5 Best Instant Funding Prop Firms Compared

Instant funding prop firms provide immediate access to capital, helping traders have access to real money without delay. We recommend them because they eliminate the need for you to risk your capital and create a chance to earn without fear. Instant funding prop firms don’t require an evaluation or challenge, so they are perfect for new traders.

We’ve made a comprehensive list of some of the best instant funding prop firms available, including information on how they work.

Instant Funding Prop Firms Compared
Short List and Key Facts Instant Funding Prop Trading Firms
  • Instant funding prop firms provide traders with immediate access to capital, ideal for new traders avoiding personal risk.
  • FTUK provides initial funding of $14,000 with a one-time $200 fee, scalable up to $5,760,000. Offers 80% profit shares and leverage up to 1:100 using platforms like MT4 and MT5.
  • InstantFunding.io, established in 2020, offers funding starting at $1,250 with an $79 fee and leverage up to 1:100 for currencies. It includes single and two-phase evaluations with potential 90% profit sharing.
  • The 5%ers, operational since 2016, provides $6,000 initial funding with educational program costs starting at $85 and leverage up to 1:30, focusing on comprehensive trader education and growth.
  • Audacity Capital offers $7,500 initial funding with a $298 fee and up to 1:30 leverage. It prioritizes providing a professional trading environment and quick profit withdrawals.
  • City Traders Imperium, since 2018, gives up to $4M capital share with an initial cost of $599 and leverage up to 1:33. It focuses on extensive trader training and a supportive community.

List of the Best Instant Funding Prop Firms

After we tested several instant funding prop firms, we came up with our best 5 below

  1. FTUK
  2. Instantfunding.io
  3. The 5%ers
  4. Audacity Capital
  5. City Traders Imperium


FTUK Website
FTUK Website

As one of the top prop firms we reviewed, FTUK seemed to offer favorable trading conditions accompanied by instant funding. There was a large selection of assets, allowing traders to work in a comfortable and individually adapted environment.

FTUK Instant Funding Info

Account Currency for Instant FundingUSD, EUR, and GBP
Minimum Cost$200
Minimum Instant Funding$14,000
LeverageUp to 1:100
InstrumentsCurrency pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies
Maximum Absolute Drawdown8%
Profit Share80% minimum
Address3017 Boiling Way NE Atlanta, GA 30305, USA & 6220 Westpark Dr., Suite 149 C 1028, Houston, TX 77057, USA.

After testing FTUK, we observed that it’s one of the best one-step prop firms available for new traders. As a new trader on the platform, you have the chance to scale up to $5,760,000. However, starting, you need to pay a one-time fee of $200 for an instant funding of $14,000.

At FTUK’s instant funding stages, there are typically no time limits. The firm allows traders to transfer positions overnight, trade news, and use advisers.

FTUK Instant Funding
FTUK Instant Funding

Also, it’s important to note that we observed FTUK is a platform with a one-step instant funding program. There are no additional evaluation steps outside the one-step program for instant funding.

We were able to trade using MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platforms on mobile. During our use, we also discovered the referral program that offers a 10% payment of the initial fee from the invited user. 

Pros of Trading with FTUK as an Instant Funding Prop Firm

After personally reviewing FTUK, here are some of the upsides of the platform I observed:

  • Offers a standard amount of $90,000 that’s scalable to $5,760,000, without restrictions on your trading strategy
  • Traders can get a profit split up to 80%, which increases when balances scale
  • As an instant funding platform, there are no hidden challenges to get the required balance.
  • Withdrawal of profit is possible at any time without limits.
  • Technical support is available via live chat, email, or via calls.

Cons of Trading with FTUK as an Instant Funding Prop Firm

  • Traders on FTUK are directed to MetaTrader, regardless of their preferences.
  • Technical support is majorly available at specific times of weekdays, not weekends. 
✅ Scalable funding from $90,000 to $5,760,000❌ Limited to MetaTrader platforms
✅ Up to 80% profit split, increases with balance❌ Limited to MetaTrader platforms
✅ No hidden challenges for funding
✅ Unlimited profit withdrawals
✅ Comprehensive technical support

#2 InstantFunding.io

InstantFunding Website
InstantFunding Website

Initially founded in 2020, InstantFunding.io is a top prop firm that employs very recent technologies for instant funding. After lots of testing, Lewis and Will, the founders launched it fully in 2022. Ever since its launch, we have watched it retain an impressive reputation for providing instant funding as the name implies.

InstantFunding.io Info

Account Currency for Instant FundingUSD
Minimum Cost$79 (For lowest starting capital)
Minimum Instant Funding$1,250
LeverageUp to 1:100 for currencies. 1:20 for commodities and indices. 1:2 for cryptocurrencies
InstrumentsCurrency pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies
Maximum Absolute Drawdown10% in case of market volatility. 3% for single-phase evaluation, and 5% for two-phase accounts.
Profit Share70% minimum
Address13 Bampton Ct, Hursley Rd, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh SO53 2TA.

Even though InstantFunding offers instant funding without challenges, there are two different types of evaluation — the single-phase and the two-phase evaluation.

InstantFunding.io Single-Phase Evaluation

The One-Phase program gives you instant funding access without any traditional evaluation. We found out that the one-phase program only has a single goal for you to achieve 10% profit on your initial account balance, without any time limit.

InstantFunding Instant Funding Program
InstantFunding Instant Funding Program

The single-phase evaluation doesn’t have a time limit and the leverage is 1:100. This degree of leverage gives you the chance to make more money at a high risk. After getting instant funding, you trade consistently, you can reach a maximum of $1.6 million, letting you keep 80% to 90% of profits.

InstantFunding.io Two-Phase Evaluation

In the two-phase evaluation, InstantFunding.io gives you the chance to make an 8% profit for Phase 1 and a 5% profit in Phase 2 without a time limit. On InstantFunding.io, the leverage is set at 1:100, giving you an equal risk ratio as the single-phase evaluation type.

With consistent trading, we were able to scale our account to $1.6 million in instant funding. The available 10% Smart Drawdown gave us an advantage to scale our account with little risk.

Pros of Trading with InstantFunding.io as an Instant Funding Prop Firm

  • Offers up to 90% profit split for successful traders.
  • Gives instant access to trading accounts through an automated dashboard.
  • There are no time limits to improve your earning ability on the accounts.
  • Relatively new prop firm with cutting-edge tech making trading easier for amateur traders.

Cons of Trading with InstantFunding.io as an Instant Funding Prop Firm

  • Initial fees to access instant funding may seem a little high for new traders.
  • Even with its cutting-edge tech, people may worry it’s a relatively new company.
✅ Up to 90% profit split❌ Initial fees may be high for new traders
✅ Instant account access via dashboard❌ Concerns due to being a new company
✅ No time limits on accounts
✅ Cutting-edge technology for ease of use

#3 The 5%ers

The 5ers Website
The 5%ers Website

Similar to other proprietary trading firms we reviewed, the 5%ers also offers instant funding with a large fund to increase profit. It was founded in 2016, so they have significant experience in the FX market. The name 5%ers comes from the fact that they believe only 5% of traders can be profitable and they aim to create a website to foster profitability.

The 5%ers Instant Funding Info

AspectThe 5%ers
Account Currency for Instant FundingEUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUD, NZD, CHF
Minimum Cost$85 (For the education program) and $235 (For the standard account)
Minimum Instant Funding$6,000
LeverageUp to 1:30
InstrumentsCurrency pairs, precious metals, indexes, securities
Maximum Absolute Drawdown6%
Profit Share50% minimum
AddressEnstar House, 168, Praed Street, London, United Kingdom, W2 1RH

The 5%ers Account Plans

The 5%ers account is hosted on MT5 and offers new traders the chance to increase their profits with fund management practices. Once the trader reaches his profit target and objectives for the day, the account gets closed and profit is added to the next account and available for withdrawal on the nearest payment day.

The 5ers Programs
The 5%ers Programs

To register for the 5%ers, you may need to make a financial commitment of $85 for the education program and $235 for the full offer. On 5%ers, you can follow their suggested hyper-growth schedule, which starts from an initial balance of $20,000, a target milestone target of $1,400, a maximum loss of $1,200, and a leverage of 1:10.

Pros of Trading with 5%ers as an Instant Funding Prop Firm

Based on our experiences using 5%ers, here are some of the upsides:

  • Traders can enjoy trading in 7 currency pairs, 6 indexes, 2 precious metals, and 3,000 securities.
  • Demo accounts and paid education programs are available for novice traders.
  • The standard leverage is 1:10 but allows an increase up to 1:30 through making higher deposits.
  • New traders can enjoy different trading strategies to build their portfolios, without limitations.

Cons of Trading with 5%ers as an Instant Funding Prop Firm

Even though they had an impressive user experience, I discovered some downsides. Below are a few of them:

  • You can only open positions with an SL order, and the ceiling on the risk level is at 2% of the trader’s balance.
  • Traders can’t have more than three accounts and accounts that are inactive for three weeks are closed.
✅ Scalable funding from $90,000 to $5,760,000❌ Limited to MetaTrader platforms
✅ Up to 80% profit split, increases with balance❌ Technical support not available on weekends
✅ No hidden challenges for funding
✅ Unlimited profit withdrawals
✅ Comprehensive technical support

#4 Audacity Capital

Audacity Capital Website
Audacity Capital Website

Audacity Capital has two plans, but only “The Funded Trader Program” offers a fully funded live account. The company is committed to providing traders with the optimal environment for success, helping them get empowered on their trading journey.

Audacity Capital Instant Funding Info

AspectAudacity Capital
Account Currency for Instant FundingUSD
Minimum Cost$298
Minimum Instant Funding$7,500
LeverageUp to 1:30
InstrumentsCurrency pairs, indices, commodities
Maximum Absolute Drawdown10%
Profit ShareUp to 80% minimum for $7,500 funding
AddressOne Canada Square, level 8 Office 8.05, London E14 5AA

Audacity Capital doesn’t work with retail brokers, but incorporates institutional liquidity providers, allowing for tight spreads. As a trader, you can sign up and get an automatic balance of $15,000, without any entry test.

Audacity Capital Funded Trader Program
Audacity Capital Funded Trader Program

Depending on the account selected, partners of the prop traders get up to 50% or 75% net profit. They also offer a high drawdown of 10%, making profit easier for experienced traders. 

Pros of Audacity Capital as an Instant Funding Prop Firm

  • Professional traders’ applications for instant funding get approved within a day.
  • Audacity doubles trader balance when they reach 10% profit.
  • The company offers fast executions, with no swaps, additional fees, or tight spreads
  • Educational materials are available at an additional cost.

Cons of Audacity Capital as an Instant Funding Prop Firm

  • The Initial fee for Audacity Capital starts at $149, which may feel pricey for certain traders.
  • Partners need to pay a $99 fee monthly on the account.
✅ Scalable funding from $90,000 to $5,760,000❌ Initial fee starts at $149
✅ Doubles balance after 10% profit❌ Monthly $99 fee for partners
✅ Fast executions, no additional fees or swaps
✅ Educational materials available (extra cost)

#5 City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium Website
City Traders Imperium Website

City Traders Imperium is a prop firm that has been in operation since 2018, giving a capital share of up to $4M and a significantly high-profit share. They maintain an active presence across major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

City Traders Imperium General Instant Funding Info

AspectCity Traders Imperium
Account Currency for Instant FundingGBP and USD
Minimum Cost$599 for the least instant funding
Minimum Instant Funding$10,000
LeverageUp to 1:33
InstrumentsCFDs on currency pairs, indices, gold, silver, and oil.
Maximum Absolute Drawdown6%
Profit ShareUp to 80% minimum
AddressDubai Silicon Oasis, DDP, Building A2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We observed that City Traders Imperium constantly improves their offers, recently allowing maximum instant funding of $4,000,000. They have also created a community to help people reach that new height and escape complicated funding options.

City Traders Imperium Plans
City Traders Imperium Plans

Pros of City Traders Imperium as an Instant Funding Prop Firm

  • Availability of high-quality training and full-fledged courses with a personal mentor.
  • City Traders Imperium appears to prioritize its community for growing new traders.
  • Accepts traders from over 60 countries, including the USA.
  • Impressive trading leverage for all traders.

Cons of City Traders Imperium as an Instant Funding Prop Firm

  • Prohibits certain trading strategies like martingale, copy-trading, high-frequency, and arbitrage trading.
  • The choice of trading instruments is less than most competitors.
✅ High-quality training and mentorship❌ Prohibits certain trading strategies
✅ Focus on community development❌ Limited trading instruments
✅ Accepts traders from over 60 countries
✅ Impressive trading leverage

How Does an Instant Funding Prop Firm Work?

Instant funding prop firms provide traders with financial resources to succeed in the financial market. Unlike many other prop firms, they provide these funds without a need for evaluation or competition. These firms give experienced traders a chance to earn more without unnecessary capital restrictions.

To access instant funding, most prop firms require you to apply. For some, an application may only mean creating a new trading account with them. After registration or application, funds are typically deposited directly in your trading account, allowing you to begin immediate trading.

Cost of Instant Funding Prop Firms

Even though instant funding prop firms provide traders with access to huge trading capital, you may need to make a deposit. Some prop firms only request a one-time deposit, while others require recurring payments in the form of monthly subscriptions. Depending on the type of prop firm and the provided funds, instant funding accounts may require fees ranging from $120 to $20,000.

Cost of Instant Funding Prop Firms
Example: Cost of Instant Funding Prop Firms

We advise traders to start with low amounts and trade with your desired prop firm for a period before making any significant financial commitment.

Is Instant Funding Legal or Not?

Yes, instant funding by prop firms is legal and doesn’t break any trading or regulation rules. Prop Firms simulating the market trades via a demo account in order to not violate any financial rules (it is not allowed to trade 3rd party money directly).

Most expert traders who need funding use instant funding programs to make significant profits. Even though instant funding is legitimate, you should carefully select the prop firm, you create an account with. It’s best to go for a reputable firm with a history of funding a significant number of traders.

Risks of Instant Funding Prop Firms

Prop firms possess several risks, ranging from the typical market risks to the chances for scams. One of the major risks of instant funding prop firms is the market volatility of binary options, making it easy for you to lose. So, before getting funds from an instant funding prop firm, learn a working strategy.

Another major risk of instant funding prop firms is the chance for upcoming traders to get scammed without proper research. Before choosing to deposit on any website that claims to offer instant funding, ensure you perform a background check and read reviews.

Pros/Cons of Instant Funding Prop Firms

Below are some of the different upsides and downsides we discovered after reviewing lots of instant funding prop firms:

Pros of Instant Funding Prop Firms

  • Instant funding saves time for busy and experienced traders who want to improve their earning potential.
  • The higher up the ladder you go when using a prop firm, the more profit sharing goes in your favor.
  • Some of the best prop firms offer an absolute drawdown of up to 10%, indicating a high chance for trading success.

Cons of Instant Funding Prop Firms

  • Most instant funding prop firms collect a deposit, which could be one-time or continuous.
  • Profit-sharing percentages can be unfavorable for some experienced traders.
  • Some instant funding prop firms don’t provide enough educational support or access to resources may require payment.


Prop firms offer an opportunity to poorly funded experienced traders, but instant funding prop firms provide this chance at a faster rate. Before choosing any instant funding prop firm, you should look out for their time in the market, the fee structure, profit sharing, and their instant funding plans. After reviewing most of the instant funding prop firms and trying most of them out hands-on, we advise you to go for firms that provide a favorable leverage.

Frequently Asked Questions on Instant Funding Prop Firms:

What are the Requirements for Instant Funding Eligibility?

There are no requirements for Instant Funding, except for fee payments and the provision of valid details when registering on any of the prop firms.

Is there a Maximum Funding Limit for Instant Funding?

Most instant funding prop firms have a maximum funding limit, including those that are up to $4,000,000 in capital. However, they typically require more fees compared to lower funding structures.

Do Prop Trading Firms Offer Instant Funding for All Markets and Trading Instruments?

Most instant funding prop trading firms give traders access to a significant number of trading instruments, including currency pairs, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Can Traders Withdraw Profit Immediately After Trading with Instant Funding?

Depending on the instant funding prop firm, you can withdraw profit from your first trading experience. However, most firms only allow withdrawal anytime from level 2.



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