex trading for its flexible funding options and competitive profit splits. This prop firm is designed to support traders who are ready to apply aggressive trading strategies, providing them with funding levels that can reach up to $600,000 based on the trader’s progression and performance. Such high levels of funding are rare in the industry and offer substantial potential for high earnings.

The funded trader has multiple challenge types that range in account size from $5,000 to $200,000. Also, there are different tiers: standard, rapid, royal, knights, and dragon. Each tier has different rules and challenges traders must complete to get funded. All tiers have leverage of up to 1:50 and can be used with popular forex platforms like MetaTrader 4/5.

The Funded Trader Challenge
The Funded Trader Challenges

Traders can expect an initial profit split of 80%, which can increase up to 90% as they hit higher profit targets. This structure is beneficial for skilled traders who have a consistent track record and are looking to maximize their trading profits. The Funded Trader charges a one-time fee for its evaluation process, but unlike many other firms, there are no recurring monthly fees, which makes it more economically feasible for traders in the long run.

The challenge consists of three stages, each designed to assess a trader’s capability before they can manage the prop firm’s capital. In the first phase, the evaluation process, traders are required to meet specific profit targets. Upon successful completion of this initial stage, traders advance to the second phase, which again requires them to achieve profit targets under the rules set by the prop firm. After meeting the requirements of these two phases, traders are awarded funded accounts.

ChallengeChallenge balance varies from $5,000 to $400,000, with profit requirements changing based on the starting capital.
CostsChallenge fee and commission fee
Assets Available Forex, indices, commodities, stock, and crypto.
Leverage 1:50
Customer SupportEmail, live chat support.
Trading PlatformsC Trader, DX Trade, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5

How Does It Work to Trade Forex via a Prop Firm?

Trading forex through a proprietary trading firm offers numerous advantages, particularly for those who lack the capital to trade large volumes on their own or seek to leverage professional-grade tools and resources. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how the process works when you apply to trade with a Forex prop firm:

Step 1: Application and Assessment

The initial step involves applying to a prop firm, which generally requires filling out an application form and selecting a challenge. Many firms require candidates to pass a trading assessment, commonly known as a “challenge” or “evaluation.” This assessment is designed to gauge the trader’s ability to generate profits while effectively managing risk, all within the firm’s trading parameters.

Step 2: Trading Challenge

Once accepted for assessment, traders are usually given a demo account with a simulated balance. The challenge is to meet specific trading objectives, such as profit targets over a set period. Success in this challenge is important as it demonstrates the trader’s proficiency and suitability for managing a larger, funded account.

The Funded Trader Challenge Details
The Funded Trader Challenge Details

Step 3: Receiving Funding

Traders who successfully pass the trading challenge and meet all the criteria set by the prop firm are offered a funded account. The amount of funding can vary significantly, from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the firm’s policies, challenge type, and the trader’s performance during the evaluation phase.

Step 4: Live Trading and Profit Sharing

With a funded account, traders begin trading real money. Prop firms usually have specific rules regarding trading strategies, risk management, and profit sharing. Traders need to stick to these rules while trying to maximize their profits. The profits generated from trades are split between the trader and the prop firm, according to the agreed-upon percentage.

Step 5: Scaling and Growth

Many prop firms offer scaling plans, where traders can increase their trading capital as they continue to show consistent profitability and maintain risk management practices. This opportunity for growth encourages traders to continually improve their skills and trading strategies.

Trading Platforms of Forex Prop Firms

Forex proprietary trading firms recognize the critical role that advanced trading platforms play in a trader’s success, which is why they provide access to some of the top trading platforms available in the industry. These platforms are selected for their functionality, reliability, and ability to provide traders with the tools needed in the fast-paced forex market. By offering these platforms, prop firms ensure that their traders have the necessary tools to execute complex trading strategies, conduct in-depth market analysis, and manage risks effectively.

FTMO Trading Platforms
FTMO Trading Platforms

The most commonly offered platforms by forex prop firms include MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), and cTrader. These platforms are known for their advanced charting capabilities, an extensive array of technical indicators, and algorithmic trading options. 

MT4 and MT5, for instance, are favored for their user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive analytical tools, and the ability to support automated trading systems. cTrader is appreciated for its sleek interface and superior charting tools, making it suitable for novice and experienced traders alike. 

Moreover, prop firms often provide additional proprietary software that complements these platforms, enhancing their functionality. This software may include risk management tools, performance analytics, and real-time news widgets that are seamlessly integrated into the trading platform. 

Trading via Own Forex Account vs Forex Prop Trading Firm

Trading forex through one’s own account and trading via a forex prop trading firm has its pros and cons. When trading through a personal forex account, traders have complete autonomy over their trading decisions and strategies. 

This setup allows for total control over the trading account, including when to trade, how much to trade, and the methods to employ. However, the primary limitation is capital, as individual traders must fund their own accounts, which can restrict the ability to trade large positions and potentially reduce profitability due to limited market exposure.

Meanwhile, trading with a forex prop trading firm offers the significant advantage of access to greater capital, often with very little personal financial risk to the trader. This access allows traders to leverage larger positions and increase their potential returns without the same level of risk that comes with personal investment. 

Also, prop firms provide a structured environment that includes education, mentorship, and advanced trading tools, which can be beneficial for less experienced traders. However, the downside includes sticking to the firm’s trading rules, profit sharing with the firm, and undergoing an evaluation process before trading with real money.

Choosing between trading independently or with a prop firm largely depends on a trader’s financial goals, trading style, and need for support versus autonomy in their trading activities. Here are the main differences between trading on your own account and with a forex prop firm:

FeatureOwn Forex AccountForex Prop Trading Firm
Capital RequirementHigh personal capital required.Minimal personal capital required.
Risk ExposureEntirely personal financial risk.Limited personal financial risk.
Profit SharingKeeps 100% of profits.Shares profits with the firm.
Access to CapitalLimited to personal funds.Access to higher levels of capital.
Trading AutonomyComplete control over trading.Must adhere to firm’s trading rules.
Support and ResourcesDepends on personal effort.Access to professional tools and support.
Educational ResourcesMust find educational content yourself.Often provided by the firm.
Trading ToolsSelf-procured and maintained.Provided and updated by the firm.
Account ScalabilityDependent on personal financial growth.Opportunities for scaling with success.
Risk Management ToolsSelf-managed.Advanced tools provided.

Alternatives to Forex Prop Firms

There are several viable alternatives for traders looking to diversify their trading strategies or who prefer not to trade with a forex prop firm. Each option has its benefits and requires using different strategies. Here are a few alternatives you can try:

Futures Prop Firms

Futures prop firms operate similarly to forex prop firms but focus on futures markets, including commodities, indices, and financials. Like forex prop firms, futures prop firms provide traders with capital and resources, allowing them to trade larger volumes than they might with personal funds. This option is ideal for traders who are interested in exploring different financial markets beyond just forex and can adapt their trading strategies to various assets.

Instant Funding Programs

Instant funding programs are another alternative that offers immediate trading capital without the initial evaluation phases typical of traditional Forex prop firms. These programs are designed for traders who have proven track records and prefer not to undergo the typical challenge or verification processes. While these programs provide quicker access to capital, they often come with higher fees or less favorable profit-sharing arrangements.

City Traders Imperium
City Traders Imperium offers Instant Funding Programs

Trading with Own Account

For traders who prefer full autonomy and control over their trading decisions and strategies, trading with a personal forex account is always an option. This route allows traders to keep all profits and make real-time decisions without needing to stick to a firm’s rules or profit-sharing agreements. However, traders must manage all associated risks and funding themselves, which requires a significant amount of capital. 

Learn to Trade With Witzel Trading

Trading with forex prop firms and remaining profitable is challenging, so you may want to consider joining a professional trading course. Witzel Trading is one of the best in the industry, as it offers one-on-one help, winning strategies, and webinars where you can gain information you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Also, professional traders will analyze your trades to help you identify the mistakes you make and how to avoid losing trades.


Choosing the right forex prop firm is important because each firm offers different challenges and trading platforms. Firms like The Trading Pit, FTMO, Uprofit, Earn2Trade, and The Funded Trader provide varying advantages, from educational resources to high-profit splits and substantial capital access. 

Carefully evaluate the options, considering factors such as trading rules, capital availability, risk tolerance, and market. After looking at the services offered, it’s always a good idea to check reviews and see what past traders thought of the experience. This will give you an idea of what to expect when signing up and partaking in a challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions on Forex Prop Firms:

What Is a Forex Prop Firm?

A Forex prop firm provides traders with capital to trade in exchange for a share of the profits. These firms offer support, education, and risk management tools to help traders succeed. Prop firms benefit by sharing in the successful trades of their funded traders.

How Do I Qualify for Funding From a Forex Prop Firm?

To qualify for funding, traders must complete an evaluation phase, which includes trading simulations known as challenges or assessments. Traders need to demonstrate profitability and risk management skills. After getting positive results in the challenge, traders will be eligible for a funded account.

What Are the Benefits of Trading With a Forex Prop Firm?

The main benefit of using a forex prop firm is the access to substantial amounts of capital. The firm also offers professional trading platforms and educational resources.

What Is the Typical Profit Split in a Forex Prop Firm?

Profit splits vary by firm but generally range from 70% to 90% in favor of the trader. The specific split depends on the trader’s agreement with the firm and sometimes their performance level. This arrangement incentivizes both the trader and the firm to pursue profitable trades.

Can I Trade Other Financial Instruments at a Forex Prop Firm?

Yes, while primarily focused on forex, many prop firms also provide access to other financial instruments like commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The availability of other instruments depends on the firm’s platform and trading policies. Traders should check with the specific firm for details about accessible markets.



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